‘After We Fell’ Ending, Explained – What’s in Store for Haddin & Tessa?


After We Fell is the third film in the “After” franchise. With the first and second installments becoming commercial hits, the makers decided to go ahead with a couple more movies, with ‘After Ever Happy’ being the last one in the franchise. The film, directed by Castille Landon and has been adapted from the novel of the same name by Anna Todd.

Hardin and Tessa had moved in together, and while sharing the same space, they had but one rule, i.e., No Secrets. Eventually, they discover that it was not the case. With Tessa still trying to deal with her past and Hardin trying to resolve his emotional vulnerabilities, the narrative enfolds and explores different shades of their relationship.

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‘After We Fell’ Plot Summary

Tessa and Hardin are going strong, but truth be told, they are insecure people. They want to mark their territory even if they act cool about it and pretend that it doesn’t affect them. Both of them are affected by the smallest of things. Hardin had planned that eventually, after their graduation, he would take Tessa to London. Though he was still unsure about making her meet his mom. But Tessa had other plans. She gets a job offer from Christain Vance, as he was clearly impressed with her hard work and dedication.

He offers her a post in Seattle, and the opportunity is so good that she cannot say no to it. Hardin is disappointed firstly because she didn’t tell him about it herself and secondly because he was skeptical about the whole long-distance thing. Insecurity starts to take the better of him, and he gets reminded of Trevor and the possibility of him hanging out with her. His insecurities are established even more when he snaps back at Robert, a med student who was working part-time as a waiter and tried to flirt with Tessa.

Eventually, Hardin makes peace with the fact that Tessa has to go to Seattle for her career, and it is not the end of the world. He visits her on a weekend where they do spend some quality time. He starts boxing again, which is therapeutic for him. But it seems every time Hardin tries to bring about a change, his life goes through the boomerang effect where the induced changes are not at all in accordance with what was desired.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘After We Fell’ Ending Explained

Things are going right, and Hardin finally decides to take Tessa to London, as his mom is getting married. It seemed like finally, life would give him a breather, and he wouldn’t be harrowed emotionally. But fate had something else in store. He finds Christian Vance making out with his mom just on the eve of her marriage. Later Kimberly tells Tessa, and Hardin comes to know from Christian himself that he was his son.

Trish and Christine always had something going. They always had something unfinished. That is why Christian is so biased towards Hardin. Even his wife Kimberly knows about it. Hardin feels devastated that everybody knew all along except him. He runs away only to desperately find solace in Tessa’s arms. But only if we could close our eyes and be inconspicuous and free from the clutches of all the miseries.

In Conclusion

There is no significant plot point, and it takes a considerable amount of forced effort to make frivolous conflicts seem unsurmountable. The characters are far from explored, and the narrative suffers from a slump of authentic ideas. The intimate moments are not potent enough, and there is a general lack of fervor in the film’s tonality. Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin, as Tessa and Hardin, respectively, are not given much to play with.

Even the atmospherics and the conflicting situations do not fill the lacuna. The only saving grace for the After series and the reason behind its commercial success was that the makers knew how to tap into the teenage emotions and create reveries and nurture a yearning for it. But this time, the film loses the only X factor that helped it stay afloat till now.

After We Fell does not add any value to the much-loved franchise but tries to sail, banking upon the credibility of the vessel that has set a niche for itself.

After We Fell is a 2021 Romance Drama film directed by Castille Landon.

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