‘A Murder At The End Of The World’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Lee Escape With Zoomer?


A Murder at the End of the World made us gradually realize that Andy was involved in a lot of suspicious activities, and though he might have a defense for not being involved in the murders, it was a difficult task to believe in his narrative. The biggest revelation that was made in the previous episodes was that he was sterile, and that Bill was Zoomer’s biological father. According to Andy, Lee didn’t know that he was sterile, and things got really heated up when Darby confronted Lee and told her the truth. Lee’s motives also came under scrutiny when Darby figured out that she had multiple fake passports and IDs. Every time Darby got close to solving the mystery, something happened that threw her off track. So, let’s find out who called Darby near the swimming pool, who trapped her, and if she was able to figure out who was behind the murders.

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What was Lee hiding from Darby?

As we saw in the previous episode of A Murder at the End of the World, someone put the cover on the swimming pool, and Darby got stuck inside. Just moments before she was about to lose consciousness, Lee and David arrived at the scene. They broke the cover and saved Darby’s life. Andy was getting his treatment done at that time, and Lee asked David to hold him off for some time until she had a conversation with Darby. Lee told Darby that it was her who sent the Morse Code, as she didn’t want Andy to even get a whiff of what she was up to. Darby told Lee that she wanted to trust her, but after the fake passports and the wig, she was having a hard time doing that. In the previous episode, we saw the way Lee behaved after she figured out that Darby was snooping around; we even believed that there was something fishy going on. But in A Murder at the End of the World Episode 6, Lee opened up to Darby and told her everything as she realized that she had no other option. Darby said that she loved Andy, and nobody forced her to get married to him, but things started to get a little complicated after Zoomer was born. Andy became obsessed with the kid, and he started controlling each and every aspect of his life.

Zoomer was not allowed to do anything that a kid of his age normally does, and Lee believed that if things kept going in the same manner, it would impact her son’s overall development. Andy wanted to save his kid from any kind of apocalyptic end, which he believed would arrive sooner rather than later. From what he ate, how much he ate, and doing things like increasing alpha waves for greater concentration, Andy touched new heights of paranoia that Lee hadn’t imagined he was capable of. There were times when Lee literally tried running away from Andy, but eventually, she realized that it was not possible. One time, she crossed borders and reached Canada using a fake identity, but somehow, Andy managed to catch her. After that, Lee felt very hopeless, and she resigned to her fate. When she learned about the conference, she became a bit hopeful, and she believed that Bill would probably be able to help her cause. Andy also wanted Bill to come, as he wanted to understand him better as he was Zoomer’s biological father. Andy invited Darby because he wanted to lure Bill in, who was otherwise in no mood to attend the conference. Once Darby confirmed it, Bill also agreed to be a part of the conference. It was Bill who asked Lee to invite Rohan so that he could bring a boat, and Lee and Zoomer could escape using it. But things didn’t turn out the way they planned, and everybody who was a part of the conspiracy died one by one.

What did Bill want to tell Darby?

Darby believed Lee because she saw how earnestly she spoke about everything, and after that, even she started connecting the dots. Darby realized that until now, she was trying to understand the killer, but what she should have done was understand the victim. Meanwhile, Oliver came to their room and told them that David was with Todd and Andy, and they didn’t have a lot of time. Darby decided that she needed to go to Bill’s room and look for some clue—some hint that he might have left for her. Darby found her own book smeared in blood kept in Bill’s room, and she knew that Bill, through it, was trying to convey some message. Bill had marked a chapter in her book where she had narrated the entire incident when they went to the serial killer’s house, and he walked in upon them. In the earlier episode, we saw that the killer came and saw them, but we weren’t shown what happened after that. In A Murder at the End of the World Episode 6, we finally got to the point where Frank Bell shot himself as he figured out that his dark secret was out in the open. Bill left Darby that night, and the latter came to the realization that she was responsible for their breakup. Darby was obsessed with solving the crime, and she wanted to believe that the killer had some larger-than-life philosophy and had a unique pattern of thinking. But Bill broke her illusion and told her that it was just a case of faulty programming where he didn’t have any greater perspective or unique point of view. That’s what made Oliver and Lee speculate that maybe Bill knew the killer, and he knew that this person was a hacker. But it was still just speculation as of now, and the trio didn’t have any other leads to prove what they thought could be the truth.

Was Lee able to escape with Zoomer?

At the end of A Murder at the End of the World, Darby realized that the first thing they needed to do was make sure Lee and Zoomer escaped from the facility. Darby decided that they could use the Zodiac (the boat left by Rohan) and, through it, try finding the big ship, which she knew was still there waiting. But before they could even step out of the room, Todd and Andy arrived together with David, who tried his level best but was not able to hold them off. David was brutally assaulted, due to which he was bleeding profusely. Andy came, and the rage he had in his eyes made us believe that he was going to take some extreme measures and make sure that Lee and Darby did not become an obstacle in his way. In the next episodes, we might find out if Andy was the one who was behind the murders or if there were other things that Lee and Darby didn’t know about.

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