‘A Good Day To Be A Dog’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is Bo Gyeom Doing?


We are not saying that A Good Day to Be a Dog is a good replacement for King The Land, but we have found something that gives us our weekly dose of sweet vibes. Cha Eun Woo in anything is always a good idea, and it feels nice to see Park Gyu Young show more of her range after Celebrity. This is the recap of episode 3.

Spoiler Alert

What does Choi Yul tell Seo Won about Hae Na?

It was an awkward sight to see Hae Na in Yul’s room, and the teacher and student came up with the excuse that Hae Na was rather drunk when she had gone to bail out Yul from the station, which is why she had to spend the night in his room. Seo Won asks why his nephew did not call him, and Yul says that he did not want his uncle to worry. That solves the problem, though Seo Won thinks of Hae Na as a drunkard who can’t get enough alcohol into her system.

Yul has always wanted a dog, but he cannot get one because his uncle is scared of them. He promises to clean up after the dog if they get one, but Seo Won is not ready to hear it yet. We thought that Yul probably had a crush on his teacher, but that must have increased a fewfold once he found out that Hae Na also turned into such a cute dog. He has a conversation with her at school about it, and she gets him to promise that he won’t tell anyone her secret, but we don’t think Hae Na told him the whole story; otherwise, Yul would have become a part of her scheme to get his uncle to kiss Hae Na as a dog. Meanwhile, Hae Na is having nightmares about turning into a dog full-time. We believe that since she is a small and cute dog anyway, life wouldn’t be that hard for her if she remained one for life.

How does Hae Na protect Seo Won from the dog in school?

It is Seo Won’s nightmare day at work because the vice principal brings his dog to the school, as he cannot leave him at home. The fog is named Man Deuk, and while everyone is fawning over him, Seo Won is scared out of his wits. Hae Na notices it right away, and she does her best to protect him. She tells the other teachers that she is the one with an allergy to dog fur, hoping that they would keep the dog out of the staff room, but it doesn’t have any effect as everyone prefers a cute dog to everything else in the world. Seo Won tries his best to avoid the staffroom the whole day and has mediocre success with it. He gets Bo Gyeom to put his books on the table after promising to buy him a cake. But when the Vice-Principal asks him to feed his dog, Seo Won is unable to refuse since he doesn’t want to admit that, as a grown man, he is scared of dogs.

Seo Won tries to place the food in the dog bowl, hoping that Man Deok is asleep, but the moment the dog hears the food fall into the bowl, he wakes up. He may have collided with Seo Won and given him a heart attack, but Hae Na pushes him out of the way just in time. Even later in the day, when Seo Won encounters the dog in the school, Hae Na distracts him with a toy, giving Seo Won time to leave. Finally, when Seo Won accidentally finds himself alone in the room with the dog, Hae Na comes just in time and saves Seo Won’s face by making up an excuse about leaky roofs. Having Hae Na protect him all day has helped Seo Won develop a soft corner for her. He remembers how she had always caught his eye, right from the time she joined the school, but only now were his feelings as strong as they were growing to be. She has not only protected him but has also assured him that he has nothing to be embarrassed about, and that makes him comfortable around her.

What is Bo Gyeom doing?

We saw in episode 2 that Bo Gyeom was definitely connected to the beginning of the curse. He is having his own fun, as he was the one who pushed Man Deuk towards Seo Won in the school. That means that he is aware of Seo Won’s fear of dogs, and probably that fear started not due to Seo Won’s trauma of bullying but due to something that had happened in one of his past lives. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that Bo Gyeom may have been responsible for it. We somehow believe that he is not a reincarnation but a being who has been alive for centuries. That would explain why he has items that are from another era. In his secret room, we also saw a piece of clothing that he had preserved, which undoubtedly belonged to Hae Na’s past life. Bo Gyeom is pulling more strings than we realize, but he is on the side of Hae Na and Seo Won falling in love.

Do Hae Na and Seo Won hide from Chae Ah?

Chae Ah has liked Seo Won right from the beginning. She is also quite possessive about him, and when she sees Hae Na coming out of his house in the morning, she instantly narrows her down as the competition. When she confronts Hae Na about it, the latter is worried that Chae Ah may have discovered her secret, but upon finding that it was a misunderstanding, she clarifies the situation. But since Seo Won has started developing feelings for Hae Na, it is not as easy to keep them apart.

Two of their colleagues are getting married, and Hae Na, Seo Won, Bo Gyeom, and Song Yi decide to give them a combined gift since they knew about their colleagues’ affairs right from the beginning. While Bo Gyeom is about to go with Hae Na, Seo Won gets in the way by reminding Bo Gyeom of his pending work. He is serious about his feelings if he is doing such things. While shopping, Hae Na tells him about her motion sickness, and Seo Won offers to take her in his car. Unluckily for them, Chase Ah hears their conversation, and she cannot accept their plan. Therefore, she sets it up that all of them would go in one car with Bo Gyeom and her, ruining any chance of Seo Won and Hae Na spending time alone.

At the end of A Good Day to Be a Dog episode 3, Chae Ah is disappointed to find that Song Yi will be in Bo Gyeom’s car while Hae Na and Seo Won are going to come alone. Chae Ah cannot allow that, and she says that she will come with them. However, when Seo Won sees her, he hides himself and Hae Na under the umbrella so that they can spend some time alone, as he wants them to. Hae Na may not mind that either since she is clearly developing feelings for him because a first date is one of the important occasions when a woman wants to look ‘effortlessly beautiful.’

Final Thoughts

We don’t want to alter the feel-good quality of this show. All we want are some cute vibes to relieve the stress of the week, and whatever Bo Gyeom is up to, let it not be too troublesome. A show like A Good Day to Be a Dog should always be airing at all times, and this is going well.

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