‘A Naija Christmas’ Summary & Review – A Race For True Love


A Naija Christmas tells us a story of a single mother who brought up three adult sons, thrilled in their own independent lives. However, after experiencing peer pressure, their mother decides to set an ultimatum. The world of her three sons completely changes, taking on a joyride of giggles and romance. 

Director Kinle Afolayan tells us a story of Madam Agatha Agu, a single mother of three boys, Ugo being the eldest, Obi coming second, and the youngest being Chike. While this film is in English, we see both Yorubian and Pidgin also spoken as part of the dialogue, cherishing an entire culture. The story surrounds the idea of a mother wanting her sons to settle down and help her only by begetting grandchildren to have descendants, but most of all, ownership of the house. 

Spoilers Ahead

‘A Naija Christmas’ Plot Summary – A Naijan Way of Love. 

Madam Agatha Agu (portrayed by Rachel Oniga) is the president of the Ladies of Undiluted Destiny, and her arch-rival, The Deaconess, shows off her grandchildren being born repeatedly, setting off the group to pressure Madam Agatha about her own. This ends badly when she witnesses her second child try and propose to his current girlfriend, who turns him down. This is seen being covered Live on Instagram, upon which the Deaconess shows it to the group, which leaves Madam Agatha helpless, and she collapses. 

Her three sons are then contacted to get to the hospital immediately. After doing so, the next day, she decides to set an ultimatum for them. The house they live in will be inherited by the rightful son who decides to settle down with a woman by the day of Christmas Eve. Ugo (portrayed by Kunle Remi), the eldest, has massive debts to clear with a certain Mr. Torpedo, who seems a lanky and shady businessman, with his aide, Javelin, who slowly starts emptying Ugo’s flat to keep him honest. These events lead to an accidental meeting with Sister Ajike, a Church-going purist who is a talented singer and Choir leader.

The second son, Obi (portrayed by Efa Iwara), proposes to his girl, Vera, who happens to be his boss at an advertising firm where he works. The whole office finds out but understands it’s awkward and gives them that space. Meanwhile, Obi has a wonderful best friend, whose name is Kaneng, an outspoken, charming girl, currently fighting with her Banker boyfriend and will soon be single. Chike, the youngest, is having an affair with a married woman hoping she leaves him. He is not the least bothered about whether he gets the house or not and leaves the competition between Obi and Ugo. 

But things take a very different turn when Ugo takes the initiative to straighten out his act when his mother opts for him to visit the church, to meet the woman she thinks he can marry. Here, Sister Ajike is seen in full sun shining light, by the altar of God, as a heavenly voice. But once Ugo volunteers with the church, there is no going back, and things slowly turn for the better. Meanwhile, Obi must win back Vera and does so by pitching an excellent idea regarding cable wires to the Wire company, who in turn agree to sponsor Madam Agatha’s celebration of the Christmas Gala. Kane tries to form a stronger bond with Obi, to matter in his eyes the way she deserves to, but Obi cannot decide who he wants more. 

Ugo begins to form a stronger bond with Ajike, who eventually finds out about his debts and approaches Mr. Torpedo to waive them off in all humility. Mr. Torpedo has already countered that by revealing himself as Kaneng’s boyfriend and that Obi should leave Kaneng alone. Kaneng is clear about who she wants to be with, but Obi battles his demons even after saying yes to Vera, proposing to him at the office Christmas Party. Right after which, he goes to almost kiss Kaneng, now in tears. While Chike (Abayomi Alvin) helps Obi find out who he wants, he realizes he loves Sammy and wants to be with her. By acknowledging this, he runs to her to confess, but her husband opens the door, leaving him transfixed, and she breaks his heart, telling him to leave.

At the Christmas Gala, after a bit of a misunderstanding between the brothers and a fight that ends only when an ice bucket is dropped on them, Ugo tries to apologize about how he confronted Ajike before the event took place, when the next day, Ugo’s things are returned.

The Review – When True Love Blossoms

 While marriage is a sacred bond, the film begins with a solemn, untrusting mother agreeing upon the idea that love is possible for her three sons .Unwavering in her stance to see her sons settled, she turns the events in the direction she wants and trusts her sons to do the same. On a journey with these characters with gusto by personality, we see a happily ever after when the story takes different turns through different events. Director Kunle Afolayan takes you on a worthwhile journey of early courting and a roller coaster ride of love, drama, and joy, winning a place on the Christmas wish list of films that touch your heart. 

If you wish to have a good laugh and leave your troubles behind for the duration of this film, then grab your mug of hot chocolate and enjoy a Naijan romantic comedy.

A Naija Christmas is a 2021 Romantic Comedy Nigerian Christmas film directed by Kunle Afolayan, starring Abayomi Alvin, Kunle Remi, Efa Iwara, and Rachel Oniga. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.

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