‘Adamas’ Episode 1 And 2: Recap And Ending – Why Is Woo-sin Looking For Adamas?


“Adamas” is a 2022 Korean Mystery Thriller written by Choi Tae Kang and directed by Park Seung Woo. The story revolves around twin brothers, Ha Woo Sin, a famous writer, and Song Soo Hyeon, a public prosecutor, who start a venture to find their father’s real murderer. The series stars Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye, and Lee Su Kyung in leading roles.

Why Does Ha Woo-sin Accept Kwon’s Offer?

“Adamas” Episode 1 begins with a heinous mass murder in jail, in which an inmate murders all of his cellmates as well as the jailer who goes to investigate the noises. The case caused a ruckus in the country and a public demand to bring back capital punishment. The Presidential elections are around the corner, and Assemblyman Hwang Byung Chul starts promoting his agenda to bring back the death penalty law to get the approval of the public and win the elections. Hwang is backed by Haesong, a conglomerate, and they have an IT cell working to spread Hwang’s agenda all over the internet. 

Ha Woo Sin is a bestselling author, but he has received a rather unusual offer. He has been asked to ghostwrite the memoir of Chairman Kwon of the Haesong group. They have offered him a hefty sum of money, but Woo Sin is not someone who would accept anything just for money, though his manager thinks he should accept it. He is curious about the biggest conglomerate in Korea and signs the contract on the spot. Their conditions about not using a personal phone and staying in the mansion for a month piqued his curiosity. 

His brother, Song Su Hyeon, has been offered the case of the death row murderer, but he refuses to accept it. He knows that the prosecution wants Hwang to win the election by reinstating the death penalty law, and that Su Hyeon would be a great candidate to represent the case as his father was also murdered by a criminal on death row. Su Hyeon is least interested in that case, but reporter Kim Seo Hee has an interesting case for him. She tries to get in contact with Su Hyeon, but he thinks that she is yet another reporter promoting Hwang. 

Woo Sin goes to Kwon’s mansion, which is deep inside the woods, secluded from the rush of the rest of the world. The entrance of the mansion itself gives an eerie and mysterious feeling. Woo Sin cannot carry any personal things and will be provided with everything he needs by the household. He goes through an intricate security system that examines and records all of his physical features. Woo Sin has only met one person who isn’t scary since he moved into the mansion. That person is a security officer, who is one of his fans.

Housemaid Kim welcomes Woo Sin inside, but she has a scary look on her face, and all of the other maids are scared of her as well. Maid Oh gives Woo Sin a tour of the house and tells him the rules. The maids don’t chat with the guests, and the guests are not allowed to enter the third floor or any of the chairman’s private spaces. The mansion is huge, but there is no noise inside. Woo Sin experienced a weird incident on the first day when a maid looked like she was dying, but no one helped her, and Woo Sin never saw her again. He also met Kwon’s daughter-in-law, Eun Hye Soo, who told him to leave the mansion as soon as possible because there were many things that he should never know. She mentions that the death of Kwon’s youngest son was not an accident.

Kwon meets Woo Sin and asks him to tell him everything that his daughter-in-law talks about him. Woo Sin declines at first, but Kwon reminds him that he is in no position to negotiate. Woo Sin is fearless, but Kwon doesn’t seem to mind and seems to admire him. However, security head Choi Tae Sung is not impressed with him. Some police officers visit him to tell him that someone has sent them an email with his information and that the email ID is the name of the book written by Woo Sin.

Choi invites Woo Sin to meet him inside the forest and inquires about his knowledge of him. Choi has been pretending to be on Kwon’s side but is actually on an undercover operation. Woo Sin knows who he is and also tells Choi why he is working for Kwon. He wants to steal the Adamas, the diamond-tipped arrow that is the Haesong group’s symbol. Adamas is one of the most expensive artifacts to exist in the country, and Choi wonders why Woo Sin would tell him his intention. He points his gun at him in suspicion, but Hye Soo sees them and asks them what they are doing in the woods by themselves.

What Does Hye-soo Tell Woo-sin About The Adamas?

Choi, Woo Sin, or anyone in the mansion is always being watched, and Kwon gets the news of Choi, Woo Sin, and Hye Soo meeting each other in the forest. He calls on all of them to tell their side of the story. Choi tells him that he found Woo Sin walking in the forest suspiciously. Hye Soo tells her father-in-law that she just saw both of them talking while she picked flowers for her garden. Kwon asks Woo Sin, but he stays quiet for a while and asks Kwon to talk in private with him, after which Kwon goes easy on him.

Even though Kwon has passed Woo Sin, housemaid Kim is still suspicious of him. Woo Sin didn’t expose Choi’s secret, but Choi could not stay still and wait for him to expose him anytime soon. He consults with his seniors through a secret signal phone hidden in the forest. They order him to get rid of Woo Sin as soon as possible without any suspicion of him. Woo Sin is reckless and has been running around the mansion, taking a look at the architecture of the house. He enters Kwon’s study without permission to find a secret vault but gets caught by Kwon. However, he reminds Kwon that he needs to interview him.

Woo Sin brings up Adamas, and Kwon informs him that it was created to divert people’s attention away from controversy. He asks to see it, but Kwon’s secretary only shows him a picture of it. Woo Sin realizes that he will never see the real Adamas from Kwon. He still doesn’t stop his research of the house and even goes to the third floor and finds the only closed room in the entire house. However, Hye Soo finds him again and tells him to leave. Her metal detector starts beeping, and Woo Sin makes an excuse that he has a metal pin in his hand when, in reality, he tries to open the closed door with the pin.

Choi called Kim a vicious guard dog and told Woo Sin to beware of her. Maid Oh reports the encounter between Hye Soo and Woo Sin to Kim, and she sends Kwon’s secretary Yoon to fetch Woo Sin’s hand X-ray. She brings the X-ray, and it shows the metal pin in Woo Sin’s hand. Kim gets angry and throws the report at Woo Sin, who sees the name Eunkook Medical Foundation on it, and it is owned by Hye Soo’s father. Kim lashes out at her master Kwon for being gentle with Woo Sin because he resembles his late son, Min Jo, and Kwon goes insane. He tells Kim never to bring up his son’s name again. Woo Sin believes that someone inside the mansion has recommended him to Kwon for a reason and thinks Hye Soo is the one. 

Woo Sin had received a letter at his doorstep telling him the details of his father’s murder right before he received an offer from Kwon. He asks Hye Soo if she sent the letter, and she reveals the truth. Hye Soo’s husband was high on drugs and told her that his father had killed someone with Adamas. However, she isn’t the one who recommended Woo Sin to Kwon, and the mystery still remains.

‘Adamas’ Episode 2: Ending

Reporter Kim Seo Hee wants Su Hyeon to believe that Lee Chan Woo is not the real culprit in his father’s murder, and she has evidence to prove it. She leaves it to Su Hyeon to see for himself. The witness in the case was colorblind, but he still confessed that Chan Woo wore a green and red-colored jacket. Su Hyeon visits the man himself and confirms that it is true. He also sees his wife in a wheelchair and understands why he did what he did. The witness calls Lee from Haesong and apologizes to him.

Lee is the closest person to Kwon Hyun Jo and carries out all the activities for him. He immediately sets out his plan to get rid of the witness. As soon as Su Hyeon reaches home, he sees news of a man and a woman committing suicide by jumping off a building. Su Hyeon’s doubt becomes clear that Cha Woo has been framed in the case. While he is busy thinking, he notices someone’s movement in his house. Is Hye Soo’s Adamas Story true, and will Su Hyeon survive to help his brother? Let’s find out in the upcoming episodes of “Adamas.”

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