‘A Shop for Killers’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Jin-Man Die?


Disney+ has a really random pick of K-drama originals, most of which are action thrillers and tend to either fail to impress or blow your mind away (The Revenant was one of the best shows of 2023). However, the Lee Dong-Wook starrer A Shop for Killers might be one of the only action K-dramas on the platform that has consistently been getting better every week. Without fail, this show is going to impress action fans with its unique choreography and bleak comedy. A lot went down in episode 4 of A Shop for Killers, when it was revealed that Jeong-Min was actually the bad guy. He reveals that he was the guy who locked Ji-An up when she was a little girl before her uncle ended up saving her all those years ago. On the other hand, a boy named “Brother” showed up, observing Ji-An’s every move in the house. Unfortunately, Ji-An went with her instinct of choosing Jeong-Min over Brother and ended up getting sedated by the former. How will Ji-An survive, and will she be able to figure out how her uncle died?

Spoiler Alert

How Did Jeong-Min Learn About Murthehelp?

For Ji-An to learn about what happened to her uncle, she needs to first learn how Jeong-Min found her uncle and what happened in the run-up to his last moments. In the flashback, we see that Jeong-Min came to Jin-Man as a part-timer for a job helping with storage and such in his factory. In reality, after he got back from the military, Jeong-Min had found the “Murthehelp” website and tried to hack into it. He wants to be a reputed black hat hacker at this point; however, his friend doesn’t believe he can do so. They’re hanging out at the nearest convenience store, and when they’re about to get home, something seems really odd. There’s a man at the door who looks like a gangster. When they get home, Jeong-Min is quick to realize that they’re not alone, and both the boys get beaten up before they’re told to hack into the website again by two men. Jeong-Min is the first to finish, and the other kid is immediately shot to death in front of him. Like a psychopath, Jeong-Min simply asks if they will clean up the body before leaving. This is when he’s chosen by a group called “Babylon” as their way into Jin-Man’s home.

Jeong-Min brought a secret pen camera into Jin-Man’s home for Babylon and even tried to figure out where the computer for the Murthehelp website was. However, Jin-Man had a camera in his home and a speaker installed to communicate with his niece. Jeong-Min was first taken aback; however, Jin-Man then asked him personally to help fix his computer because he knew he was a computer engineering graduate. This is like walking directly into the lion’s den, and Jeong-Min uses his skills to make it easy for him to hack into the website and monitor Jin-Man’s activities live. When he’s back home, and his plan has worked, he gets a message saying well done, and he realizes it’s a parting message. Immediately, he switches up the code in such a way that things will be revealed only if he hacks into the website. This is his form of insurance, and at first, it doesn’t work, but he then verbally tells the boss on the phone that he has a plan to get Jin-Man for good. The boss decides to hear him out and agrees to his plan.

How did Jin-Man die?

In the present day, Ji-An is fed up with hearing Jeong-Min’s life story and asks him to tell her about her uncle. He tells her that it will all add up if she simply keeps listening. He tries to play the video that Brother had kept as evidence; however, it’s a corrupt file. He’s an arrogant little fellow, so he reveals his thumb drive with the footage from his own pen camera. In the next flashback, we learn that Jeong-Min deep faked Ji-An’s voice to make Jin-Man believe that Babylon had captured her. There was nothing more important to him than his niece, so he went into the bathtub and killed himself after telling Jeong-Min to make sure Babylon kept their promise of leaving Ji-An alone after he was gone. Obviously, they haven’t done that. Jeong-Min found Jin-Man in the tub, bleeding out, completing his task. There’s something very shady about this whole situation, and for some reason, it feels like Jin-Man will return very soon. Yes, we know Ji-An saw him in the morgue, but still, anything is possible in a TV show like this one.

How does Ji-An escape Jeong-Min?

At the time he’s telling the story, Jeong-Min gets a call, and he claims he’s been told to kill Ji-An. At this point, Ji-An reminds him that she’s a green code, and he’s the one who told her that green codes have to be kept safe. If he tries any funny business, just like Min-Hye, it’s likely more people will put a target on his back. On top of that, she reminds him that he’s simply an expendable resource for Babylon, and he’ll probably be dead soon if he kills her. She’s only trying to distract him with words so she can end up escaping. She manages to free herself and uses her strength and the chair to trap Jeong-Min; she even bites him. He tries to gun her down when he’s able to gather his senses, but she hides and sets up a trap for him. He gets caught in it, and she smacks him hard to knock him out (Pasin would be proud!). She then tries to figure out what she needs to do by looking at the handover papers for guidance. She finds the escape Jin-Man has planned for her in case she doesn’t want to continue his legacy; however, she chooses the same path as him (of course).

Who Killed Ji-An’s Parents?

On the other hand, in the house, Brother and Min-Hye are trying to figure out how to keep Ji-An safe. Brother sets up some shutters the way Jin-Man had taught him to do in such a situation. Elsewhere, the team arrives with the robot dog-gun thing and sends it to the house. It’s a funny-looking thing, and somehow, you just can’t take it seriously. It manages to keep the shutter open just a little bit so that the Babylon fellows can enter the house. Then they’re trapped, but the robot makes a hole in the wall that’s shielding Min-Hye and Brother and releases poisonous gas in there. Min-Hye has a plan, though, and she manages to kill almost all the guys; however, one guy doesn’t seem to die. Ji-An arrives just in the nick of time and throws two hand grenades in their faces, and yet the one named Kuma somehow survives with huge burns on one side of his face. Somewhere in the middle of the fighting, the head of Babylon told the guys to bring Ji-An in alive instead of killing her, but Kuma is obviously mad; she messed with his handsome face. He agrees to bring her back alive but decides to ruin one side of her face, just like his own. Just as he’s about to drive the knife into her face, Pasin puts one in his neck and kills him. Pasin tells Ji-An that they don’t have any time left because a man named Bale is coming for them. Bale’s the guy who killed Ji-An’s parents, and he’s now the only guy who can probably get to her directly.

In the epilogue, we see Bale watching everything that’s going on in the house on a big screen. He decides to send his best men to get Ji-An as A Shop for Killers episode 5 ends.

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