‘A Shop For Killers’ Season 2 Theories & Expectations: Are Pasin and Min-Hye Alive?


The K-drama, A Shop for Killers, is an action-thriller starring heartthrob Lee Dong-Wook. However, ironically enough, the superstar isn’t the main focus of this show at all; it’s the girl who plays his niece who has all our attention. The eight-episode first season was scattered across four weeks on Disney+ and was mostly entertaining and fast-paced. Two episodes a day for an action series can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t care for the gore. However, this series does a good job of balancing the thrills with the heart (until the 7th episode), which makes it worth the double trouble. A Shop for Killers follows a young woman named Ji-An, who one day, out of the blue, learns that her uncle’s committed suicide. She’s been brought up by an uncle after being tragically orphaned at her own grandmother’s funeral. The first season follows Ji-An’s journey as she learns the truth, not only about her parents’ deaths but also about what her dear uncle, whom she respects and admires, really did for a living and his involvement in the grizzly murders of their family. Jeong Jinman ran an online store for weaponry. His team included a man named Pasin, who he used to work with in a team called Babylon for the military. Min-Hye, a Chinese immigrant, was rescued and brought back to South Korea with himself and a young man called Brother, who was the younger brother of another friend of his named Honda.

Spoiler Alert

For the most part, it appears this team is still alive. And yes, to address the elephant in the room, Jinman never died; he probably faked it all. But why didn’t he tell Ji-An, and what made him disappear on her like that? I suppose there are a few lines of speculation we can discuss here. Number one is that Jinman knew that with Pasin, Brother, and Min-Hye’s help, Ji-An would be able to handle the heat and come out a masterfully molded pot so that they could run the business together, and Bale would not be after them because Jinman is supposedly dead. Of course, Bale isn’t one to give up easily, and he did come after Ji-An despite Babylon promising not to harm her after Jinman was dead. Maybe Bale expected Jinman to fake it as well. At the end of A Shop for Killers season 1, Ji-An is left to believe she’s all alone with no one on her side, similar to her uncle in many ways. I suppose they’re the only two who are always there for each other. Maybe Jinman’s big plan was to make sure that the bad guys thought he was dead, and Ji-An wasn’t supposed to know the truth either, because if she did, then the whole plan would be tarnished. This whole experience made her aware of the power she held and the command she had over people, almost like she was a born leader (hmm, I wonder who she picked that up from).

Are Pasin and Min-Hye alive?

Now, if Pasin and Min-Hye knew Jinman was alive, they’d probably be really mad that he left them to fend for themselves for this long. Just because he provided them with booby traps and weapons doesn’t mean he’s going to be easily forgiven. At the end of A Shop for Killers episode 8, Min-Hye was seen dropping her gun. Before this, she was shot and wounded severely from all the fighting she did, mostly alone. Pasin arrived much later. When Min-Hye dropped the gun, there were two scenarios. One is that she died and finally let go of all the stress of protecting Ji-An, knowing that she could protect herself. On the other hand, it could still be that she knows that Ji-An can look out for herself, but she’s not dead, she’s only resting, or giving herself the chance to breathe after everything that’s gone down. Pasin vanished with her by the time Ji-An got out of the “shopping mall,” aka the basement room that’s well protected and stores all the weapons that Jinman was selling, hiding, and whatnot. The most realistic outcome, of course, is that Min-Hye died protecting Ji-An; however, the more optimistic one would be that Pasin may have saved her. Brother is also still up and running, so he can keep the website going and bring things back in order after having a massive fight with Jinman, who, for one, didn’t tell him about the booby traps and left him believing he was dead. Now, to be fair, he did have cameras at every corner of the house, definitely not the bathrooms, but even so, he probably knew the man was alive, no?

What Will Happen With Bale?

For now, Bale hasn’t shown up in front of Ji-An yet. When he realizes that his right-hand man and essentially anyone who worked with him is dead because of Jinman’s niece, he’ll be furious and come for her himself. We can assume a big war is on the way, considering how many people were forced into this fight alone. Now that Jinman is back, he will do whatever is in his power to keep Ji-An safe, and she will do the same for him. They’re quite the team, and now they’ve got the codes back on their side, too, thanks to Ji-An’s quick thinking. It’s quite unclear why Babylon agreed to join hands with Bale, specifically their captain, Yong-Han. I believe they’re no longer with the military, and so Yong-Han must think he needs Bale in order to remain powerful, even as a private company.

I suppose the remaining members of Babylon will come after Jinman and “Murthehelp” to get their ultimate revenge. They may want to take over this business, too. Also, Jinman has such a solid client base that no one can imitate easily or take over, so what better way to do it than by force or by money? Although there’s no official announcement for A Shop for Killers season 2 just yet, we’ll be eagerly waiting with bated breath for the same.

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