‘A Shop For Killers’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Is Jinman Dead Or Alive?


I suppose the ending of A Shop for Killers is satisfactory because it gives us exactly what we expected, but somehow, the quality of content has plummeted in the last two episodes of the show. It’s almost as if the showrunners got bored of making it and then forgot to hand it over to the editor, making the last two episodes longer and quite tedious, if you ask me. I do admit that I’m happy that we didn’t get a random, ambiguous ending. At least we get closure for everything that’s gone down. In episode 7, we got a recap of everything that happened in the last six episodes and how Jinman raised Ji-An to essentially become a “mini-me.” Eventually, this would’ve always been the ultimate goal—to hand over his business to Ji-An so she could live a happy and full life. I’m not sure handing over an illegal ammunition-dealing business to a child who has no idea about it was the best idea; however, it all worked out in the end, so who cares? Anyway, let’s quickly wrap up season 1 of A Shop for Killers.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens to Jeong-Min?

The twins and Seongjo finally decide to move closer to the house, now that everyone else is dead. It’s their luck that there’s military drills at the same time, so they can shoot as much as they like while raising no suspicion. Back home, Pasin tends to Min-Hye’s gunshot wound in a similar manner as he did Jinman’s back in the day. Brother notices that there are booby traps in the walls of the building, which prevent anyone from going into the shopping mall for 24 hours. He’s fortunately smart enough to catch the drift, despite Jinman having not told him about this over the 14 years he’s spent with him. In the shopping mall, Jeong-Min wakes up and somehow manages to escape the upside-down, tied-up position he’s in (thanks to Ji-An). Since Jeong-Min has access to the computers in the shopping mall, he wants to get revenge for being beaten up by Ji-An. Brother notices that Jeong-Min is trying to access the computers and mess with the shopping mall. At the same time, the robot dog wakes up and malfunctions. A loud ringing sound comes out of it and makes everyone dizzy and uncomfortable. Ji-An manages to escape into the room, but it wasn’t a malfunction; it was set-up for Seongjo and the twins to enter the house.

Min-Hye gets shot by the twins, while Pasin fights them off and ends up killing one of them. On the other hand, Ji-An and Brother try to fight off Seongjo. Brother gets shot in the chest, but it’s pretty obvious he’s wearing a bulletproof vest. There’s a cat-and-mouse chase between Seongjo and Ji-An, and I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures, so Ji-An manages to pick up a gun and plan the guy’s demise. After all, he did kill her parents in cold blood. In the middle of this, Jeong-Min suddenly wakes up from whatever he’s plotting and decides to create a ruckus in the shopping mall. Ji-An has escaped into the shopping mall, too, and so Seongjo is there as well. In his irritation, the man kills Jeong-Min with an axe within seconds of meeting him. At least the distraction allowed Ji-An some time to plan her escape. Seongjo is confident Ji-An can’t hurt him and dwells on her situation as well as his. He talks about how they’re all going to go to hell; her uncle would’ve had the same fate since he killed so many people alongside him. Eventually, Ji-An kills Seongjo in the most brutal manner, which is totally unexpected of her. Always have fun swinging when the person least expects it. Somewhere in the middle, Ji-An does think about leaving out that back door and forgetting everything that’s gone down, but she chooses to stay instead (good for her).

How Does Babylon Try To Kill Ji-An?

Babylon puts Ji-An and her gang up on the website as targets for anyone who buys from the shopping mall. All the “codes” involved now show up to kill the guys for a handsome amount of money in return. Brother asks Ji-An what she’ll do now since she’s the boss of it all. Ji-An sends Brother out with the message “Do not shoot” on his person, along with Seongjo’s severed head with a bullet in it. She announces through the speakers that those who have done business with her uncle can continue to do so with her next, and that she will give them better pricing and a lot of discounts. She warns that if everyone near the shopping mall doesn’t leave on her count or decides to ever come back, they’ll all die in her hands. None of these people know that Ji-An has only just learned about the website, and she was always a green code, so they probably simply assume that she knows what she’s talking about. Plus, why would they want to find a different weapons supplier when they’ve got a perfectly fine one here and a fantastic system? It actually works, maybe thanks to Seongji’s head.

Eventually, Ji-An escapes the shopping mall when Brother returns. She goes up to look for Pasin and Min-Hye, but they’re nowhere to be found. It did appear as if Min-Hye had taken her last breath, but her letting go of the gun could’ve also been an indication of them winning and her feeling free of worry. Ji-An escapes the house and cries her heart out, finally feeling like things are okay and maybe also thinking about her uncle. At this time, a bus arrives at the scene, and she goes towards it with a gun drawn It’s the yellow code group, aka the clean-up crew, and they’re there to help Ji-An clean up the mess that has been left behind.

Does Jinman return?

A Shop for Killers’ ending reveals that Jinman isn’t dead at all but may have been severely injured. Ji-An watches as a taxi approaches the house, now fearless of whatever’s coming her way. Fortunately, it’s her uncle, and they smile at each other, ending the show on a good note. Since we don’t get to see Bale anywhere near the last episode of the series, we can imagine the second season is already on its way. Now that Ji-An is a part of the business, things may change, but people will still be after them both. We can only find out what’s coming next once the second season comes! I suppose we’ll get to see more interactions between niece and uncle, but she also might be really mad at him to begin with. Hopefully, we’ll get to see them as a real team now.

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