‘A California Christmas’ Ending, Explained – Does Callie Forgive Joseph?


It’s the Christmas season and a season for Christmas movies. ‘A California Christmas‘ happens 2 weeks before Christmas Day. Joseph is a conglomerate’s son, and his mom has given him an ultimatum or threatened him to lose his position in their business. He has to finish the challenge before Christmas Day. Will Joseph succeed?

‘A California Christmas’ Plot Summary

Joseph is the son of a big business tycoon, i.e., his mom and a managing partner in her company. He is a womanizer and lives an erratic life with no goal ahead of him. His mom is trying to buy farmland, but the owner is not ready to agree on any offer. For Callie Bernet, the owner of farm, its value is more than any amount of money. She lost her fiancé and dad in an accident three years ago and lives with her younger sister Hannah and her mom, Wendy, who is sick with cancer. She is in loads of debt but still does not want the money that could solve all her problems.

Joseph’s mom tells him to deceive Callie into selling her farm using his manly charms. He will risk losing his position in the company if he fails to do so. Joseph goes to Petaluma to crack the deal with Callie. When he enters the farm, Hannah mistakes Joseph as their new ranch hand Manny, and he ends up assisting in a calf birth. Seeing Callie and her personality, he understands that it will not be easy to persuade her.

How is Joseph’s Truth Exposed?

Joseph couldn’t do the normal ranch hand’s jobs properly, which makes him look suspicious, but Callie and Hannah let it slide after some time. Connor, however, still thinks that something is wrong with Manny. Callie has been working without a break after the tragic death of her father and fiancé, but since Joseph (Manny) has arrived, she has been getting some time to let loose and spend time with her family. For the first time in his life, Joseph is doing something with his whole heart. They both find comfort in being with each other and talking and sharing stories and dreams.

Joseph hasn’t been able to tell Callie about the truth, and he tears down the contract papers that he had brought with him because he does not want to disturb their close-knitted family. However, Connor overhears Leo, Joseph’s butler, and the real Manny talking about Joseph’s real last name. He runs an internet search on Van Aston and finds out who he really is. Connor sends the information to Callie, which shocks her. On the very next day, Joseph’s mom comes to the farm since Joseph cannot get the contract signed. Joseph had no idea about it, and he defends Callie against his mom. It was too late, and neither his mom nor Callie would listen to any of his explanations.

‘A California Christmas’ Ending Explained

After his disguise falls apart, Joseph has no choice but to leave. When packing his things, he also takes the homemade wine given by Callie with him. Leo and the real Manny, who are wine lovers, taste the wine and proclaim that they have never tasted such a wine before. They take that wine to a sommelier and confirm that the wine is indeed a rare quality. On the same night, Callie finds Joseph working in her vineyard, then he tells her that a wine expert is going to come to check her vineyard.

The expert checks her vineyard and offers her a deal. Getting that deal meant not having to sell the farm. She shows the deal to her mom, and they exclaim in happiness. Happiness has come home on Christmas Day. Joseph, Connor, and everyone else arranges a surprise Christmas party in the old dairy barn that Callie’s dad wanted to renovate. Callie, who lived with a burden on her shoulder, finally gets to let it all go. She forgives Joseph because he’s done more good things for her than bad ones.

In Conclusion

The plot of A California Christmas is entirely predictable, yet it is fun to watch because of the background settings and character placement. Leo and Manny are exciting characters, and while Joseph and Callie’s love grows, Leo and Manny’s friendship also grows as they live together. It’s undoubtedly a movie to relax and watch on a Christmas holiday.

A California Christmas is a 2020 Romantic Drama film directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino. It is written by Lauren Swickard, who also plays the lead role in the film.

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