6 Reasons Why ‘Crash Landing On You’ Sparked The Korean Wave Around The World


A tad too sweet, Crash Landing on You is a story of two star-crossed lovers. Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye-Jin), who was born into a wealthy family, has cut ties with her family and started her own business. Se-Ri’s Choice, a widely successful fashion company, has a reputation comparable to that of its trendsetter owner, who is frequently involved in dating controversies. Her father recognizes her potential, and she prepares to take over the family business. However, when she paraglides to test a new product for her company, she lands on North Korean soil.

Lee Jeong Hyeok (Hyun Bin), the troop commander patrolling the North Korean border, comes across Se-Ri hung in the air, her paragliding craft stranded in the treetops. After realizing that her presence will aggravate the captain’s and his crew’s problems, she uses it as leverage to get them to help her flee the nation. Se-Ri and Lee Jeong Hyeok’s romance develops slowly but steadily. The fact that they are separated by Korean boundaries, however, puts their love to the test.

Reasons ‘Why Crash Landing on You’ Sparked the Korean Wave

Enthralling Narrative

Peppered with comic inserts and romantic moments, Crash Landing on You hooks intrinsically through its lively storytelling. It got the audience to connect with Se-Ri and Jeong Hyeok’s characters like how fate crash-landed them with each other in the forest. The love saga enchantingly lingers, igniting an intoxicating impulse for fans to stay from the first episode up to its last episode. 

The story of a South Korean heiress who falls in love with a North Korean elite army commander follows the conventional rom-com formula. However, the efficient cast adds to the brilliant composition and execution of the moments with on-point performances. It is just as satisfying to depict a charming love relationship between Se-Ri and Jeong Hyeok when their affection crosses the border to Se-Ri’s turf. It felt like a mix of the old genuine romantic interlude and the modern brave ownership of mutual love in a sort. 

In North Korea, Se-Ri and Jeong Hyeok have a series of unforgettable experiences, including riding a bike together, tying Se-Ri’s hair, and making the nicest memories possible due to a train disruption. After relocating to South Korea, the love birds create plans and relish the borrowed time to ensure they have enough memories to keep them going when they miss each other due to the unmistakable border separation. The story’s streaming movement thrills from its excellent beginning to its final episode, moving at an energetic pace. Even the epilogues provide viewers with plenty of opportunities to smile and laugh. 

The Love Story

If you read the plot, it is very clear that this drama will include an intense star-crossed lovers’ romance between Jeong Hyeok and Se-Ri from the start. And the romance between these two was fantastic. It manages to be both predictable and incredibly humorous, uplifting, and adorable at the same time. The chemistry between these two characters was undeniable from the start, and the slow burn was plausible. One is a wealthy heiress, and the other is a noble captain. Of course, given their circumstances, there is a great deal of stress and emotional suffering. However, this is counterbalanced by some light-hearted and adorable moments. 

6 Reasons Why Crash Landing On You Sparked The Korean Wave Around The World

The Friendships

The fact that how this ‘Crash Landing on You‘ handled friendships is adorable. The friendship was especially noticeable in Jeong Hyeok’s team. They are, without a doubt, one of the special aspects of the drama. They provided laughs and were frequently the comedic relief, but they also provided the emotions. They were faithful to Jeong Hyeok, but they also formed a brotherly bond with Se-Ri, and surprisingly you will be more moved by their scenes than in the scenes of Jeong Hyeok and Se-Ri. It is certainly the best kind of unexpected family. 

Se-Ri and the North Korean village ahjumma’s, as well as the ahjumma’s amongst themselves, formed an unexpected bond that is sure to be appreciated during the show. They seem pretty and gossipy, and Se-Ri is naturally distant from them at first. Still, as they socialize, it is realized that the ahjumma’s are not only amusing but also unexpectedly loyal. Their mutual crush on Jeong Hyeok was also rather amusing. 

The Amusement & Humor

The hilarity in the drama “Crash Landing on You” will make you laugh out loud. As mentioned earlier, the squad and the ahjummas provided most of the laughs. They are the perfect counterpoint to all the drama and hopeless romance. 

The Second Couple – Deserved the Best, Got the Worst

The secondary pair was disliked a lot at first. We have Seo Dan, Jeon Hyeok’s fiancee, who appears to be arrogant and frigid at first. However, later reveals that she is arrogant and cold but also insecure and emotional. Seung Joon, in the meantime, was hiding in North Korea after stealing money from Se-Ri’s family’s business and becoming a wanted man. Though he first came across as heartless, whiny, and self-absorbed, we gradually realize that there is more to him and his reasons than meets the eye. 

At first, both these characters are despised by viewers and feel they’d never be able to make us care about a romance between them. Nonetheless, despite this, the show was able to bring these two together in a way that felt natural, well-placed, and genuine. By the end, the two become responsible for over half of the tears that are sure to be shed throughout the last episodes. 

And A Whole Lot More

Of course, there is much more to the Crash Landing on You, but you should go through it all. Se-Ri’s ruthless family, Se-Ri’s relationship with her mother, Jeong Hyeok’s history resurfacing, the town rat whose duty was to listen in on everyone, and the suspense element with the corrupt Major hell-bent on locating Se-Ri and punishing Jeong Hyeok are all present. These elements appear to be a lot at first, but they all come together perfectly to produce a drama like “Crash Landing on You” that strikes all the right notes.

6 Reasons Why Crash Landing On You Sparked The Korean Wave Around The World

Crash Landing of You is a Romantic Comedy South Korean Series created by Ji Eun Park. It is streaming on Netflix.

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