‘A Shop For Killers’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Jinman Start The Online Mall?


Disney+ Korean action thriller series, A Shop for Killers, has 8 episodes of about 50–60 minutes each. Up until now, the episodes have been tremendously entertaining, and we’ve got some unique action sequences, a decent enough plot, and an invincible villain. For the most part, the show has given us all the answers, and nothing seems to be up in the air when it comes to understanding what’s happened thus far. This is why I’m baffled that episode 7 is entirely dedicated to recapping everything that’s happened so far in the series, just in the actual timeline, as opposed to the non-linear structure we’ve had going on. I suppose there are some bits of the episode that answer some unsolved questions; however, for the most part, the episode doesn’t offer anything new. Hopefully, the finale will not be a disappointment, and we’ll get to move forward in the present-day story. Anyway, instead of complaining any further, let me quickly dive into the recap of A Shop for Killers episode 7.

Spoiler Alert

Who kept Min-Hye safe?

A Shop for Killers Episode 7 begins with a couple of Japanese people discussing Jinman’s delivery and closing the crate in which his delivery arrived. The next time it’s opened, it’s by a mute man in South Korea, who finds a woman in the crate and not guns as expected. The woman quickly shows him a message on an old-school mobile phone, and he relaxes a little bit. This is Honda, a supplier of guns in South Korea and a good friend of Jinman’s. Min-Hye spends some time with him and is safe from danger as long as she’s with him. This is where she learns to assemble guns. On the other hand, this is when Jinman returns home to meet his family. His mother fell ill, and Jinman and his brother would take shifts in the hospital to spend time with her. His mother had him promise that he’d spend some time with Ji-An while he was back in town. Jinman makes a trip to Honda’s place, and Min-Hye is overjoyed to see him again, even having learned how to say “I missed you” in Korean. Later, Honda tells Jinman that he should come to work for him now that he’s quit Babylon. He plans on opening up an online shopping mall for the ammunition he supplies. Jinman laughs it off and returns home, knowing they’re both doing well.

Who Killed Jinman’s Family?

Of course, the answer is obvious, which is why I was complaining about this random recap episode. Bale returns and kills Jinman’s mother by suffocating her in the hospital. At the funeral, it was Seongjo who found Jinman’s brother and his wife and pretended to be Jinman’s friend to lure them away from the funeral home. He pretends he’s got some wreaths to deliver, and when Jinman has taken Ji-An home, Seongjo takes Jinman’s brother and sister-in-law out to meet Bale. They are tortured by Bale and company, and they are even told the fake story that will be told in the news about them once they’re dead. Bale kills Jin-Cheon first in front of his wife, and then Eun-Young when she’s screaming for Ji-An and her husband. One of the Babylon guys does inform Jinman of what happened; however, it is too late. This is when Jinman asks Honda to come to protect Ji-An while he tries to go out to find his brother and sister-in-law. Honda had a brother, a boy with a stutter, who was angry with Honda for not spending time with him. Unfortunately, Honda left him one night to never return because Jinman asked him for a favor. Ultimately, Jinman brought Honda’s brother home and called him Brother, molding him into a replica of Honda, but with his online store. Honda had told Jinman that his brother was a genius with computers. This is how the shopping mall came to life.

While Honda died at home and Ji-An escaped out the window (the smart girl that she was), Bale’s people tried to kill Jinman in the middle of a highway. Jinman manages to kill them all and escape. Bale’s men even get to Honda’s home, but Min-Hye has learned to stay safe and kills them with acid and her newfound gun skills. She then set the mini-factory on fire, knowing there was no return and left. On the other hand, a grievously injured Jinman found his way to Pasin’s house. Pasin removed the bullet from Jinman’s stomach and saved his life. However, when he woke up, Pasin told Jinman to leave because he didn’t want to have anything to do with Babylon anymore. Jinman agreed but asked for a gun as one last favor. 

Whose house does Jinman go to?

Despite the company head, Yong-Han, telling Bale to take a step back and hold his horses, the man sends a bunch of people to kill the little kid. As if Jinman hasn’t suffered enough for leaving Bale to die. Yong-Han, for some reason, has taken Bale’s side, maybe because he showed loyalty to Babylon? Who even knows? Anyway, this is when Ji-An ends up going to the morgue and lying down next to her mother to hide from the Babylon thugs. Jinman comes and grabs her, but Bale finds him there too. Bale is unable to get Ji-An or Jinman because they’re in a public hospital, and there are too many people in the way. Jinman decides the best thing he can do to keep Ji-An safe is to speak to Yong-Han in Bale’s language. Jinman visits Yong-Han’s family home. When Yong-Han arrives and is shocked by his presence, Jinman adds insult to injury by telling him that he has just enough bullets to kill his entire family, with one left for Yong-Han, too. Jinman tells Yong-Han that he will bury the hatchet if Bale steps back and leaves Ji-An alone. I suppose it works because soon Jinman opens up the factory for his online shop in the middle of nowhere with Pasin’s help. He doesn’t stop getting nightmares about Bale trying to kill him though.

On the other hand, Pasin brings Min-Hye home too and trains her to become the fighter that she is in the future, to keep Ji-An safe. I suppose you can call it a thank-you for saving her life. This is how Ji-An was brought up by Jinman in this remote home. Eventually, he even gave her a gun so she would know how to keep herself safe, knowing he’d be gone at some point. Now, is Jinman’s plan bigger than this? Or is it all up to Ji-An now? We’ll learn in the final episode of A Shop for Killers.

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