‘A Shop for Killers’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened Between Jin-Man And Bale?


A Shop for Killers episode 5 shows us how Ji-An is managing to survive on her own in the cruel world that her uncle was a part of, with the help of his friends who’ve come to help her. Until now, we hadn’t learned anything about the enemy except for the fact that they wanted Jin-Man and his family dead. However, in episode 5, the instructions change, and somehow, the antagonist wants Ji-An alive in front of him. At the end of episode 5, we finally get a glimpse of this person, and episode 6 of A Shop for Killers gives us a full background story of what happened to Jin-Man back in the day and how that led to the events of the show. With only 2 episodes remaining, I have a feeling Jin-Man will make a big return and save the day himself. Additionally, this is the episode where we finally get to see Lee Dong-Wook in full form, and he seems to be aging like fine wine! Without any more swooning, let’s jump right into A Shop for Killers episode 6.

Spoiler Alert

What happened 14 years ago?

A Shop for Killers Episode 6 is a complete flashback, and we finally get to see where Jin-Man started off. He’s a mercenary captaining a Korean unit. The motto of their unit was “today won’t be the day we go to hell.” On a mission, the unit is meant to extract a Korean soldier from a foreign country; however, during the mission, there were many civilians in the building. A man called Bale is part of Jin-Man’s team, and a man called Seongjo ends up getting stuck in a building because of some bandits. At first, one of the younger guys in the unit goes to help Seongjo and even saves him from imminent death; however, Bale joins them too, taking the lead to sweep through the whole building for some reason, and ends up killing a bunch of civilians. When they take a while to return to the car, Jin-Man goes into the building to find that the young member of the team is also lying dead in front of Seongjo and Bale. It’s actually Bale who killed him, because the kid knew that Bale killed a bunch of unarmed civilians. On the other hand, when Jin-Man arrives, a child comes by with a gun, and Bale shoots him without hesitation, saying there should be no witnesses.

Jin-Man wonders what the boy could’ve witnessed, and despite not approving of what Bale did, he defends him in the court of the foreign land and saves him from incarceration. However, as they return to South Korea, Jin-Man tells the big boss that he doesn’t want Bale on his team ever again. He even tells him how the shot in the head of the young man from the team was a .45 caliber gun, and no such gun was found at the scene. The boss agrees with his request; however, the next mission is something massive, and so Bale does end up joining. The boss claims it’s been decided by the higher-ups, and his hands are tied, but there’s something iffy about that bit, too. His excuse is that there are no civilians on this mission, so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Jin-Man has no choice but to go with it, but he gets Bale to promise not to kill the guy they’re meant to bring back safely. 

In Laos, Bale finds a couple of unarmed men, and the team tells him that the unarmed guys need to be handed over to the police. Instead of that, Bale gives one of the guys a knife and then guts him—intestines and all—with the same knife. The sociopath is basically obsessed with killing people, which is why he took up this job. On the other hand, Jin-Man has captured the man named Tao, who is meant to be brought home with them. They decide to bomb the place before leaving, but they find a bunch of women slaves desperately pleading for help. Bale seizes yet another opportunity and uses a hand grenade to kill the four women (sheesh). Jin-Man confronts him about killing the civilians (the women), and Bale says the boss said there would be no civilians, so he didn’t commit any crimes.

How Did Jin-Man Find Min-Hye?

After setting up the bombs, Jin-Man notices that there might be someone in Tao’s room. He looks in the wardrobe, and a woman tries to attack him. He’s too strong for her, and she asks him in Chinese to kill her quickly if that’s what he’s planning to do. Jin-Man covers her with his shirt and hides her in the wardrobe because he knows Bale will try and kill her. He sends the rest of the guys off and says he’ll return after overseeing the bombing. When he returns to get the woman, Bale follows him to the room. Jin-Man realizes how grave the situation is and fires a shot by Bale’s ear, running up the stairs with the woman. Bale follows like a true villain in slow motion as Jin-Man shoves the woman into a stairwell, telling her to run while he stands tall like a hero to fight the evil Bale. The hand-to-hand combat is wild, and Bale is definitely much more capable than Jin-Man, but the man tries his best. He even loses his knife, but Bale is kind enough to hand it back to him, challenging him to show him what he’s got. Jin-Man’s leg is injured from Bale stabbing him multiple times in his knee, and just when Bale is about to stab him in the chest, the woman returns and shoots Bale in the eye (bullseye).

Jin-Man gets some momentum by putting his knife in Bale’s chest. Bale tells him that if he doesn’t kill him, then he’ll return to kill all of Jin-Man’s friends and family. It appears as if Jin-Man has killed the man, and he and the woman run out of the building because the bombs are about to go off. However, as it goes in the universe of TV shows, Bale returns alive a little while later, with one eye and a spark of vengeance, taking the whole team under his wing. The woman Jin-Man had rescued was Min-Hye, and we can imagine she ended up training with him and becoming the strong fighter she is today. On the other hand, Jin-Man decided to take a break from the force back then, and as we know, he never returned. Pasin seems to be the only one who joined him, whereas the rest remain by Bale’s side. At the end of A Shop for Killers episode 6, we see Jin-Man meeting Ji-An for the first time. This is when he contacted his family for the first time in eight years.

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