’10 Days Of A Bad Man’ Ending, Explained: How Did Sadik Handle The Mobster’s Threat?


Private Investigator Sadik Demir returns with another gripping murder mystery tale with 10 Days of a Bad Man (the sequel to 10 Days of a Good Man). Sadik planned on living a peaceful life with his wife, Fatima, and Meral in Eskisehir, but his plan did not work out. Fatima passed away during childbirth, and Sadik struggled to get over the deaths of his wife and child. Sadik changed his name to Adil, but it did not take much time for the underworld boss (Sir) to find him to solve another case of disappearance. Not only was Sadik working on Sir’s case, but he also took up a murder case offered by Maide.

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Who Murdered Hasmet Koseoglu And Why?

Hasmet Koseoglu, the owner of the K&S Group, was mysteriously murdered at his own house, and his wife, Jale, was left injured by the perpetrators. Jale blamed Ianna and Rannat, a couple who worked at the mansion, for the heinous crime. They had been stealing from the family and were fired after being caught. Before moving back to their hometown, they decided to take as much jewelry and money as they could. Sadik was employed by Buket Koseoglu, the niece of the deceased and her mother. Buket’s mother, Ismet, was convinced that her sister-in-law, Jale, had lied to the police, and in all probability, she killed Hasmet for inheritance. While Sadik was being introduced to the case in 10 Days of a Bad Man, he learned that Buket was not born into the Koseoglu family. Her birth mother died during childbirth, and Hasmet brought the newborn home and handed her to his sister.

Jale had given birth at the same time; she had two children: a daughter, Gulhan, the vice president of the company, and a son, Canberk, who was quite the opposite of his obedient sister. On the night of the murder, Buket’s mother screamed in her sleep, and while Buket did not leave her room, Saziye came to her rescue. Sadik figured out that on the night of the murder, Buket and Gulhan were at home with Ismet, and Canberk was away, making it obvious that Hasmet’s son was not involved in the case. After talking to the butler who had an affair with Ianna, Sadik found out that Ianna and Rannat were not fired from their jobs; they simply found a better-paying option that was arranged by Timur, the guy who looked after the dogs at the mansion. Sadik also learned that Gulhan and Buket were inseparable, and they had planned philanthropic endeavors together. While the two were a perfect team, their brother was a nuisance. He had employed an old enemy of Gulhan and Buket, Sukran, and the girls were not happy about it.

Towards the end of 10 Days of a Bad Man, Sadik states what he believed had actually happened on the night of the murder. He believed Buket was the murderer since her philanthropic interests clashed with her uncle’s business model. Sadik suspected that Buket had a twin, and she was separated from her at birth. Timur, the dog keeper, was Buket’s birth father, and he, out of the blue, came in and tried to take advantage of it. Eventually, Buket accepted her father and her twin sister and started to look after them. Meanwhile, Gul lived a secure life, knowing that she would inherit her father’s wealth as the vice president of the company. But it all changed when her brother, Canberk, introduced the idea of a genealogical testing center. After submitting their blood sample on the opening day, the results showed that Gulhan was not Hasmet’s daughter.

Buket and Gulhan had been in love with each other since they were kids, and they realized that if Gulhan did not inherit the wealth, their brother would be entitled to everything, and he would destroy the work that they had started. They placed jewelry in Ianna and Rannat’s room to prove them guilty. Gul and Buket sneaked out of their house, entered Hasmet’s mansion, and killed him while he was resting. They killed the doctor who ran the gene test as well. Gulhan decided to spill the beans after Sadik made the accusations. She stated that her mother worked as a nurse at the hospital when Hasmet met her. He wanted a child rearer who would deliver him with a boy, but since she had been unsuccessful, she resorted to seeking help from her ex-fiancé. When the doctor revealed the test result to Hasmet, he lost his cool. He accused and abused his wife and daughter. Gulhan murdered her father and injured her mother when she tried to protect Hasmet. When Sadik realized the truth behind the murder, he decided not to reveal Gulhan and Buket’s secret. They were about to start a new life together; Buket’s twin sister was carrying their child, and it was important for them to get past the murder and start their lives anew. Sadik gave them a chance to build their lives once again.

What Was Sir’s Actual Plan?

Sir asked Sadik to find a young guy named Ferhat to clear his debts. After hunting for the young man with the help of Pinar, Sadik realized that the mobster had other plans for him. Sir wanted to seek revenge on Ferhat for the suicide of his niece, but Ferhat’s father was a congressman making it impossible for him to take any extreme step. When Sadik suffered a car accident, and the police got a whiff of the thug lord, he decided to use the situation to his advantage. He pretended to be Sadik and texted Ferhat, threatening to kill him. He wanted Ferhat to believe that Sadik was a jealous ex-fiance. After Sadik met the boss, he was handed the phones that were previously used to text Ferhat, but the texts were deleted. With the phones and a gun in his possession, Sir knew he had perfectly framed Sadik.

Sadik had been wondering why Sir wanted him to report to him after finding Ferhat instead of dealing with him altogether, and he eventually realized that there was a reason why Sir was against him talking to Ferhat. Sir planned on killing Ferhat and blaming Sadik for it. It was not just about blaming; Sadik would have lost his life in the process. Once Sadik figured out what Sir had in mind, he came up with a plan using which he intended to take down Sir. He contacted the President of Kaan Incorporated and offered Selami a chance to avenge the death of his twins.

How Did Sadik Handle The Mobster’s Threat?

Sadik was well aware that he could not take down Sir and his army alone, and so during 10 Days of a Bad Man’s ending, he sought help from Kaan Incorporated. He showed video evidence to Selami that incriminated the twins for making ritualistic sacrifices and torture. Sadik explained that Tavfik was a human trafficker, and he provided the twins with the torture victims. He added that it was the mobster, Sir, who had killed Tavfik and the twins and burned their mansion down. Selami initially struggled to understand the reason why Sadik decided to come clean. Sadik was honest about the reason for seeking help. Sadik confessed that his life was in danger and that he needed protection. He assumed that Selami would also have the instinct to hunt like his children did, and he proved to be right. In exchange for the protection, Sadik promised to erase the videos of the twins.

With Selami’s men ready to take down Sir, Sadik informed the mobster that he had located Ferhat. Sir once again instructed Sadik not to harm Ferhat and that his men would take care of him. Meanwhile, Sir contacted Huso and Zeynel and instructed them to capture Sadik once they had the address to Ferhat’s place. They were specifically asked to grab the phones that were handed to Sadik. Sir did not know that Huso and Zeynel were working for Sadik. Sir had sent his men to tail Sadik, and Selami’s men managed to trap them in an alley. Zeynel finally took his revenge on Haluk and Recepe. Sadik, Zeynel, and Huso drove to Sir’s den, where they were immediately attacked. Selami’s men joined, and a gun battle broke out. Sir’s men were down, and Sadik walked up to Sir to shoot him in the head. Sadik started to hallucinate as a result of the painkillers he kept popping in and the alcohol he consumed after entering Sir’s office. Sir begged for his life, but Sadik was not in the mood to forgive. Sadik collapsed soon after putting a bullet in Sir’s head. As he went into a blackout, a realization dawned on him– He did not meet with an accident in Tosya. The accident was a form of self-sabotage since he desperately wanted to be reunited with Fatima.

After recovering and getting hold of all the cash Sir had stacked in his locker, Sadik, Huso, Zeynel, and Pinar decided to invest in the hotel business Sadik had started. Sadik was reunited with Meral as he helped his brothers-in-arms settle in. At the end of 10 Days of a Bad Man, Sadik realized that it was time for him to move on. He had started to take an interest in Pinar, and the feeling was mutual. She was his support system when everything seemed too bleak. She gave him a reason to live, and he confessed to being in love with her. Even though Sadik had to live through a tragedy, 10 Days of a Bad Man ended on a happy note.

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