‘4 Kings 2’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: What Happened Between Yat And Bang?


The narrative of 4 Kings 2 takes quite a similar route as its prequel, and we once again find the students destroying their lives and carrying on the toxic tradition and a false sense of pride. There were a few characters that had a lot of potential, but the problem was that part 2 of the franchise didn’t get anything new on the plate. It was like visiting the same old world created in the first part, with new faces and similar intent and motives. So, let’s find out what 4 Kings 2 has to offer.

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Why did Meng leave the school? 

Konaks, BUs, and Chols, the students who came from these rival technical colleges, didn’t leave an opportunity to fight with each other, but what they didn’t realize was that they were ruining their future in the process. These students wore their uniforms with a lot of pride, but the problem was that the allegiance they had towards their respective colleges had taken on a very toxic form. It was an endless loop, and there was no end to it because, in reality, there was no motive behind their actions. It was a harmful tradition to hurt and fight the students from other colleges, and people like Rok, Ake, Bang, Nui, Kay, etc., were just following it blindly. As we mentioned in the recap article of 4 Kings part 1, if someone stopped these boys and asked them why they were after the lives of the students from other colleges, then they wouldn’t be able to give an answer. Their families were sick and tired of dealing with them, and they could have cribbed about how they were not loved or looked down upon, but the reality was that they were responsible for their situation. The problem was that, at times, these boys were so deep into the swamp that they forgot how to come out of it.

As usual, there was a fight at the bus stop where the boys from Buranapon Technical College went after the boys from Konak. In the process, a boy named Meng got severely injured, and he ran to save his life. Yat, a local drug dealer, caught hold of Meng, and instead of saving him, he attacked him. Yat cut Meng’s hand, and the boys from Konak thought that it was the doing of students from Buranapon. Ake, Rok, and other students from Buranapon College were also surprised since they knew that they weren’t behind the attack. But they also knew that the students from the rival college wouldn’t believe that, and the blame would fall on them. Yat had his own reason for doing so. Back in the day, his father was killed during such a skirmish between the rival gangs. Yat had a lot of enmity towards these students from technical colleges and never missed an opportunity to hurt them back. Amidst the widespread confusion and chaos, Bang made it the purpose of his life to find the person who injured his friend and take revenge on him. But Meng wanted no such thing. His perspective had completely changed after he lost his hand. He no longer wanted to be a part of the toxic environment. He wanted to change for the sake of his parents. He knew that the consequences of such behavior in the long run won’t be good. Meng decided to leave college because he knew that even if he found the guy who did that to him, his hand wouldn’t come back. Meng asked Bang to stop the violence and do something to make his life better. 

What did Yat do to Rok? 

Rok was sitting together with his friends in a club, and he was going through a lot in his life. At times, he was envious of people like Ake, who might not have been as privileged as he was, but still, they had their loved ones around them. Rok’s parents were ashamed of him, and they were not happy with the kind of people he hung out with or how flippant he was about his education. Over a period of time, Rok started feeling like a burden, and he just didn’t want to go back to his home. His friends often asked him why he was not calling them home, as they loved to drink from his father’s stash. Rok made all sorts of excuses because he just didn’t want to tell them what exactly was happening at his place. Rok was still at the club when Bang arrived there with his friends, and as expected, the two rival groups started to fight with each other.

Yat was also present in the club with his boss, who got really annoyed with all the nuisance that the boys were making. Yat’s boss decided to teach them a lesson, but Yat came in between and asked him to let him handle the matter. Yat knew that if his boss took charge of things, then the boys wouldn’t go out of the club alive. Yat didn’t care about others, but he was worried about Bang. Yat was once friends with Bang, and he was still quite close to his sister, Bung. Yat did a lot of bizarre things under the influence of drugs, and that night, he humiliated and assaulted Rok beyond any imagination. Yat urinated on Rok and then made a mark on his chest with his knife. A gravely injured Rok went to his house, and he just wanted to cry on his mother’s lap. But he didn’t even get that, as his parents were too embarrassed to even greet him properly in front of the guests. Rok cried his heart out that night, and he felt as if he had no one in the world whom he could call his own. That feeling of abandonment stirred something inside him, and he decided to take revenge on the man who hurt him. 

What happened between Yat and Bang? 

Bang was arrested by the law enforcement authority at the beginning of 4 Kings 2, and his sister had kept the gun owned by their father as a mortgage to get money for bail. Bang got very angry at his sister since it was the only thing that their father left for them. Moreover, it was the same gun with which his father took his life, and so Bang just lost his temper, not understanding that whatever his sister did was to keep him safe. At the end of 4 Kings 2, Bang went to Yat, and they had a huge argument. We learned that Yat and Bang were friends back in the day, but after the latter joined a technical college, he stopped speaking to Yat. Probably, Yat had never said anything for all those years, but he felt quite hurt by what Bang did. It made Yat feel that the world was a selfish place and that one had to do whatever it took to fend for themselves. Yat felt bad, as Bang did not even try to understand his perspective; not even once did he come and ask if he was doing well. Yat gave the gun back to Bang, and just as the latter was on his way back home, he heard a gunshot. He rushed back to find out that Yat had been shot dead by Rok, who was just not in his mind after whatever had happened in his life. Yat’s grandfather lay on the floor, crying his heart out. 

In 4 Kings 2‘s ending, we saw two familiar faces going to attend Yat’s funeral. It was Billy and Oh from the previous film who had some unknown motive for coming there. Probably, they wanted to help Yat’s family, or maybe they just wanted to honor his memory. It could also be possible that they were going to reveal something that the others were unaware of. Just before entering, Billy said that if Da had been there, he would have wanted the same thing. If there is a third installment of 4 Kings, we would get to know why Billy and Oh came there and if they would reveal something that would change the course of the narrative and impact the lives of Bang and others. 

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