‘A Killer Paradox’ Season 2 Theories: Will Tang’s Case Be Reopened?


The first season of A Killer Paradox left us on a cliffhanger, and though there hasn’t been any official announcement, I believe that the makers will come up with another season so that we get to know what happened with Tang. The biggest question was if Tang actually had psychic powers or if it was just sheer coincidence and strong intuition that made him feel a certain way. So let’s find out how Tang escaped from the city, why the case against him was dismissed, and what we could expect from the second season, if there is one.

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How Was Lee Tang Able To Escape To South Korea?

Lee Tang, at the end of A Killer Paradox, realized that Roh Bin had accepted his fate and that he was going to sacrifice himself so that Tang could escape and save himself. Since Tang had gotten in touch with Roh Bin, he was told many times that the latter would abandon him the moment he committed any mistake. Song Chon, the detective turned assassin, thought like that, as a similar thing had happened to him back in the day. Even Jang Nan Gam thought like that, and he told Roh Bin that he was sick and tired of being sued by him. In fact, when Roh Bin came to Jang for help after he got to know about Song Chon’s whereabouts, the detective refused to help him as he considered him to be the kind of person who only looked out for himself. But Roh Bin saw something special in Tang, and he had no intention whatsoever to leave him or escape from the country at his expense. In fact, he didn’t even tell Tang that he was going to meet Song Chon and instead told him that they would have to travel separately so that nobody suspected him. The moment Lee Tang got to know that his friend was making such a sacrifice for him, he couldn’t stop himself. Without caring about the fact that he was probably walking towards his own doom, Tang reached the warehouse where Song Chon was supposed to meet with Roh Bin.

A lot of revelations were made when Song Chon revealed that Jang’s father was not the honest police officer that he believed him to be. In the end, Jang killed Song Chon, and unfortunately, Roh Bin also got killed accidentally in the chaos. Jang could have killed Tang, but he left him. Till that day, Tang had been so lucky that not even once had the authorities found any evidence against him. Something or the other kept happening, and somehow, the crime scene was tampered with. So Tang went to the Philippines for a bit before he was caught by the authorities, and because his track record was clean, he was sent back to his nation. So basically, Tang was back in South Korea, but he was in hiding, and he believed that he wouldn’t come on the radar, but obviously, he was wrong about it. In season 2, we might see Yang changing cities, as obviously, he won’t be able to stay in one place for a very long time. He had signed up for this, and he knew that he probably wouldn’t be able to be at peace ever.

Why Did The Authorities Stop Looking For Him?

Lieutenant Lee was looking into the case, and she was surprised when she didn’t find any evidence against Lee Tan. She knew that since Yang Nan-gam was present at the scene and he had also followed the case since the very beginning, he might know something that she wasn’t able to see. At that moment in A Killer Paradox, if Jang had wanted, he could have given Lee Tang’s name, but something inside him told him that he should do so. He stayed quiet, and Lieutenant Lee had no option but to close the case. Basically, everybody knew that Lee Tang was somehow present at each and every place where the crime happened, but they were just not able to connect the dots, so they had to shut down the case. Jang believed that he would be able to leave his past behind and start afresh, but I personally think that he would face the ghost of his past life in A Killer Paradox season 2.

Will Tang’s Case Be Reopened In Season 2?

At the end of A Killer Paradox, there was a twist in the narrative, something that even Jang had not expected. Jang took his dog out for a walk, and he stopped at a shop when he heard the news that shook him and made him aware of what could happen in the future. Kim was murdered a month before, which we saw at the beginning of A Killer Paradox, and the news reporter said that his DNA material was studied and it matched the genetic material of the main suspect in the abduction and murder case that happened recently. When Jang heard that, he knew that Tang’s case would most probably be reopened again. We saw that somebody stopped Tang at the end of season 1, and we believe that it could probably be someone from the law enforcement authority or somebody who knew Tang from his past life. It is not going to be an easy journey for Tang, and he would have to really hide his tracks as, after the developments in the last episode of A Killer Paradox, the entire state machinery is going to come after him.

The first season didn’t tell us if Tang was just doing things intuitively or if he actually had some psychic powers. There could be a possibility that in season 2, we get to know that he actually had some powers because we saw how he got goosebumps the moment he saw a criminal, though he did not know the person and had no clue what they had done in the past. Also, luck favored him in such a manner that it would make anybody believe that he had some magical powers. The first time, the dog licked the entire crime scene, and similarly, something or the other kept happening, which is why the authorities never got any evidence against him. Roh Bin always believed that Tang was special, and we will get to know exactly what happened in season 2.

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