‘A Quiet Place 2’ Summary & Analysis – Unripened Yet Effective


A Quiet Place 2 is the second installment of the A Quiet Place franchise, which created waves in 2018. The film has been written and directed by John Krasinski, who played the character of Lee Abbott in the first part. 

The narrative of the first part revolved around the beastly creatures that attacked and plundered the Earth, killing most of the population. Though these creatures cannot see, they have an acute sense of smell. They are fast, and their skin is almost impenetrable. All these attributes make them create circumstances that are inimical for humans to survive. The Abbott family suffers losses after loss. Evelyn(Emily Blunt), Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe), and the newborn son somehow survive after losing Lee, who sacrificed himself to save them.

A Quiet Place 2 takes us through the journey of Evelyn and her kids and how they survive the wrath of these creatures. 

‘A Quiet Place 2’ Plot Summary

Evelyn is trying her best to survive the wrath of the deadly creatures. Regan, her deaf daughter, tries to constantly connect with other survivors through a radio device. They see a fire burning at a distant place and take the chance of going there in the hope of finding some other survivors. They find Emmett, who is living in an old manufacturing unit and has lost his family too. Just when all hope seemed lost, Regan’s radio catches a signal from someplace. She hears the song “beyond the sea” being played on the radio. She is adamant that it is some sort of signal that somebody is trying to give. But nobody believes her. She sets out on her own without telling anyone and tries to figure out what the song means. Emmett goes after her after Evelyn pleads with him as she knows that alone her daughter would be killed definitely. What follows is a deadly pursuit of survival in the hope of being free from fear. 

What works best!

The performances of the film are exceptional. Cillian Murphy always brings with him a kind of magnetism and enigma that is hard to ignore. Even when he shares the screen with the fabulous Emily Blunt, his performance makes sure that he doesn’t go unnoticed. The two kids Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, play their roles with immense understanding and maturity. There are some scenes where the two young performers just steal the show. John Krasinski has proved that he can handle a successful franchise without going overboard or being swayed by the availability of substantial production funds. 

What’s up with the backlash!

When the first film of the franchise does well for itself, then a comparison with it becomes inevitable. It is to be taken into account that the audience is aware of the foundation of the premise that has been set by the first film. So it is obvious that the premise won’t feel as novice as it did the first time. The creatures and their powers or the lack of it have lost that element of surprise as you already know what they are capable of doing. So keeping all these scenarios in mind makes it quite tricky to maintain that sense of surprise and take the audience to a point where they don’t know what will happen next. 

In that respect, I think John Krasinski has done a decent job. Also, coupled with some strong performances, the film becomes an entertaining ride leaving you at a point where you want to explore what happens next with the characters. 

A Quiet Place 2 might not feel as potent as its predecessor but offers entertainment in bulk that keeps you engrossed at all times.

A Quiet Place 2 is a 2021 Horror Drama Film directed by John Krasinski. It is the sequel to 2018’s A Quiet Place.

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