’10 Days Of A Good Man’ Ending, Explained: Did Sadik Find Tevfik And The Mastermind Behind His Disappearance?


The Turkish mystery thriller “10 Days of a Good Man” is centered around lawyer turned private investigator Sadik. The clumsy apartment with wallpaper falling off is suggestive of Sadik’s financial condition. His next-door neighbor, Fatima, begs Sadik to help her reply to an eviction notice sent by the landlady. She had a spare key to his apartment, and she noticed his law degree while cleaning the place. It has been a long time since Sadik has discussed his degree, and instead of further explaining himself, he agreed to help Fatima. Apart from helping people out of generosity, he also worked as a private investigator and was called by his friend, attorney Maide. Maide wanted him to investigate the case of her babysitter’s missing son. Even though Maide knew that it was a hopeless case, she felt it was her duty to help Yeter. Sadik readily agreed to find the truth behind Tevfik’s disappearance.

Spoilers Ahead

What Is The Film About?

When Sadik questioned Yeter about Tevfik, he realized that she had nothing but praise for her son. But his sister, Pinar, did not feel the same about him. She knew secrets about her brother, but she was not ready to spill the truth. Yeter was naive enough to blindly trust her son, even though he attended questionable parties. Pinar informed Sadik about the check-up parties but refused to share any more details. He followed Pinar and found out that she was sleeping with Maide’s husband, Macit. He took Pinar aside and pressed her to explain what the check-up parties were. She did not know much about it; all she knew was that her brother went to the check-up parties on Thursday. She suggested Sadik question the people working at the beauty salon where Tevfik worked.

Tevfik’s work colleague, Ali, did not know much about his personal life. When Sadik asked him about Tevfik’s health condition, Ali replied that Tevfik would often visit the pharmacy across the street. The man working at the pharmacy tensed up when Sadik mentioned Tevfik. He tried to convince Sadik that he had no connection with the man he was looking for. Sadik now had all the more reasons to doubt Ahmet. After leaving the pharmacy, two men grabbed hold of Sadik and pushed him into a car. He was taken to a gangster, who preferred to be called “sir.” It turns out even the gangster was looking for Tevfik and was ready to pay Sadik if he managed to find him.

Sadik knew that he could find answers if he followed Ahmet. Sadik lost track of him after following him to an alleyway, but he was confident that he had entered a building when he noticed a doorbell to a diagnostic center. While the diagnostic center was closed for service, when Sadik mentioned a “check-up,” the door opened. He was taken into a room and beaten by Ahmet’s men. Sadik showed them a text that he said was from a police officer, but in reality, it was Seval, aka Fatima, who had texted him. It is safe to assume that he registered the phone number under a fake name and had used this trick before to threaten others. He asked Ahmet to share details with him before the police officer arrived. Sadik learned that Ahmet was involved in human trafficking, prostitution, slave labor, and even organ trafficking, and Sadik threatened to destroy him if he did not share all that he knew about Tevfik. Ahmet disclosed that Tevfik was not the innocent man that many often assumed him to be. He worked at the salon to maintain his clean image; after hours, he would conduct illegal business with Ahmet and has lately started working as a procurer for a client every Thursday. Tevfik did not operate alone; he had a partner named Cevdet, who drove a black sedan and would wait for Tevfik. Ahmet handed over the number plate of Cevdet’s car. Sadik now knew that Tevfik did not live an innocent life; he had made some bad friends, and they were all searching for him.

Why Was Sadik Disbarred? What Did His Ex-Wife Want From Him?

Sadik and his ex-wife Rezzan were both attorneys at one point in time. But Rezzan got associated with the wrong people, and she would have been sentenced to prison if the truth ever came out. They recently had a miscarriage, and Sadik knew how badly it had affected Rezzan. Being the loving husband, Sadik took the fall and was imprisoned. After he was sent to prison, Rezzan divorced him. He had never expected to be rewarded with a divorce for the sacrifice he made. After divorcing him, Rezzan married a wealthy businessman, Arif.

After all these years, Maide arranged a meeting between Sadik and Rezzan. Rezzan wanted Sadik to take another fall for her, and this time her husband was ready to pay a hefty amount for it. She tried to gain Sadik’s sympathy once again by stating that she was pregnant and that she could not afford to be locked up in prison. But Sadik was now a changed man. He did not care about the money offered by Arif; he simply wanted to live his life in peace. He could not be easily lured by money, and he made that very clear to Rezzan. But Rezzan was not ready to let go easily, knowing that Sadik was her only way to walk away free. While Sadik once used to dream about Rezzan on the tropical island, now he only has Fatima in his mind. It was her honesty that had drawn him close to her. Even though she was way younger than him, she was the only person who understood him completely. No matter how hard Rezzan tried to ridicule Sadik for living the life he was living at present, her words did not affect him at all.

Who Was The Mastermind Behind Tevfik’s Disappearance?

Ahmet and his partner were killed by one of Sir’s men, Hamza. Meanwhile, Sadik learned that the license plate number Ahmet provided him with was rented out to Kaan Incorporated. The car recently met with an accident, and the driver was unrecognizable since his body was burned to a crisp. The car was assigned to the chief security officer of the company, who happened to be Cevdet Koru. Cevdet was a deputy police lieutenant before he was discharged for his involvement in shady business. Sadik met with Cevdet’s wife, Kadriye. Sadik pretended to be an insurance guy interested in discussing Cevdet’s insurance policy with his wife. While he did not get the opportunity to meet Cevdet’s wife, he met with his sister-in-law, Bediye. He found it strange that the HR manager of the company drove over to Cevdet’s house to hand over the title deed himself. She explained that the manager came to the house to collect some documents, but the explanation was not very convincing for Sadik. He got Kadriye’s phone number, and we later got to know that Kadriye was at home the entire time. The sisters lied to Sadik, but what was the reason behind it?

Pinar contacted Sadik and agreed to hand over Tevfik’s phone if he paid her. She told him to extort money from Macit, knowing well enough that his wife, Maide, was unaware of his involvement with a teenager. Macit handed over the money to Sadik, and he added that he had pictures and videos of Pinar in case she ever dared to go against their arrangement. After going through Tevfik’s phone, he learned that Tevfik shared a special relationship with Sir. He also found a strange video of two masked people torturing a woman. Pinar promised to share with him the codes that would open hidden files in his phone, but she wanted to be paid for it. This time, Macit sent over the pictures and videos of Pinar that he had. Pinar did not know that Macit had taken videos without her consent, and she was devastated when Sadik showed them to her. She explained that it was Tevfik who sold her to Macit, and she was forced to live the life of a prostitute. Sadik promised to get the videos deleted, and Pinar shared the code with him. Upon threatening Macit, he disclosed that he was the one who had introduced Tevfik to Cevdet. But he did not know anything about Tevfik’s disappearance. When he showed the torture video to Macit, he recognized the masked people. He believed that it could be none other than the Kaan twins. Before leaving, he asked Macit to delete every video he had of Pinar.

Sadik caught the attention of the Kaan twins when he called the HR manager, Tahsin, and later shared the torture video with their employee, Nuri. He was called to their mansion, where he was introduced to the albino twins, Kamil and Bilge. It turns out that they were even looking for Tevfik. The weird twins were involved in conducting questionable acts in search of pleasure. They believed that pleasure could only be found once they overcame fear and terror. Apparently, Tevfik was blackmailing them, and they were ready to gift Sadik his tropical island if he could find Tevfik. Sadik had two high-profile clients who promised to pay him a fortune once he found Tevfik. But strangely enough, his actual client, Yeter, asked him to stop investigating the case. She was convinced that Tevfik had ascended to heaven and had finally found peace. Sadik contacted Pinar to find the actual reason, and he asked her to send the recent contacts from her mother’s phone. Upon dialing one of the numbers, he realized that it belonged to Kadriye Koru.

Sadik asked Meral, an ex-actor, to play the role of Cevdet’s secret lover. Sadik finally came face-to-face with Tevfik after waiting at Meral’s empty apartment. He had successfully managed to fool them into believing that Cevdet had a lover who knew their truth. Tevfik was accompanied by Hamza and Kadriye. Sadik managed to shoot Hamza, and he confessed that Tevfik had played with all of them. Tevfik had opened Sir’s safe, and they stole fifty thousand euros along with the invoices for the smuggled cars. The money was in the car, and he asked Sadik to take it all. After dealing with Hamza, he shifted his focus to Tevfik and Kadriye. Tired of being abused by Cevdet, Kadriye decided to do whatever Tevfik asked of her, hoping that one day they would spend their lives together. Sadik believed that Tevfik made a similar promise to her sister, Bediye, so that she would help him eliminate Kadriye after he ran out of favors from her. Sadik allowed Kadriye to go free since she was a victim in the scenario.

Tevfik explained that the twins were maniacs who took pleasure in hurting people. Tevfik secretly recorded one of their rituals, in which they slit open a man’s throat and later mutilated the man’s body. Cevdet and his men were asked to cover it all up. Cevdet got rid of the body, but he held onto an important piece of evidence— the dagger that was used to kill the man. Initially, Cevdet and Tevfik blackmailed the twins, but later Tevfik wanted the money all for himself. So, he devised a plan with Kadriye to eliminate Cevdet. They added sedatives to his drink before he went out for work. His car crashed, and he died as a result. He used Kadriye to deal with the twins, knowing that they would not get rid of the former employee’s wife that easily. Tevfik’s plan was going as planned before Sadik interfered.

Sadik left Tevfik in a safe house and informed the twins about it. Sadik did not trust the twins, so after getting his money and showing the location of the safe house, he shot Nuri in the leg, knowing well enough that Kaan’s men could try and kill him. After dealing with the twins, he gave Sir the location of Tevfik. He handed over the money from the safe and the car invoices that were left in Hamza’s car. Sir was impressed by Sadik’s work, and he wanted to return the favor, so he agreed to fulfill whatever Sadik demanded from him. Sir and his men entered the twins’ mansion, and the two groups fought it out. Sir’s men were able to destroy the Kaan twins and their men. It is safe to assume that Tevfik died a brutal death for betraying Sir.

After solving the mystery, Sadik focused on his life. He decided to deal with Rezzan and Arif just the way they deserved. Sadik demanded that they pay double the amount that they did the last time, and he wanted to know the fraud that Rezzan and Arif committed before he took the blame for it. Sadik now knew the truth, and he had the money on the table, but he decided to play it all according to his rules. He had recorded their confession, and he threatened to expose them if they tried to involve him. He had a gun, money, and the tape on the table; Arif decided to simply walk away from it all. He was not ready to take the blame for Rezzan as Sadik did. Rezzan wondered what had happened to the man she married, and Sadik simply added that he valued justice over loyalty now. The title “10 Days of a Good Man” is about the ten days Sadik spent working on the case. He was quite surprised when people referred to him as the “good guy,” but eventually, he learned to use it to his benefit. He was a good guy who played bad when the situation called for it. Sadik earned way more than he expected from the case, and he decided to travel to Eskisehir with Fatima and Meral and start his life over again.

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Srijoni Rudra
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