Does ‘A Time Called You’ Have A Happy Or Sad Ending For Si Heon And Jun Hee?


When you look up the definition of “star-crossed,” it is the term used for relationships destined to fail. We can’t disagree with the meaning, but we wish the term for it wasn’t so pretty. It makes us think of two people whose paths keep crossing, often only for their love and relationship to deepen, even though they are never able to be together. We know that this is the meaning, but we want to read it in this particular flowery way rather than with the negative tint of separation. Trust us when we say it makes a difference, and A Time Called You seems to have played with it, especially the ending.

It was the entire aspect of time travel that started the love story of this couple, but their relationship cost another girl her happiness and her life. But again, it is unfair to blame Jun Hee and Si Heon for what happened or, in this case, could have happened to her. What Min Ju needed was a friend, or some words of affirmation, and perhaps time to know and accept herself. She was 18 years old at the time she went through this whole thing, and the unpreparedness of that age to deal with such insecurities and fears can be quite debilitating in the absence of someone to take care of them or at least lend a helping hand. Min Ju got what she needed in the form of Jun Hee.

We might question why she needed someone from the past to take over her body and be in the middle of such complications to tell her what was undoubtedly a very basic fact. But that is how it works sometimes. We all know all the right things, but when the grief and self-doubt are so overwhelming, it becomes difficult to remember and live with confidence and acceptance. Min Ju did not have a great family life where she would be told these things by her family. She was also not surrounded by people to whom she could verbalize her troubles or who understood them all by themselves. Therefore, she not only found herself alone but in a situation that made her feel as if that was the best she could ever get. Of course, it is not true, and all it took for her to see the reality that she deserved more and could get it was another person’s (Jun Hee’s) patience to understand and guide her.

Sometimes, the best advice and help come from places we could not have dreamed of, and whatever magical coincidences or cosmic madness come together to make it happen is more than compulsory for the happy ending we want. The reason we talked about Min Ju so much is to justify to ourselves the heartbreak that Si Heon and Jun Hee had to go through so that she could survive and be well in her life. It is a huge sacrifice to give up on the love of your life, for whom you have waited so many years, traveled through such hurdles, and fought against the very fabric of time, all so that someone they are unrelated to can learn to love herself. If we put too fine a point on it, we can argue that perhaps it was neither Si Heon nor Jun Hee’s responsibility to take care of Min Ju. But they did it anyway because of their sense of right and wrong. After all, who is to say that the love between two people is always greater than the love one can have for themselves?

But we are once again coming back to the question of whether Si Heon and Jun Hee can really not be together. And this is when we start talking about fate. After all, wasn’t it just a game for some writer of destiny who got bored with things going so linearly? Just like we like to watch different genres of content, this person may have wanted to create those different genres in a story and mix them up for a kick. After all, A Time Called You has some fantasy, a love triangle, some tragedy, lots of thriller elements, and plenty of angst. We won’t include sci-fi because there is no explanation as to why the tape recorder works the way it does. Now, the question is whether this particular destiny writer was in the mood for a happy ending or a sad one.

From a bird’s-eye view, they seem to want things to be alright in the end. That is why even In Gyu, another person who made an unnecessary sacrifice for Min Ju, got his happy ending when he ended up with her. No murder happened, and nobody became a criminal; Si Heon got a life of his own that did not revolve around being someone else for the sake of love; and even Jun Hee got the career that she wanted, the one that had caused the fight between her and Yeon Jun, which made her feel so bad for so long after his death. We wonder if her feelings and, subsequently, the story would have been any different if that fight had not happened between these two. Our point is that the writer doesn’t want to mess things up too much. He likes to put them back neatly, where they belong, and with what they should be. Perhaps they will write a continuation of the love story of Jun Hee and Si Heon.

This whole time travel thing in A Time Called You has left a mark on the consciousness of its participants. Maybe that is why Si Heon knew that he had to go behind Jun Hee, even though he had never met her. Or it could be that this writer just created that instinct in him to go find his lady love. That means that even Jun Hee will feel the push to talk to him. They might meet up for coffee or go for a walk. Maybe they realize that they could fall in love. After all, the first time they fell in love, it wasn’t because of the memory of some emotion but because they were two people who were genuinely meant to be. That means that love can be discovered or born again as long as these two meet and talk.

In one of the scenes in A Time Called You, Si Heon told Jun Hee that he would always find her, no matter what happened. He could have been talking about the pull between them that made them find their way to each other. Or it could be that destiny writer assuring us that they wouldn’t permanently separate the two of them and that once they were done playing their games, he would give them a happy ending. When asking the question about whether these two would get together, we have to believe that it is in their destiny. Even a random stranger could have been kind and told Min Ju what she needed to hear, but the fact that this entire story was created has to mean that there is much more to happen, and there cannot be a sad or incomplete ending for Jun Hee and Si Heon. They are in front of each other, so it is easy to talk. And that is how all love stories start, or, in this case, restart.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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