‘A Time Called You’ Season 2: Is It Renewed? What Can We Expect Next?


Here is a series titled A Time Called You that really toed the line with how much time it took to tell its story and that of the characters in season 1. We would have definitely preferred it to be shorter, but the series justifies its length, even though it is barely. An announcement for A Time Called You season 2 hasn’t been made yet, but looking at the success of the first season, there will be some interest.

We are thinking of a drama here titled Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, which was based on the Chinese drama of the same name and based on a book called Bu Bu Jing Xin. The massive success of the drama in China prompted a sequel set in the modern day, where the story of the lovers continued in a different direction. The Korean drama did not bother with remaking the sequel. However, the story of Si Heon and Jun Hee deserves a proper conclusion. We have discussed at length whether their love story would start again, and there wouldn’t be a point in making a second season if that wasn’t going to happen. Maybe the sequel will be a remake of another drama with the characters from this one, or it could be a standalone, albeit a shorter one.

Needless to say, some threads from A Time Called You season 1 will need to be addressed. First of all, there are some people who look like each other. Min Ju, Jun Hee, Si Heon, and Yeon Jun are there. What would happen if they met? We remember hearing in our childhood that across the world, each person almost certainly has seven doppelgangers, but Jun Hee and Si Heon have two of them in Korea. We are assuming that they will all have survived due to the changed timelines, and perhaps they will end up meeting. We don’t know if Min Ju and In Gyu are still together after all these years, but there is a good chance of it.

Maybe Min Ju, In Gyu, and Si Heon stayed friends after she woke up in the hospital as herself, or perhaps they are on good terms since nothing really happened between them as everything was corrected. However, the final scene of the drama, the one where Si Heon follows Jun Hee, unable to stop himself due to some attraction, seems to suggest that the entire narrative with the time travel has left an emotional print on the consciousness of the people. Therefore, the kids may have moved on, but there could be an uneasiness in them regarding each other that never really got addressed.

Also, what is to say that this emotional print doesn’t translate into a recollection of memories? That would make things very emotional for everyone, which would be in line with the intent of A Time Called You season 1. It would be something if Min Ju got to know that In Gyu had sacrificed his entire life just for a tiny wish of hers. Si Heon and Jun Hee had also done something so major for Min Ju to have a chance at happiness. At the end of season 1, Min Ju is learning to like and be kind to herself, but in A Time Called You season 2, if she ever comes to know all this, she will know that she was loved by others and that good things happened for her because of people who cared. That would give so much affirmation to her healing process, and it would justify the events of season 1 a little more.

But there is another problem. Jun Hee chose to let go of her love for the sake of someone else. Would that be an issue between her and Si Heon in A Time Called You season 2? He had altered his entire life for her sake, but she hadn’t done the same for him. It was not for a lack of willingness, but what would their priorities be like if things were normal? When Si Heon met Jun Hee as Yeon Jun, he kept his patience with her because she had told him, when she was Min Ju, that this was how and why she had fallen in love with her boyfriend (Yeon Jun). Therefore, Si Heon’s patience was a result of time travel and not a natural instinct. Going forward in season 2, he doesn’t have a script to follow, so Jun Hee might get to know him in a different way than she did Yeon Jun. Therefore, there will be some ups and downs that weren’t there before. Imagine if this gets entangled with their memories of the past. It will be so confusing for them to figure out how much of it is love and how much of it is influenced by their lives being messed with by a tape recording.

We also have to ask questions about Chan Hui and Chan Young. They were the primary cause of chaos in season 1, so it is not unfair to expect that they make a return. Chan Hui is admitted to the psychiatric facility, and this whole time travel mess could be a reason for that. Maybe he will finally talk about it. Chan Young has been arrested by the police, but there could be something that causes the brothers to meet and the secrets to spill out. Chan Young is operating with a twisted mind, and he may try to finish the task of a different timeline by trying to kill the protagonists or just messing with their lives. After all, the whole time travel aspect was not seamless, and there is room for missteps and loopholes that could be explored in A Time Called You season 2.

We know that we will watch a second season of this show, even though it got a bit tiresome with its length in season 1. However, we will not forgive that tiresomeness if it carries into the second season. The makers must take the feedback into account and clearly understand what would fly and what wouldn’t. On that note, we didn’t like how the writers dealt with Min Ju’s depression. We would like them to show more sensitivity in A Time Called You season 2. Given these changes, we will certainly be looking forward to them.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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