‘A Murder At The End Of The World’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is Zoomer’s Truth?


In the third episode of A Murder at the End of the World, we saw that Darby had found out that whoever had killed Bill was a hacker, as they knew how to delete their footage from the doorbell camera. Her investigation led her to Rohan, and she got to know that not only had he visited Bill before he died, but he was going out in the canyon late in the middle of the night for some unknown reason. Darby saw Rohan signaling someone from the canyon, and after she cracked the morse code, she realized that there was some kind of plan at play. She confronted Rohan, but at first, he didn’t reveal anything to her and became defensive. But later, he gave a call to Darby and told her that, together with Bill, he was planning something. Bill and Rohan came to know some secret, and the latter was about to tell everything to Darby when all of a sudden, he got a heart attack and died. Darby knew that it couldn’t be a coincidence, and she believed that both Bill and Rohan’s deaths were somehow linked and that it was the same man who had killed them. So, let’s find see what Darby ends up finding in the fourth episode through a detailed recap of the same.

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How had Rohan died?

Just before Rohan died, he received a call from an organization named Heartfront that produced pacemakers. Darby speculated that they wanted to inform him that his pacemaker had been hacked somehow and his life was at risk. Everybody was taken to the underground bunker, where Lee said that the pacemaker could be hacked by using specialized hardware or if one modified the pacemaker home monitoring system. The hardware was present at the current facility, and Eva said that though it was generally kept inside a drawer, someone had plugged it in and switched it on. Surprisingly, Andy didn’t come to the bunker, and it was very evident that his security was trying to look out for him, as they knew that the killer could be anyone from the entire group. Darby knew that the hacker had uploaded software updates to the cloud, which is why the pacemakers had downloaded fatal shocks, which resulted in Rohan’s death. Each and every member was asked to submit their electronic devices, and so Darby didn’t know how she should carry out her investigation.

What did Sian and Darby find out?

Sian came to meet Darby because she wanted to apologize to her for not believing her earlier. Deep down in her heart, Sian knew that Darby’s theories could be right, but she was in denial. But after Rohan’s death, things changed. Darby revealed to Sian how Rohan wanted to tell her something just before he died. She also told her that she saw Rohan in the canyon, one night, where he was using Morse code to signal to somebody. Sian took Darby to the mortuary, and they found the laser pointer that he used that night to signal in his pocket. Sian told Darby that Lu Mei, among all of them, had the strongest motive, as Bill’s artificial insanity discoveries would have eventually overridden whatever work she was doing.

Sian decided that they would have to go to the canyon to get some clues. Sian and Darby wore the special suits created by Andy and rode to the place where Rohan went that night. They reached the lake and went a bit further, near the water body, where they found Rohan’s inflatable zodiac boat. The presence of the zodiac meant that there was another big ship somewhere nearby, and it made Sian and Darby realize that something big was happening under their noses. They knew that Andy was up to something, and probably Bill and Rohan had come to know about it. Sian told Darby that Andy’s company was draining all its money for a secret venture that nobody knew about, which is why she believed that Andy was playing them all. 

Was Sian lying to Darby?

At the beginning of A Murder at the End of the World Episode 4, Sian had said that she was not a hacker, but we realized later that she was lying about that fact. We came to know about it when Darby and Sian were coming back after finding the zodiac, and their snow motorbike stopped functioning. They found a security checkpoint where, luckily, a car was parked. Sian was able to override the vehicle command system and force start it. Darby asked her how she could do that if she had no clue about hacking. It was possible that Sian knew something that she was not revealing to Darby. One thing that came out very clearly in episode 4 was that nobody could be trusted, and probably Darby hadn’t done the right thing by spilling the beans in front of Sian. In the subsequent episodes, we will get to know if Sian was up to something or not.

Sian and Darby met with an accident when their car slipped on the snow-covered road and turned upside down. Darby got a concussion, and she didn’t regain her consciousness for a good 20–25 minutes. Sian had to drag her back to the facility, where she was given proper medical attention. Sian’s helmet jammed, and she realized that she couldn’t take it out. Andy tried to hack into the software, but he couldn’t, though it made Darby realize that he could also be one of the suspects. Eva performed a tracheotomy at the end, and she was able to save Sian’s life. 

What did Darby find out about Zoomer?

In a flashback sequence in episode 4, we saw how Darby and Bill worked together back in the day to find the serial killer. They hooked up during that time, and Darby got to know what a beautiful human being Bill was. She was in love with him, and her love never faded, even after he left. She wanted to find the killer because she believed that he needed to get justice and that the perpetrator should pay for his crimes. During the ending of A Murder at the End of the World Episode 4, Darby recovered from her injuries and Sian’s tracheotomy was also successful, and her helmet was removed after a lot of struggle. When Darby woke up, she found Zoomer sitting next to her on her bed. She got up and opened the curtains, but as soon as the light from outside came into the room, Zoomer sneezed multiple times. Darby was taken aback because, all of a sudden, she realized something. Zoomer told her that he suffered from Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio Ophthalmic Outburst (ACOO), a kind of syndrome where a person started sneezing uncontrollably when exposed to light suddenly. She knew that the syndrome could be genetically transferred, as Bill had told her about it. Bill suffered from the same syndrome, and Darby connected the dots and came to the bizarre conclusion that Zoomer was not Andy’s but Bill’s kid. Lee had told Darby earlier that she just had a fling with Bill, and it ended very soon when they realized that they were meant to be friends. What it meant was that Lee lied to Darby, and her relationship with Bill was far more serious than she told it was. We don’t know at this juncture if Andy knew about it or not, but for sure, it complicates things and makes Lee and Andy suspects.

A Murder at the End of the World Episode 4 left us on this cliffhanger, and in the subsequent episodes, we would get to know what exactly the dynamics were between Bill, Andy, and Lee and if it was the reason behind his death or not.

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