‘A Vampire In The Family’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Fernandinho Stop Ula Drax?


Directed by Ale McHaddo, A Vampire in the Family is a funny tale about a man who realizes that his wife’s brother is a vampire, but the problem arises when no one believes him, and they all feel that he is making up stories just because he does not like his brother-in-law’s presence and somewhere feels envious of him. So, let’s find out what happened in A Vampire in the Family and if our protagonist is able to save the day.

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Why was Fernandinho jealous of Greg?

The question that haunted Fernandinho, something that everybody asked him, was if he missed scoring that goal in the past intentionally or if it was actually an accident, as he always said it was. Fernandinho was a professional football player, and back in the day, he had a lot of fans following him. But once, during a match, he got quite close to the goalpost but couldn’t score. After that day, he was branded as a traitor, and people felt like he took money to lose the match. He got agitated whenever someone questioned his intentions, and he was desperate to prove to the world that he was not a traitor. His life after he stopped playing football had not been easy. People had forgotten him, and he couldn’t accept that fact. Fernandinho used to host a talk show together with his two friends, Chicao and Claudionor, but there, too, he faced backlash, as a lot of times the audience used to ask him if he had missed that goal intentionally. One day, Fernandinho’s brother-in-law, Gregorio, aka Greg, arrived at his house out of nowhere, and he said that he needed a place to stay temporarily. Fernandinho didn’t like Greg even one bit, but he was helpless as his wife, Vanessa, adored her brother. Fernandinho was an insecure man, and he started feeling that his life had been taken over by his brother-in-law. He didn’t like how his wife gave so much attention to Greg, and even his children seemed to enjoy his company. Apart from feeling envious of Greg’s charming aura and alluring personality, Fernandinho also had some suspicions about what he was up to. Fernandinho tried asking him many times where he was and what he was up to for the past 5 years, but he never got a straight answer. Fernandinho knew that Greg was up to something, but he was well aware of the fact that unless and until he substantiated his claims with some solid evidence, his wife wouldn’t believe him.

What were Greg and Ula Drax planning to do?

In A Vampire in the Family, Fernandinho found an ally in Ameba, who, at one point in time, was dating his daughter. Ameba was a geek, and he believed whatever Fernandinho told him. Together, they started their quest to find some evidence to prove their claims. Greg slept the entire day, and Fernandinho knew that he did that because, being a vampire, he couldn’t survive in the sun. But Greg surprised him by coming out in the sun one day and swimming in the pool with everybody. Fernandinho didn’t know how he had done that, and at that moment, he doubted his own beliefs. Fernandinho was not wrong in feeling what he did, as later, Carol went to Greg’s room, and she found out that he was wearing a bodysuit, which was why he could endure the sunlight. Carol went to her father and told him that she believed him, and it was a huge respite for Fernandinho, as there was somebody who didn’t think that he was saying such things only because he was jealous of Greg. But then, one day, Greg left the house, and Fernnadinho was happy that he got rid of him. Carol, on the other hand, wanted her father to still do something about it, as a vampire was on the loose, and the people were not safe. Fernandinho had no desire to go after the vampire, but something strange happened that made the former realize that he would have to find a permanent solution to the problem. Greg started converting a lot of people into vampires. From Michelle, Fernandinho’s first wife, to his friends Chicao and Claudionor, everybody was a vampire, and the community was increasing in number with every passing moment.

Ameba told Fernandinho that Ulah Drax, a powerful Roman businessman, was in Brazil, and he believed he was Count Dracula. Carol bumped into Greg when she was visiting her mother’s house, and she got to know that he was planning a grand meetup, which made her realize that probably all the vampires were going to gather there that night. She told Fernandinho and Ameba this, and they decided that they would have to take down Ula Drax in order to save the people of their town.

Was Fernandinho able to stop Ula Drax?

During A Vampire in the Family‘s ending, Fernandinho, Carol, and Ameba disguised themselves and went to Michele’s house, where they knew all the vampires were going to come. Fernandinho took aim at Ula Drax, and he shot him with an arrow that had been blessed by the priest. He believed that he killed Count Dracula and saved the day but he was wrong, as Ula Drax came back to life and he brought Fernandinho’s family, i.e., Vanessa and the children, to the party. Fernandinho knew that if he didn’t obey his orders now, he would kill his family. Greg didn’t want to hurt his sister or his brother-in-law, but he had no option other than to adhere to his boss’s commands. There was an epic showdown between Fernandinho and Ula Drax, and there came a moment when he felt that Count Dracula would get the better of him. Just when it felt like it was all over, Ameba threw the same football that was autographed by Pele towards Fernandinho, and he kicked it with all his might to break open the window. The window glass shattered, and sunlight came directly into the room.

Ula Drax’ body started burning, and he died screeching and shouting in agony. As soon as Ula Drax died, everybody who he had converted came back to their normal state. Fernandinho was at last able to save the day, but there was still some more trouble to come his way. After everything came back to normal, Fernandinho’s father-in-law arrived at his place and requested him to let him stay, just like Greg had done. Apart from realizing the fact that Vanessa’s entire family was homeless, Fernandinho came to know that his father-in-law was a vampire too. So, the cycle continued and if there is A Vampire in the Family Part 2, we would definitely see Fernandinho and Ameba once again fighting the odds and stopping Vanessa’s father from hurting anybody.

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