’24 Hours With Gaspar’ Ending Explained: Are Kirana And Gaspar Dead?


The dystopian cyberpunk Indonesian thriller 24 Hours with Gaspar is a blend of reality, dream, and myth. The ruling class continues to oppress the poor, the world is a gloomy mess, people wear breathing masks, and the National Guard has taken over the entire country. The National Security Agency controls all information, and National Guards are stationed at every corner to ensure that everyone obeys directives and regulations. They had access to the data of every individual, making it easier to control them. Through a television broadcast, we learn about the six mass graves recently discovered, where 251 bodies were found. Civil society was responsible for the discovery, suggesting that the State would have preferred to hide it. This was indicative of perhaps a mass murder conducted by the State. Authoritarian rule prevails, but the growing dissatisfaction among the general public is palpable.

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Who was Gaspar searching for?

Gaspar was an orphan, and his only guardian was Babaji, an old man who had adopted him. The stories Babaji told him as a little boy continued to fascinate him even as a grown adult. Gaspar believed he was no ordinary boy; with his heart on the right side, he had reason to believe he was special. Gaspar was convinced that he fell from the sky, and Babaji raised him as his own. He was a father figure to Gaspar, and his stories made the little boy believe in fairytales and myths. He trusted Babaji when he told him that there was a magical black box, much like Aladdin’s lamp, that was found on the Govardhan hills. Gaspar was a lonely boy, and he thought that if he ever chanced upon the box, he would wish for a friend.

Gaspar did find a friend eventually—her name was Kirana. She lived with her father, Wan Ali, in a neighboring house. Gaspar enjoyed her company, and even though he was just a boy, she had faith in his dream of becoming a detective. Gaspar remembered Kirana asking him to promise to find her if she ever went missing. He did not pay heed to the request then, but as he grew up, he regretted not keeping his promise. Kirana was gone one morning when Gaspar returned home from the hospital. He then assumed that her family had relocated, but eventually, he started to doubt it. When Gaspar found out that his heart condition was critical and he would only survive for 24 hours, he made it his life’s motive to find his friend, Kirana. Gaspar had found out from his informants that Wan Ali had sold Kirana, and when she fell sick, she was brought to Hartati Dibyo Clinic. The clinic turned out to be a property handed over to Ali by someone prominent. Gaspar met his sister-in-law, Bu Tati; she lived in the clinic after her husband committed suicide and left her in debt. She was thankful to Wan Ali for looking after her during a time of crisis. He could not gather much information about Kirana, but he learned more about the gold jewelry store Ali owned.

Why was Kirana taken away?

Gaspar doubted that Kirana was one of the many who were sold for organ transplants. In 2025, during Plague 36, those close to the government were vaccinated. The vaccine protected them from the plague, but it had extreme side effects. Gaspar discovered the effect of the vaccine when he closely studied a sample of a man involved in the human trafficking business. The vaccine resulted in organ failures and as a result, the demand for organs increased. His informant had collected the sample, and the National Guard had their eyes on him, and they eventually killed him. According to the information Gaspar had, the man, whose sample the informant collected, maintained close relations with government agencies and ran an organ trafficking network. Gaspar doubted that the man helped National Security clear their image after the failed vaccination drive.

Was Gaspar’s robbery plan a success?

Gaspar gathered a group of people he thought could help him rob Wan Ali’s jewelry store. He was convinced that Ali had the black box he had heard of as a child. After digging deep into Bu Tati’s past, Gaspar found out that her husband, Bachtiar. S. Abdillah, had not committed suicide but was killed by Wan Ali. Bachtiar was a prosperous man, and he helped Ali when he went bankrupt. Bachtiar and Ali started an antique business together. He made the mistake of showing Ali his prized possession, a black box. Ali was suffering from a financial crisis at the time, and when Bachtiar told him how the box had changed the course of his life and brought him immense wealth, he decided to steal it from him. After stealing the box, Wan Ali killed Bachtiar and dumped his body in the river. He took away all of Bachtiar’s fortune and lied to Bu Tati about her husband leaving her a huge debt. When Bu Tati found out about how Wan Ali had fooled her, she made up her mind to help Gaspar rob his shop. Gaspar also won the trust of her son, Yadi, who worked at Ali’s jewelry store. When Yadi found out that Ali was sleeping with his wife, he was furious, and he decided to help Gaspar with his plan. Gaspar also managed to convince his childhood friend/ex-girlfriend, Kik, and her boyfriend, Njet, to join him in the robbery. They were living in poverty, and with their resources drying up, they needed a way to make money. Agnes, a believer in bringing justice to the common people, also joined the quest, and her romantic inclination towards Gaspar became evident in the course of 24 Hours with Gaspar.

Gaspar and his team planned on breaking into the store when Wan Ali would not be present. But to their surprise, Ali was hiding with his men behind closed doors. Maybe he had anticipated an attack, and he chose to wait for it patiently. This was not what they had expected, and they stood there cluelessly for a minute. Gaspar tried to come up with a plan, but he realized that there was no other option left except for running for their lives. The robbery was unsuccessful, and to make matters worse, the car Kik, Njet, Bu Tati, and Yadi were escaping in fell into the river. Gaspar did not have enough time in hand to come up with an alternate plan for another day. He knew he had to act immediately, and Agnes was ready to help him.

What was in the black box?

Agnes, masquerading as Gaspar, rode his bike and grabbed the attention of Wan Ali’s men. They chased her, and she brought them to her ghetto, where hundreds of common people waited to avenge the ruling class. Meanwhile, Gaspar returned to the store and had a one-on-one fight with Wan Ali. Gaspar overpowered him, and Wan Ali was left lying on the floor, helpless. Gaspar asked him to disclose where Kirana was, but he refused to answer him. Gaspar grabbed hold of a scissor and chopped off Ali’s thumb. He had previously followed Ali to his warehouse and watched him carry the black box there. Gaspar was convinced that the secret was hidden in the warehouse.

At the end of the film, Gaspar entered Ali’s warehouse and was devastated upon seeing the faces of the little girls trapped there. The girls were locked up in cages, and in the next room, Gaspar found organs kept in boxes in the freezer. Wan Ali was involved in the human trafficking business, and he was working for the State. Wan Ali sold his daughter to protect himself during his financial crisis. Gaspar entered the final room, and he saw the black box right in front of him. This is where the magical element of 24 Hours with Gaspar is introduced. When Gaspar opened the box, he found Kirana seated inside. He had been yearning to catch a glimpse of his long-lost friend, and the magical box showed him what he craved. Gaspar wanted to be reunited with his friend before he lost his life, and the box made his wish come true. We can assume that Kirana lost her life, and her organs were used by the National Guard to protect their reputation. She lived in a confined space and suffered until her last breath. She hoped for Gaspar to find her, but he was too young to connect the dots. Gaspar was late, but it was his effort that resulted in the freedom of the little girls.

What happened to Gaspar and his crew?

During 24 Hours with Gaspar‘s ending, we find out that Gaspar’s crew survived. Bu Tati, Yadi, Kik, Njet, and Agnes made their way back to Wan Ali’s store. Ali was unresponsive when they entered the store; perhaps he would eventually die of bleeding. The gang finally got their hands on the gold that they had been waiting for. Bu Tati and Yadi had resolved their differences and would finally not have to depend on Wan Ali to survive. Kik and Njet were in love, and they dreamed of a future together. The gold would help them stay out of poverty and live a decent life. Agnes lost the man she loved, and we can assume that she would use the gold she got from the store to help the poor.

Gaspar met with an accident while riding his bike. His body rolled over to the river bank, and he was found by destitute people living in the area. They took away his shoes, clothes, and anything that could be of some value to them. Even in his tragic condition, a handful of people saw hope—hope to fix their lives in some way and not give up for another day. Gaspar helped his crew take home money and gold and live a respectable life. In a world with limited resources and poverty taking the lives of thousands, Gaspar was perhaps pleased to be a ray of hope in the lives of strangers and friends. As a little boy, all he wanted was a friend, and even though he had lost her, in the end, he stuck to his promise and solved the mystery behind her disappearance. His purpose in life was fulfilled, and in the last few minutes before the accident, he experienced a sense of peace. He reminisced about spending hours with Kirana as a child. It is not clear if Gaspar died in the accident, but knowing the condition of his heart, he does not have much time left. He talked about hope and second chances in life, and the only way he could experience all of it was through a miracle, and who knows, maybe Kirana’s spirit will make the miracle possible (the centipede crossing his face is indicative of the friends uniting in some form). Gaspar was still breathing, and maybe he would be spared some time to experience love (Agnes) and happiness.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni has worked as a film researcher on a government-sponsored project and is currently employed as a film studies teacher at a private institute. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies. Film History and feminist reading of cinema are her areas of interest.

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