‘A Murder At The End Of The World’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Was Darby Assaulted?


The moment Darby felt that she was on the brink of solving the mystery, something untoward happened in A Murder at the End of the World. In the previous episode, Darby came to know that Zoomer, Andy, and Lee’s son suffered from the same ACHOO syndrome that Bill had. That’s what led her to make the deduction that Bill was Zoomer’s biological father. It was a huge revelation, as it changed the entire narrative and made a lot of people the prime suspects in the murder. Darby was adamant about confronting Andy, as she believed that he was the one who was orchestrating everything. So, let’s find out what happened in episode 5 and if Darby is able to get any potential leads that take her closer to solving the mystery.

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What did Andy tell Darby?

Darby was in the medical suite when she realized that all the morphine and even the pacemaker monitor were kept there, and whoever had killed Bill and Rohan had access to that room. She asked Eva about it and realized that she knew about the morphine being taken from there. Darby just couldn’t believe that Andy had no role to play in the scheme of things. She went to his house, which was many floors below ground level, which Andy built to safeguard his family from any upcoming adversity. Andy wasn’t surprised when Darby asked him upfront if he was the one who killed both men. Andy said that he knew that Bill was Zoomer’s biological father because Andy was sterile. It was a shocking revelation for Darby, as she hadn’t expected Andy to know about it. It was probably at that moment that she decided to open up to Andy and tell him about her discoveries.

Andy said that though Darby believed him to be the prime suspect, he was not the one who murdered Bill and Rohan. He said that the morphine was stolen from the medical suite, and he believed that he was the real target and not those two men. He told Darby that he had a security device installed in the facility through which he could render a 3-D model of the hotel and get to know about every person’s location at any specified time. Though the laser scan didn’t go in private spaces, it covered a majority of the area, which included the common spaces in and around the facility. The problem was that a default auto backup happened at exactly 11:59 p.m. for a few minutes, and Andy believed that the crime was committed in that short window. Andy asked Darby to work with her and interrogate everyone they considered a suspect. David Alvarez and Lu Mei were the ones who were called, and they both said that they had nothing to do with Bill or Rohan’s deaths.

Though they didn’t have strong alibis, Darby knew that she would have to take them for their word. So basically, it was their word against Darby and Andy’s suspicions, and they had to be given the benefit of the doubt. Moreover, they seemed to be quite earnest in their approach, and they were more than willing to help in the investigation. It came to be known that David and Oliver were hooking up with each other, and that’s where the former went on the night of Bill’s murder. One revelation that was made about Oliver in A Murder at the End of the World Episode 5, was that though he moved in a wheelchair, he was not paralyzed, and he could walk. But then again, there was no motive on his part, and so Darby knew she couldn’t accuse him for anything. Lu Mei said that she was playing poker that night together with Lee Anderson, and she saw Lee leave the table and go somewhere for a few minutes. Something inside Darby told her that Lee was hiding something, but she knew that until Andy was there, she couldn’t raise questions about his wife.

Was Lee hiding something from Darby?

The Wall Street Journal learned about the murders and that people were stuck in Andy’s facility when someone leaked the information to them. Andy got very frustrated, and he went to answer a call, leaving Darby in his house. Darby knew that it was the right time to go and ask Lee some questions. Darby apologized to Lee firstly, as she had told Andy everything, and she assumed that Lee wouldn’t appreciate that. Darby told Lee about how she figured out that Bill was Zoomer’s biological father, and that Andy knew about it always. Lee behaved in a very strange manner, and she left the room as she broke down. That’s when Darby checked her wallet and found a passport and a credit card by the name of Marie Larsen. There was also a wig kept there, and Darby realized that, for some reason, Lee was using a fake identity. She was just keeping everything back when Lee came inside the room, and she caught her in the act. Lee started walking towards Darby in a very intimidating manner, and the latter felt like she was going to hurt her. Lee told her upfront that she had many secrets and would like to have a chat with Darby, but just then, Andy arrived at the scene and asked Todd to escort Darby back to her room.

Why was Darby assaulted?

Andy and Darby, at the beginning of A Murder at the End of the World Episode 5, came to know that David received a call from Bill on the night of February 3rd. She was curious to know what they talked about, and she knew that she would have to find it herself because nobody else was willing to help her, and it seemed like everybody had some vendetta that put them on the list of suspects. Someone broke into Darby’s room and assaulted her. The attacker used an automated voice to threaten Darby to leave her investigation if she wanted to stay alive. Darby couldn’t see her attacker, but she realized one thing: she was going in the right direction, and whoever was behind the murder felt that their cover would be blown. At this juncture, even Darby didn’t know if there was one person behind the murders or if there was a group of people conspiring together. What she knew was that the one who attacked her was either the murderer or someone who worked for them. Darby went and told Sian about it, who was in a lot of pain after her tracheotomy. Sian asked Darby to keep investigating the matter, and soon after that, she succumbed to her injury. Darby was shocked, as she really felt close to Sian after they took on that journey together in the previous episode of A Murder at the End of the World and found out about Rohan’s zodiac. Darby went back to her room, and she tried to contact David to find out what he and Bill had talked about, but David didn’t give her any information, and Darby was once again stranded in the dark.

What happened with Darby at the poolside?

At the end of Episode 5, Darby’s lamp started flickering, and she realized that it was Morse code, and someone was trying to get some information relayed. She jotted it down, and she figured out that someone asked her to come down by the poolside at 10 in the night. This person claimed to have information about the conversation that Bill and David had. Darby went by the poolside, and because it was so cold, she decided to take a dip in the hot water. Suddenly, the cover of the swimming pool came on, and Darby found herself trapped inside the water. The fifth episode left us on a cliffhanger where we don’t know if Darby would be able to come out of the pool alive. Maybe it was the same attacker who called her there so that they could get rid of her, but nothing could be said for sure as of now. One more thing that we came to know about Darby in this episode was that she took a lot of pills, and even Bill back in the day believed that she hallucinated about things. Darby had this intrinsic quality of getting obsessed with her investigation, and at times, it influenced her judgment. We hope that it was not so this time and that someone actually tried getting in touch with her. In the subsequent episodes, we would get to know who wanted to meet Darby, and if she was able to come out of the pool alive.

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