‘A Murder At The End Of The World’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Rohan Dead?


In the first two episodes of A Murder at the End of the World, we witnessed the death of Bill Farrah, and though Andy was adamant about making everybody believe that he had died due to a drug overdose, Darby knew that it was not true. She hacked the doorbell camera and realized that her intuition wasn’t baseless and that there was actually some suspicious activity happening at the retreat. She had seen that a masked man had arrived at Bill’s doorstep just before he had died, and she knew that this person was the key to solving the mystery.

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What did Darby find during her investigation?

Darby was very restless, and she decided that she was not going to sit there idly and pretend that nothing had happened. She tried talking to each and every person with the hope that they would be able to share some information that would lead her to the truth. Everybody saw what she was up to, and they didn’t like being interrogated like that. Sian came and told Darby that Andy believed that she had a lot of talent and that she should not spoil her own cause. She advised her not to bite the hand that fed her, but Darby was resilient, and she didn’t care if she was doing the right thing or not. Darby knew that Bill had ordered tea just before he was murdered, and that is why she wanted to talk to Tomas in private as he worked in the kitchen. Darby believed that if she was able to find out how many cups of tea were called to his room, then at least she could get a lead and start investigating in that direction. But Tomas was scared, and he told Darby that he was not allowed to reveal that information. But Darby was also stubborn, and finally, in A Murder at the End of the World, Tomas gave in. He told Darby that Bill had called for three cups of tea on the night of his death. This piece of information strengthened Darby’s doubts, and she became even more certain about the fact that Bill Farrah was murdered.

Who was the masked man?

In the night, Darby was in her room, and she saw a man going towards the mountain. It was freezing cold outside, but something inside Darby made her suspicious about this man. She followed him and walked through the snow-covered landscape. There came a moment when Darby thought that the man had heard her footsteps, and she hid in a mountain cavity and hoped that the man didn’t see her. The man was wearing the same mask, and though Darby couldn’t see his face, she noticed the shoes that he was wearing. Darby came back to her room, and that’s when Lee Anderson came to meet her with her son, Zoomer. Lee put Zoomer to sleep and then talked to Darby, as he had noticed the unease she was in. Lee told her that after she was doxed, Bill Farrah was the first person who had found her. A fake video of Lee was leaked online, and it was edited so well that even she, for a moment, thought that it was she who was in the video. Lee told Darby that she didn’t have an extramarital affair with Bill, though they had hooked up once. Lee opened up in front of Darby in a candid manner, and it felt like she had nothing to hide. Darby showed Lee the footage from the doorbell camera, and even Lee was shocked when she saw the masked man. Lee told Darby that the suspect was wearing a mask to basically block the AI facial recognition system, but she also didn’t have any clue as to who that person could be.

The next day, Andy called everybody to hike together on the southern peak, as he wanted to show them a marvel that Oliver had created. Darby took the opportunity to talk to Rohan there, as she knew that he was not revealing all his cards. The way Rohan had cried after he heard about Bill’s demise made it clear that he was very close to him. Darby and other members saw Oliver’s Swarm robotics project, where he had hundreds of robots acting in coordination and displaying collective behavior. It was a glimpse of the future, and Oliver and Andy both believed that they needed to carry out more research work in this particular field as a time would come when human beings would rely on it for their survival.

They came to the base camp on the southern peak, and Darby was still in awe of what she had seen when she noticed something. In A Murder at the End of the World Episode 3, Darby saw the same shoes, worn by the masked man the night before, kept on the shoe rack. She waited, and to her surprise, she got to know that it belonged to Rohan. It became evident that Rohan was the masked man, and Darby straightaway confronted him, but the man did not reveal any kind of information and left the scene.

What did Rohan want to tell Darby?

Andy came up to Darby in episode 3 and told her upfront to pack her bags and leave. He told her that he had knowledge about the fact that she had hacked into their security camera. He said that the toxicology report had come, and that Bill had injected himself way before the masked man or anyone else had arrived at his room. Andy said that he didn’t want Darby to carry out her investigations as everything was out in the open, and there was no doubt about the fact that Bill had died.

In the end, Darby just refused to leave, and she went to Rohan’s room to have a chat with him. Though Rohan did not open the door, Darby told him that she knew that he loved Bill, and that’s why it was important for him to tell her what he knew about that fateful night. It was because of Bill that Rohan was able to overcome his addiction. Rohan shared a very close bond with Bill, and his death had affected him more than he had thought.

During the ending of A Murder at the End of the World episode 3, Rohan had a change of heart, and just when Darby was about to escape from her room, she got a call. Rohan told her that Bill had uncovered a secret, and for the same reason, he wanted to meet Rohan that night. Before Bill could reveal the information, he died in mysterious circumstances, but Rohan said that he had an idea of what he wanted to talk about. Rohan asked Darby to meet him, but just then, his voice started to choke, and Darby kept down the phone and rushed to him. Before she could reach there and talk to Rohan, he died in the lobby of the hotel they were staying in. Probably after this death, Andy would accept the fact that these deaths were not accidents but that someone was behind them. Andy surely was not going to go anywhere, as it became quite evident that Rohan’s death was not a mere coincidence. Whenever someone was trying to unravel a secret, they were dying in mysterious circumstances. In the upcoming episodes, we would see many more secrets getting unraveled and Darby figuring out who was the real perpetrator.

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