‘A Week Away’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Cute but Pathetic


In the film, David, the owner of the camp ‘AWEEKAWAY’ remarks, “Every once in a while, somebody finds out that they’re a week away from an experience that changed everything for them.” David’s words are a subtle hint about the theme of the film. Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) a juvenile devastated after his parent’s death, is trying to find his existence in life.

Will is running wild from foster homes and schools. Given the last warning by his caretaker Mark, Will is compelled to join a camp under the guidance of his new foster parent, Kristin, and her son George. As George’s cousin, Will ends up in A Week Away camp, though skeptical about the scenario at first, Will starts liking the vibe. He also starts liking a girl named Avery (Bailee Madison).

Inside the camp, three teams compete to win the championship, and Will turns out to be a star, winning hearts.

‘A Week Away’ Ending Explained

After the loss of his parents, Will has been a troubled kid. All he learned was to run away, run away from homes, institutions, and people. When Sean, Will’s opponent in the camp, threatens to reveal his identity to Avery, instead of facing the truth, Will applies the easiest way out. He runs away from the camp.

Confronted by Avery, Will breaks her heart and walks away, but his heart and mind couldn’t stop thinking about her. Will returns back and sings a song that helps his team win the championship. A promise is made to Avery by Will to meet again, somewhere.

Will finally finds his home, Kristin and George accept him as family.

Musicals were like blooming in the mid-1900s, but between these years, we lost them somewhere. Even this film, A Week Away, though it’s cute and charming, it leaves no impact. It ends with nothing. It gives you nothing. There isn’t any story to reap or characters to talk about. The film is null and voids filled with musical songs and cliche teenage romantic moments that might make some people swoon. But if you are watching this as “cinema” then all the letters are missing, to be honest. It’s just commercial crap running for 1 and a half hour. Watch at your own risk.

‘A Week Away’ is a 2021 musical drama film directed by Roman White. The film is streaming on Netflix.

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Shikhar Agrawal
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