‘A Good Day To Be A Dog’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Is The Bully Following Hae Na?


The troubles of a person who turns into a dog are always interesting. There is the danger of conspiracy theorists being true; there is trouble with dating; and imagine people in their twenties and thirties not having the freedom to stay out after midnight. What other joys are there in this capitalistic society when you have to live on a teacher’s salary? Hae Na’s family has found some with a pretty pastel house and a sense of humor, but it can be argued that Cha Eun Woo (Seo Won) is prettier than the sunflower pillows on Hae Na’s bed. Since A Good Day to be a Dog is struggling to rake in the ratings, maybe they can boost the promotions with an idea of how they made the set design and everything so pretty. A step-by-step guide would be helpful. In the meantime, this is a recap of the fresh hell that Hae Na has run into.

Spoiler Alert

Why is Yul pretending to be Hae Na’s boyfriend?

Hae Na and Yoo Na’s mother came to meet them because she suspected that one of her daughters had activated the curse, and she found that it was Hae Na. That is why she insists on meeting Hae Na’s boyfriend, and Hae Na is too embarrassed to tell her that she randomly kissed someone. That is why Yoo Na asks Yul to pretend to be Hae Na’s boyfriend for a day to get them out of trouble. Needless to say, Hae Na is not happy with the situation since Yul is a minor, and her student on top of it. The boy still pretends, and Hae Na’s mother is happy with him, though she doesn’t understand why Hae Na’s curse has not been lifted if Yul is so understanding to begin with. That is when she locks him in the room and demands that he kiss Hae Na that night if he wants to get out. Hae Na is left with no choice but to tell her mother the truth and face her disappointment about her upbringing. If only we could tell Hae Na that you don’t need to kiss a stranger for your parents to be disappointed in you. To Hae Na’s credit, Yul seems to have developed a crush on her that day, and she is probably his first love. He invites her to celebrate Seo Won’s birthday with them, and Hae Na is more than happy to accompany them.

Seo Won has been watching videos on how to confess his feelings, and when he sees Hae Na walking towards them, he is once again in love. The three of them spend a good day together, but at the end of it, Yul realizes that Hae Na and Seo Won have feelings for each other. He sees them looking at each other in the pictures from the photo booth, and Yul’s heart breaks on the very day he had his first love. But such is life, and he goes home like a good sport to avoid being the third wheel. Hae Na wants to confess her situation to Seo Won since she has only ten days left before the curse becomes irreversible, but she gets too drunk and is unable to do it. As for Seo Won, he is simply taken in by her and all her antics. 

How does the bully become interested in Hae Na?

Some people are only satisfied when others are in trouble, and when two such people come together, it is a lot of unnecessary mayhem. Sang Su is Yoo Na’s ex-boyfriend who tried to blackmail her for money. He had tried to record her before she transitioned and later took money from her to kiss her while she was a dog to end the curse. He is the reason Hae Na is not allowed to trust Seo Won, though she has come to believe that he may be different from their experiences so far. Sang Su uploaded the picture of Hae Na and Seo Won and listed her story underneath. This may have disappeared on the internet, except that it caught the eye of Seo Won’s former bully, and he was interested because of Seo Won. The name of the bully wasn’t clear, so we will be referring to him as ‘bully’ for the rest of the article.

Is The Bully Following Hae Na?

Perhaps the bully has realized that Seo Won doesn’t know anything about Hae Na, but he suspects that there may be some truth to the matter when he finds a woman’s clothes in the alleyway after he sees someone running that side. Later, he visits Hae Na’s family cafe and finds that their uncle (who is a dog) is in a veterinary hospital. The bully secretly installs a camera there, and from their conversation, he deciphers that this is a real story. Seo Won knows what the bully is trying to do, and he wants to protect Hae Na at any cost, so he threatens the man to back off. But that ends up encouraging the bully even more, as he wants to expose Hae Na just so that he may get back at Seo Won for the perceived slight.

The bully goes to meet Sang Su and gives him a lot of money for his story and any videos that he may have. The man is a conspiracy theorist, and he wants to drive up traffic on his channel through the story. But Sang Su rightly points out that he is spending a lot more money than he may probably earn; however, the bully’s objective has long stopped being money. At the end of Since a Good Day to be a Dog Episode 7, Hae Na is gearing up to tell Seo Won the truth, as she has less than ten days left before she permanently becomes a dog. She is scared because she has started falling for him, but she has no options. When she goes to meet him, Seo Won sees a man walking towards her, and he feels that it is the bully, so he rushes to protect her. Whatever Hae Na may tell him, Seo Won will be by her side.

Final Thoughts

The precap of Since a Good Day to be a Dog Episode 8 shows that Hae Na is going to be in a terrible situation next week. The solution for that looks simple enough, which is for Bo Gyeom to swoop in with his powers and fix it all. But will that happen, or is this disaster exactly what he was looking for? That remains to be seen.

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