‘A Soweto Love Story’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Sandile And Sentebaleng Come Back Together? 


Directed by Rolie Nikiwie, A Soweto Love Story is a lighthearted comedy-drama about a family where a mother is sick and tired of her three sons not getting married. Bongekile Ngubeni wanted to play with her grandchildren, but none of her sons showed any signs of marrying a girl. She got so fed up with all three of them that she said that she would sell the family house, as there was no use in them staying in such a huge house when none of them had families. The boys pleaded with their mother not to do so, and when she made an offer to them, she said that the boy who got married first would get the house, so from that day on, all three of them began to search for potential partners. So let’s find out if the boys are able to find their soulmates and save their family house or not.

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Did Menzi find a girl for himself?

Menzi was a nerd, and he liked doing things in a certain way, and he was very particular about it. He ran a hotel, and though he was doing well, he knew that he needed to pay off the loan as soon as possible. Menzi had mortgaged his family home to get the loan, and when he realized that his mother was planning to sell it, he got paranoid, as that meant that he would lose his restaurant, too. Menzi never took chances in life, and every move of his was very calculated, but that one time, he broke his own rules. He hired a girl named Dina, who, though she was the polar opposite of what Menzi stood for in life, knew how to cook exceptional food. Dina got to know that Menzi needed a girl to get married to so that he could save his restaurant. But now Menzi wanted to do it the right way, and he was not ready to compromise for anything less than what he deserved. Dina made him meet a lot of girls, but he couldn’t strike a chord with any of them. Then, all of a sudden, in A Soweto Love Story, a girl named Penny came to meet Menzi, and he realized that she was a replica of him. She had the same sensibilities, and she was as finicky as him when it came to doing things in an orderly fashion. Menzi decided that he would marry Penny, and he told his mother about it. A formal contract was signed between both of them, and things were going fine until Menzi realized that something was missing from his life. That something was Dina, and Menzi hadn’t realized that for the longest time, he had been in love with her. Menzi knew that she was nothing like him, but he had fallen for his sou-chef, and he expressed his feelings to her. Dina also loved Menzi, and she agreed to get married to him, though she did warn him that he should be prepared to bear with her. 

Who was Sky dating secretly? 

In A Soweto Love Story, when Sky heard that his mother was going to give the house to the brother who got married first, he decided to fake it in front of others that he had a girlfriend. He asked his gay friend Lynx to pretend to be in love with him and get married so that he could get the house. Lynx’s parents were very orthodox, and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to tell them ever that she loved a girl and wanted to be with her. Lynx and Sky met at a family dinner, and that’s when Sandile brought Gugu to their home, who got very angry when she realized that Lynx was going to get married to Sky. That’s when Lynx had to break the act and accept, in front of everybody, what the reality was. Sky had actually been dating Lemogang for the longest time, and they were madly in love with each other. But the problem was that Bridget, Lemogang’s mother, hated Sky’s mother, and both of them rarely talked properly to each other. Both the mothers were very competitive by nature, and they could never accept being a part of each other’s lives. One day, Sky and Lemogang were caught getting intimate on the church premises, and that’s when everybody got to know what was happening. But Sky decided that he was not going to hide his relationship anymore. He told Bridgette that he was going to marry her daughter and that he would always keep her happy. In the end, Bridgette had to accept Sky as her daughter’s partner, and the couple was ecstatic to start a new life together. 

Did Sandile and Sentebaleng come back together? 

Sandie had a habit of flirting with girls even when he was in a committed relationship with his very beautiful girlfriend, Sentebaleng aak Sente. One day, Sente found the underclothing of another girl in the backseat of Sandile’s car, and that’s when she decided to break up with him. Sente kept asking Sandile who the girl was, but he never gave her name. After Sandile got to know that his mother would give him the house if he married first, he tried to win Sente back. He loved her, and he had no doubt about the fact that he wanted to spend his entire life with her, but Sente had lost trust in him, and she just didn’t want to see his face. Kelz, the singer, who used to work with Sandile, went with him to Sente’s office and sang a song for her on Sandile’s behalf. That’s when Sente decided that she would at least hear Sandile. After a lot of convincing, Sente finally agreed to come back with him, but as soon as she reached his home, she got to know that because he was getting married to her, he would get the family house. Sente, without even asking Sandile, made the assumption that he made all that effort just because he wanted the house and not because he loved her. She once again left him and asked him to never meet her again. There was a guy named Lunga who used to work for a loan shark from whom Sandile had borrowed a certain sum of money. Lunga used to drop him off at Sandile’s home, and every time the latter wasn’t able to pay his debt, Lunga took something valuable from him. But Lunga was also an admirer of the art that Sandile created, and one day, he uploaded one of his unreleased songs, and it became a blessing in disguise. The song became an instant hit, and Sandile and Kelz started getting a lot of offers to perform all over the world. Sandile was about to leave for his world tour when Sente got to know something about him.

During A Soweto Love Story‘s ending, Sente was talking to Lemogang when she realized that it was her clothing that had been found on the backseat of Sandile’s car. Sente realized that Sandile had not cheated on her, and she rushed to the airport to stop the man and express to him how much she loved him. Sente and Sandile finally came back together, and the latter decided that he wasn’t going to go on the world tour. In the end, Bongekile Ngubeni told Sandile that the house belonged to him since he got engaged first, but Sandile told her that the house would be in the name of their mother forever. All three brothers loved each other, and they decided to live together in the family house. 

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