6 Feel-Good ‘Netflix Christmas Movies’ Of 2021 That You Can’t Miss


Awaiting the jolly season of Jingle Bells, we receive several notification bells from Netflix for its most awaited Christmas movies. There is something uniquely magical about light-hearted Christmas movies. While setting the mood right for the holiday season, they also help us relax and prepare ourselves for the year-end blues. Here are 6 feel-good ‘Netflix Original Christmas Movies’ of 2021 that you need to watch before Christmas Eve!

Love Hard

It is easy to talk about spending time with your loved ones during Christmas. But if you have spent a lot of time finding love itself without any success rate, things are far from easy! 

Natalie Bauer, an online features writer, has trouble finding love. By a happy chance as Christmas nears, she matches with an attractive, witty, and super funny guy named Josh. With high hopes, she flies from L.A. to Lake Placid (New York) across the country to spend the holidays with him. The journey, however, only begins when she gets there as her trip withholds loads of surprises! 

Starring Nina Dobrev (known for The Vampire Diaries), Jimmy O. Yang (known for Silicon Valley) and Darren Barnet (known for Never Have I Ever), “Love Hard” takes the viewers on an incredible journey of self-love and acceptance. The film enunciates how one must look within to find love on the outside! 

Single All the Way

Singlehood by choice is liberating! But when you don’t have any other option, the only thing you want to be liberated from is being embarrassed in front of your family! 

Having had no luck in past relationships, Peter is now embarrassed about visiting his family as a single man. So, he asks his best friend and roommate Nick to accompany him to New Hampshire to pretend to be his boyfriend in front of his family. 

Nevertheless, with years of watching romantic comedies, fake relationships are bound to fail. And what persists are the real ones! “Single All The Way” is a gay romantic comedy, which makes the viewers experience the warmth of genuine relationships with the visual treats of Christmas. 

Single All The Way Summary & Ending, Explained 2021 Netflix Film
Credits: Netflix

A Castle for Christmas

When life gives you lemons, you can always buy a castle! 

Sophie Brown is the author of eleven bestselling novels. But her fandom backfires as she kills a character in her book series. In a critical stage of her career, she takes a break from work to visit the castle of Dunbar, where her father spent his childhood. On finding an opportunity to buy the castle, Sophie has a dramatic encounter with a grumpy duke, and the two come to an uncanny agreement to live there together.

While taking them through the quintessential snowy contours of Scotland, “A Castle for Christmas” amuses the audience with casual remarks of royalty. This refreshingly typical romantic comedy stars Brooke Shields from “Pretty Baby” and Elwes Cary. 

A Castle for Christmas Ending Explained Sophie Brown 2021 Film Netflix
Credits: Netflix

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

After the earlier two parts of the movie, Vanessa Hudgens is back for another “lookalike” adventure in “The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star”. This time, the Christmas fun is threefold! 

The centerpiece vestige of Montenaro’s International Christmas celebration called the “Star of Peace” is stolen. Stacy and Margaret have no option but to seek help from Margaret’s gallant cousin Fiona, who is yet another identical ringer of the duo.  

A Boy Called Christmas

Three kids whose mother has recently passed away and father is away for work are entertained by their Aunt Ruth on Christmas Eve. She tells the kids a magical story about the adventures of a boy named Nikolas, who is said to have started Christmas. 

Nikolas embarks on an adventurous journey into the snowy mountains of the North Pole in search of his father. With his mouse Miiika as the only buddy, he finds himself on a quest to the mystical land of Elfhelm. “A Boy Called Christmas” stars Henry Lawful and our beloved Professor McGonagall (Harry Potter), Maggie Smith. 

A Boy Called Christmas Ending Explained 2021 Film Father Christmas
Credits: Netflix

Father Christmas is Back

A crazy family drama is always amusing! And more so, on a holiday themed backdrop! 

Caroline Christmas, and her husband Peter arrange a get together with her sisters for the holiday season at her manor. While the off-beat and incompatible Christmas sisters have their moments, the real chaos comes with the arrival of their father, James Christmas. 

Not only the whimsical interactions of the dysfunctional family tickle the audience, but also an old family secret unearths itself in the film. “Father Christmas is Back” stars Nathalie Cox, Kris Marshall, John Cheese, and Kelsey Grammer.

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