Will There Be A Season 2 Of ‘6ixtynin9: The Series’? What Can We Expect Next?


When you like a show, you want more of it. After all, there has been the emergence of a line between genuinely addictive content and just random time-killing stuff. It would be a stretch to call 6ixtynin9 addictive, but it is undoubtedly well-written and executed. The makers cared about the story instead of just being in a mood to keep churning out things. That makes us wonder as to how this care could extend into a second season of the show, even though it hadn’t been announced at the time of writing this article. That would have to be something new and unexpected since the series was based on the film of the same name, which was released almost two and a half decades ago. While we haven’t seen the film, we are sure that the source material must be done with for the sake of the series. Therefore, what are the avenues that can be expanded for fans of the show? It is hard to make a second season of something when everyone in the first season has died. Theories about what comes next are based on the few remaining survivors.

First of all, there is the matter of Toom. We have absolutely no idea what happened to her. She threw away all the money, which means that she is left with basically nothing to her name. It is also not as if she can withdraw cash from her account or contact anyone to help her out. In our opinion, she should have just waited a bit and gone to Finland. But she decided that she did not want the money that cost her her best friend and, to an extent, her humanity. She hadn’t realized it while committing the murders or finding people dying at each other’s hands due to her greed. However, when she came back to her apartment and found the massacre that had taken place, she knew that it may not have been her hand that pulled the trigger, but she was responsible for it. The burden of it had to weigh heavy on her, which is why she let go of all that money. That means that 6ixtynin9 season 2 would see her still depressed. Since she has nothing to her name, she might be going around the country looking for odd jobs to sustain herself. Her family back home needs financial help, and though she has sent them a lot of money, they might need more.

6ixtynin9 season 1 was a black comedy, so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to imagine that Toom’s pursuit of menial jobs will take her to the very place where the man who found her suitcase with money is. Toom would probably recognize the bag and make the connection. She may fight it at first, but money is always tempting, or there wouldn’t be a story. Maybe she starts killing them, not on purpose, and the cycle of season 1 is repeated. Probably, the man who has the money has some debt collectors or greedy relatives at his door, and they are the next ones to die. Season 2 may end the same way as Season 1, with a complete massacre. But if Toom’s character were to be developed, we would want to see how she starts fighting her depression. Perhaps it is because of a new place, maybe it is just a life of anonymity, or at the very least, she finally decides to take what money has to offer. After all, a better financial situation can solve a lot of mental health issues. But her journey is not going to be without the shadow of her past.

For example, that nerdy boy might be back. We absolutely don’t understand how he added to the narrative of 6ixtynin9 season 1. That is why we think that he could have been a hint of season 2. Since he has gone to jail for taking obscene pictures, he might not have a future left in the city, so he moves to the countryside. He might end up meeting Toom there, and he would definitely recognize her. Maybe he makes some unsavory advances towards her, or if he finds out about the money, he might want to split that. Overall, he might have a role to play in season 2, but we don’t think he will survive it unless the black comedy is taken too far, and he ends up with everything while Toom dies.

Finally, there is Jim. She was a little too extreme in season 1, which makes us think that the craziness could spill into 6ixtynin9 season 2. We don’t think there is any way for her misunderstanding about her boyfriend to be cleared up. She also did not get to feed Toom his body parts like she had wanted to. So she might try to hunt her down and kill her just as brutally as she did her boyfriend. On the off chance that she comes to know that John did not actually cheat on her, she might still want revenge for the misunderstanding.

But most of all, we want to see if the otherworld, as shown in 6ixtynin9, is expanded upon at all. People are reborn after 48 days of waiting, so will John be reborn in an area around Toom, and will he be there when Jim hunts her down? After all, we don’t know whether season 2 will start right where it left off or if it will be set a few years later. In the former case, maybe John will be looking down from the heaven/ otherworld waiting area, at what Jim and Toom are doing on Earth. He escaped once, so he may escape again to wreak some havoc or to take revenge in some shape or form. Hopefully, he won’t get distracted this time and stick to the task at hand. We are hoping for his comeback because we just like Man Trisanu Soranun. Coming back to the show, if John can keep an eye on it, maybe the others can as well. Also, what if Toom reaches the afterlife? Will she accept her fate quietly, or will she also return to Earth like John did, or even better, will she return with him? 6ixtynin9 has no problem pushing the boundaries, so we are excited to see how the story can progress should there be a season 2.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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