‘A Good Day To Be A Dog’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap And Ending Explained


It would be wrong to call A Good Day to Be a Dog boring, but it is certainly suffering because of its scheduling. This is a drama whose primary quality is that it is sweet while being pretty to look at. Therefore, the audience needs to see this according to a timetable so that they don’t forget about it. A failure to do that is the only reason this drama is getting low ratings because the storyline itself is fine.

Spoiler Alert

What happened to Jae Hee?

Seo Won notices that a popular girl in school, Ji Won, has recently become very subdued, and one day, he chances upon her being bullied by her classmates, led by Jae Hee. The students make an excuse that they are simply practicing for a film on school violence, and even Ji Won doesn’t protest against that. But Seo Won knows that this is not what things are like. He raises the issue with Chae Ah, who is the teacher in charge, and the vice principal does not like that. Their school was recently recognized as being exemplary for being completely free of school violence; therefore, this doesn’t look good, especially since the VP has just been promoted. The students even brought the video as proof, but Seo Won knows what he saw. In fact, he says that the real video must still be on Jae Hee’s phone.

Of all the people, only Hae Na talks to him and understands why he is taking it so personally. Seo Won had been bullied in his school days, and he hadn’t been able to retaliate because there was a dog nearby who he was already scared of. Seo Won especially notes how no one helped him, and he doesn’t want to be that kind of person for Ji Won. Both the teachers also find Ji Won hiding in the school to escape her bullies, and she has agreed to speak about it, but the school administration doesn’t want to push the issue.

Therefore, Hae Na decides to help a little. In her dog form, she steals Jae Hee’s phone from her hands, and that becomes the evidence they need against her. Jae Hee is dropped from her movies, and her career and family life take a hit. Therefore, Jae Hee decides to frame Seo Won for sexual harassment to contain the situation. Hae Na had heard the kids talking in the school, and when she turned into a dog, she recorded their conversation, talking about how they were going to call Seo Won to a garden. Hae Na sends this video to Yul, who arrives just in time to save his uncle. He tells Seo Won that he found the video from Cocoa, the dog of his classmate who wore a camera when going on walks.

As for Jae Hee, when she was trying to escape from the garden, she got cornered by Bo Gyeom. For the first time, the audience realizes that he is not white, gray, red, or any other color but a straight-up villain. There had to be a purpose to him trying to scare Jae Hee for her mistakes. He probably wanted her to go away so that she wouldn’t cause more trouble for Seo Won, as he needed to be in the same school as Hae Na for whatever twist in the love story that Bo Gyeom was orchestrating.

Is Seo Won jealous of Bo Gyeom?

Hae Na was definitely mad about Seo Won choosing Chae Ah as his ideal type, and she showed it. After the entire bullying incident, Seo Won clarified that he did not choose Chae Ah, but the students did it for him since he wasn’t picking. Seo Won is expressing his interest, and he even asks Hae Na a couple of times. The time for the school trip is near, and Hae Na’s final two attempts at turning back humans have been shot down because Yul turned out to be a heavy sleeper. Therefore, she just has to improvise on the tour. She barely manages the first night, but the second proves to be much tougher. As for Seo Won, he is getting jealous at this point because of the closeness between Bo Gyeom and Hae Na. He doesn’t like that they go rowing together or that Bo Gyeom holds Hae Na’s hand when she is scared of a bug. But the courtship of Hae Na and Seo Won is going strong, and he joins her when she goes looking for three students who have snuck out to a fair. Sadly, it is very close to midnight, and Hae Na has no choice but to hide moments before she turns into a dog.

 Do Hae Na and Seo Won come closer?

Lucky for Hae Na, she has two dependable people looking out for her. Yul finds her things, and he understands that she must be in trouble. As for Seo Won, the students have been found, so he is looking for Hae Na. She is picked up by an old woman and tied to a post. For a while, Hae Na believes that the old woman is going to cook and eat her, and Hae Na is scared out of her mind. She silently chews through the rope around her neck and ends up escaping as the woman runs after her, calling her ‘Popi.’ But Hae Na doesn’t get far, and she falls into a ditch. Lucky for her, Yul finds her this time, but he is unable to get her out of the ditch. Finally, morning comes, and Hae Na turns back to human as Yul rushes to get some help. Around this time, even Seo Won finds her and drags her out. It is sweet how he piggybacks her, and Hae Na tells him that she is no longer interested in Bo Gyeom.

When Bo Gyeom sees them get back, he says that they need to get distant, and the only way to do that is if they get close first. Right at that time, he meets Min Ji Ah, the clairvoyant who has come back to school after two years. Bo Gyeom recognizes her from his past, but these two don’t acknowledge each other, which must mean that at least Ji Ah is a reincarnation.

At the end of A Good Day to Be a Dog Episode 6, Hae Na has to go back to the fair to get one of her students’ wallets, and she asks Seo Won to go with her. These two enjoy an ‘accidental’ date and are definitely closer than before. But they don’t know that the ex-boyfriend of Hae Na’s sister has just seen them. This is the same man who blackmailed Yoo Na for money when he came to know her secret, and he probably plans on doing the same with Hae Na.

Final Thoughts

Six episodes is a lot of time for the set-up of a story, which means that it is a good time for the audience to get a proper understanding of the background of the curse. It has been sweet so far; now it is time for the story to be exciting.

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