‘A Gentleman In Moscow’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Leplevsky Plan To Hurt Sofia?


I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to see A Gentleman in Moscow as an experiment of sorts. It’s like the Count, as a subject, is placed and observed in the controlled environment of the Metropol. And if you think about it, he’s doing a slightly tweaked version of everything his societal and evolutionary conditionings ask of him. In A Gentleman in Moscow episode 6, it’s time for him to find out how well he does as the father of a teen daughter as he’s confined within the walls of the Metropol.

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How’s the count faring as Sofia’s papa?

So the Count’s been promoted from Uncle Alexander to Papa. But the new role comes with the sadness of having to see his little girl off as she goes to school, escorted by her auntie Marina. And before he even knows it, Sofia’s grown to be a beautiful, feisty teenager that he can’t really keep up with. But for some things in life, stability is certainly a source of comfort for the Count. Osip’s still the good ol’ grumpy guy pausing “It’s a Wonderful Life” to vent his frustration about how the American government zombifies the people into believing that there truly is an American dream. But you can see that he’s rather touched by the scene with George Bailey spreading Christmas joy. The Count can hardly complain about Osip’s crankiness when he’s the one who gets triggered by the sight of a young lad giving Sofia a piano lesson. There really is nothing going on between the two, and it was only meant to be a surprise for the Count’s birthday. But I guess it’s hard on any dad to watch their little ones grow up too soon. And the Count’s no different on that front. 

Does the Count leave the Metropol?

Anna’s made her fair share of sacrifices for Sofia and the Count. And she’s completely right when she takes the Count’s ingratitude personally. But the Count’s got to take one very angry woman at a time. It should be easy enough to communicate how sorry he is to Sofia, right? It’s clear that they’re used to playing this game where they race to the attic room. And that’s what the Count goes for to cheer her up. Unfortunately, it ends in a horrible accident when Sofia takes a fall. The Count knows what’s at stake. But between his own safety and Sofia’s life, he will always choose the latter. So, dismissing the warnings from every concerned party, the Count leaves the Metropol for the first time in decades, holding an unconscious Sofia in his arms. 

How does Osip help Sofia?

The condition of the hospital that the Count takes Sofia to says a lot about healthcare in Russia under Stalin’s regime. His cries for help go unheard as he’s desperate to get Sofia the help that she so badly needs. Hope only starts to show its fickle face when Osip shows up. By now, the commander has started to break laws because he’s really come to care about the Count. The news of the enemy of the state breaking out of his prison has spread quickly. But instead of taking the Count in, Osip gets the best surgeon in all of Moscow to operate on Sofia. He stands to endanger his own family if he’s caught aiding a fugitive. But Osip’s a father too, and he knows the absolute panic in the Count’s eyes all too well to pressure him into leaving. 

How do the staff at the Metropol help the Count?

Anna’s devastated enough that she can’t run to Sofia, the girl she’s come to love as her own daughter. Olga put her contemplations about Vasily’s proposal on the back burner. Right now, it’s of immense importance that she goes over to the hospital instead of Anna, who’s more of a known face. But that doesn’t mean Anna will sit on her hands in the meantime. Manager Leplevsky’s practically giddy with excitement seeing the turn of events. He’s been waiting for the right moment to screw the Count over. And by giving his eyewitness account to Captain Abashev, he hopes to be done with the Count once and for all. But Anna’s gotten through to the staff before the interrogation. And they’ve all joined hands in denying that they saw the Count leave the hotel. Unfortunately, though, Anna’s plan to bring it home by seducing Abashev backfires badly. He sees right through her game and turns the tables on her by demanding sexual favors in exchange for her life. If she’s caught aiding a fugitive of the state, she’ll be sent to the labor camps in Siberia and probably die the same death as Nina. Anna may be caught in a tight spot, but she’s not the kind of person who’d let a vulture like Abashev take advantage of her situation. 

Does Leplevsky plan to hurt Sofia?

A Gentleman in Moscow episode 6 is a reassurance for the Count. He’s lost his family, his friends, and his place in the world in the blink of an eye. But before he could even feel the pangs of emptiness, the people of the Metropol came together to make him feel loved. Even Osip, the commander faithfully serving the regime, only makes an exception when it comes to the Count. Frankly, he’s the only reason the Count is even alive at this point. Even with so many eyes on him, Osip has arranged for the Count to sneak out of the hospital. He’s risking his life by lying to the horde of policemen as they infiltrate the hospital. The Count travels with the loaves of bread and, with the help of the staff, pretending it’s business as usual, walks into the Metropol dressed as the kitchen crew. 

You can imagine Manager Leplevsky’s frustration when the Count walks down to the lobby and pretends he’s been there all along. But it’s even more fun to see the look on Abashev’s face as Osip grumbles about him having wasted his time. Needless to say, the Count’s made some pretty loyal friends in and outside the hotel—friends who’d gamble on their lives to protect the sweet guy they’ve come to love. But the person who deserves his gratitude most of all is Anna. As it turns out, her tour was not cut short. She came back because she missed the family she’d found in the Count and Sofia. The Count’s not the best at communicating how he really feels. And he’s bound to drown in guilt for having made Anna feel like she’s never done enough for him and Sofia. All he can do is apologize, and he will never make the mistake of not appreciating her enough again. Luckily, Anna didn’t take his words to heart. She couldn’t dream of sharing his attic room with him. But she’s made up her mind about renting a suite at the Metropol permanently. All’s turned out well for them after all. Sofia’s recovered. Vasily and Olga’s marriage gives them five years of domestic bliss before Olga succumbs to her old age.

But as the ending of episode 6 shows a fuming Manager Leplevsky arranging a file with Sofia’s picture on it, you kind of understand what the narrator (adult Sofia) means when she says that the Count’s birthday was the last time they were all together. Leplevsky’s been out for the Count’s blood ever since he moved into the Metropol. The Count leaving the hotel premises was Leplevsky’s only real shot at getting him caught and killed. And now that his vicious agenda has failed, Leplevsky’s turned his eyes to the only person the Count cares about more than his own life. It’s likely that Leplevsky’s scheming will result in Sofia being pulled away from her papa.

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