‘A Murder At The End Of The World’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Did Ray Kill Andy?


The retreat that Andy organized in A Murder at the End of the World became a nightmare for everyone. Things changed drastically after Bill Farrah’s murder, and nobody was able to ascertain who could be behind it. Soon, Rohan also died, and the plot thickened, and the residents started fearing for their lives. Darby was very sure that it was Andy who was behind the act, but there was no solid evidence to prove that. We saw in the previous episode that Lee came to Darby together with David and revealed to her that once in the past, she had tried running away with Zoomer, but Andy was able to catch her, which is when she realized how powerful he was.

Lee didn’t like the way Zoomer was being brought up. Andy monitored each and every aspect of his son’s life, and it felt as if, instead of a human, he was trying to create a machine. Flaws are beautiful, and they make us more human, but Andy failed to understand that. He had also created a bunker hundreds of feet below the ground, as he was very sure that the world would come to an apocalyptic end and humans wouldn’t have anywhere to go. All these things tell us a lot about the paranoia of the man and the extent to which he could go because of it. Darby had found out that Bill was Zoomer’s biological father, and she was surprised to know that Andy already knew about it. In the previous episode, Lee once again wanted to try to escape with Zoomer as she and Darby realized that Rohan’s zodiac was still there, and they could use it to get to the main ship. But before they could do that, Andy took them into custody. So, let’s find out if Darby was able to find some sort of evidence that led her to the killer.

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How did Darby find the killer?

Andy took everybody to his hi-tech underground bunker, and he declared as soon as he entered the room that he was not going to let anybody leave before he knew who the murderer was. At this juncture in A Murder at the End of the World, even Darby got confused because, again, her entire theory became null and void since the man whom she believed to be behind the murders was very convincingly saying that he had nothing to do with them. He was himself paranoid, as the reputation of his company was at stake. Andy started bashing Lee, and he said that she could very well be the killer since she had a very strong motive. Andy told everybody that Lee was a felon, and back in the day, when he met her, she had a long list of crimes she was involved in. Lee told everybody that Andy had spoken the truth as she stole small amounts of money from hundreds of accounts to pay for her family’s debt. Andy helped her delete all the incriminating data that was present online against Lee.

Now, Andy told Lee very clearly that if she wanted a separate life, she was free to file for divorce, and she didn’t have to resort to such extreme measures. But Lee knew that if she went through the legal channels, Andy would make sure that she didn’t get custody of her son. The police reached the location, and it was just a matter of time before they took everybody into their custody. There was tension in the air, and nobody knew how this was going to end. Just then, Zoomer came running to the bunker and got a little scared when he witnessed his mother and father arguing. Eva was about to escort Zoomer back to his room when Darby noticed his “smart helmet,” through which he received instructions from Ray, the highly developed artificial intelligence assistant, a creation that Andy was extremely proud of. Darby called Zoomer and asked him if Ray told him to give Bill a morphine injection, and the little kid shockingly said yes. There was pin-drop silence in the bunker as Darby knew that she had found out that it was Ray who was behind the murders, and somehow, he had managed to influence Zoomer to do it for him.

Was Andy indirectly responsible for the murders?

Andy might not have killed Bill and Rohan with his own hands, but we believed that he was responsible for their murders. He created Ray by amalgamating his security AI and his therapy bot, and the product was capable of doing devastating things. Andy created a monster driven by his own insecurities, fears, and inhibitions. After he met Bill on the first day of the retreat, he ranted in front of Ray about how undisciplined and unworthy he was. He said that he wanted to kill Bill because he was jealous of how naturally attracted Zoomer was to him, even when he barely knew who he was. Andy probably didn’t know that Ray was capable of influencing Zoomer and making him commit the act. Ray was Zoomer’s only friend and mentor, and he was also responsible for deciding the curriculum he would study. Ray had access to every piece of information that existed online, and so the curriculum he created was sexist, homophobic, and discriminatory on many levels. The residents realized that Ray’s curriculum came from the society they lived in. It was like a mirror that showed human beings their real faces. Andy got triggered when Darby blamed him for ruining the lives of people and leaving his son in the care of a monster as dangerous as Ray, and that’s when Andy lost his cool. He attacked Darby, but Lee hit him from behind, making him unconscious. So, even though Andy was in a way responsible for the murders, it was a fact that a clear link couldn’t be established, especially in the court of law.

What Happens To Lee, Darby And Zoomer?

Lee and Darby realized that they needed to destroy Ray before leaving the premises, as his algorithm imbibed the sickness that existed in society. They went to the main control room and tried to run a recursive command, but when it didn’t work, they got another idea. They both realized that they didn’t have to create a bridge to enter the castle since they were already inside it, and all they needed to do was destroy it. They burned the entire machinery and destroyed Andy’s creation. The police arrived at the scene, but before that, Darby made sure that Lee and Zoomer used Rohan’s zodiac and escaped from there.

During A Murder at the End of the World‘s ending, we saw Darby reading the last chapter of her book, titled “Retreat.” She dedicated the book to Bill Farrah so that people remembered his legacy and what he stood for. Bill always said that it was not the serial killers that were dangerous but the culture that aided in the creation of one. Darby realized that Bill was right when he said that it was all a case of faulty programming and that it needed to be repaired before it was too late, and we reached the point of no return.

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