‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episodes 13 And 14: Recap And Ending – What Is Master Lee’s Secret?


Previously, in “Alchemy Of Souls,” Jin Mu had trapped Jang Uk and Mu Deok in Cheongbugwan after they saw the soul shifter running wild. Jin Mu offered Mu Deok to the soul shifter to feed off her energy and bind Jang Uk in a spell. Jang Uk managed to break free from the spell and ran to save Mu Deok. However, when he found her, the soul shifter was dead, and Mu Deok had absorbed his energy instead.

Who Is Jang Uk’s Final Opponent In The Duel?

Jang Uk sees Mu Deok sucking energy from the soul shifter and worries that she will also run wild. Mu Deok is also scared and tells Jang Uk not to come closer to her, or she will suck his energy as well. Nevertheless, Jang Uk hugs Mu Deok to calm her down. She doesn’t suck his energy, but another unusual thing happens. The roof of the constellation recorder room opens, and a bolt of lightning strikes the constellation basin. Mu Deok realizes that it is because of her energy that only activates in water, the constellation basin in this case. Everyone in Cheongbugwan hears the loud sound of the lightning falling, and Jin Mu heads over to the constellation building.

Mu Deok has been blinded by her energy, and Jang Uk needs to run away with her before Jin Mu finds them. He knows he cannot escape Cheonbugwan without being killed and has only one person who can help him. He pours his energy into the jade, and the prince feels the need to follow that energy as he has the other jade. Jin Mu finds Jang Uk even though they are hidden, but Uk has to hold him back until the prince arrives. Jang Uk lies to Jin Mu that he has hidden the jade in the soul shifter’s robe and that the prince will find him soon. Jin Mu rushes to the secret room and checks on Eunuch’s body and realizes that Jang Uk has fooled him.

The prince has already found Jang Uk, who has told him everything he has seen about the soul shifter. Jin Mu denies all of Jang Uk’s allegations, and the prince invites Park Jin for a discussion. Jang Uk tells him about the Eunuch who got petrified, but the queen brings the Eunuch with her, surprising Jang Uk. He understands that he has returned to life with the ice stone and that there is no way to defend himself now. He agrees that he lied, and Park Jin apologizes on behalf of Songrim and offers to reconstruct the Constellation Basin. Jin Mu asked him to leave Jang Uk behind for punishment, but thanks to Mu Deok’s plea to the prince, Jang Uk gets to go back to Songrim. Prince may look clueless, but he has become suspicious of Jin Mu.

Jang Uk has to receive punishment, and hence, Park Jin sends him home for some time. Master Lee has been having a chat with Maidservant Kim and asks her about Jang Gang’s friend Cho Chung and how he died. This reminds Kim to hold a memorial service for him as he doesn’t even have a grave. Jang Uk arrives home but doesn’t tell Kim the truth about why he’s back. Master Lee tells Jang Uk to go fishing with him, but he refuses, saying he needs to train. Master Lee tells Mu Deok about the golden fish and mastering Chisu, and that is enough for Mu Deok to pursue Jang Uk to go fishing with the master.

Maidservant Kim has held the memorial service for Cho Chung and his daughter Cho Yeong. Mu Deok helped Kim to prepare everything but didn’t know that it was for her father and her. She gets emotional and says to Kim that Cho would be thankful to her. Park Jin gets into a heated argument with Lady Jin as she has not been supporting Songrim lately, and he knows Jin Mu has been looking for Bu Yeon. Jin Mu has been receiving help from Bu Yeon’s father to create the fake Bu Yeon.

Seo Yul goes to Jang Uk’s home but sees Mu Deok crying in front of her own memorial service. He feels helpless as he can’t even tell her that he knows her truth. Jang Uk comes back from fishing, but Yul is running late. He tells Uk that he might return to the Seoho fortress soon as he has mastered Chisu, but he wants to take someone with him. Jang Uk thinks he is talking about Mu Deok as Master Lee told him about Yul’s story about Naksu being his first love. As expected, Yul has the intention of taking Mu Deok to his fortress with him. Yul has challenged Jang Uk to his last duel, but the prize is not a golden toad but Mu Deok. Uk didn’t expect his friend to go against him for Mu Deok and put him in a dilemma on whether to choose his friend or his lover.

Does Jang Uk Win The Bet Against The Prince?

The prince is jealous of Mu Deok and Jang Uk’s relationship and tries to provoke Mu Deok with the jade ornament. She says to the prince that the ornament is not important to her at all. Prince gets angry at her for using him to make her Young Master fight with the mages of Songrim and throws away the jade. Instead, he asks her to bet on something more important, and that would be her, who would go to any length for Jang Uk. If Jang Uk loses the duel, she has to serve the winner. Mu Deok agrees to the new bet as she knows Jang Uk has mastered Chisu and can win. However, Yul shocks everyone by being Uk’s opponent.

Seo Yul is the only mage in Jeonjingak who has mastered Chisu and is the first among his peers. He is not only intelligent but also a skilled fighter. That is why the prince requested him to fight with Uk. Yul only accepted the request because he wanted to separate Mu Deok and Uk. He fears that Jang Uk will create chaos in order to protect Mu Deok once her truth comes out. Yul wins the battle, but Jang Uk gives a tough fight and shocks everyone by using his Chisu skills. Mu Deok goes to Yul as promised, but he allows her to visit Jang Uk anytime. Uk is upset that Mu Deok didn’t visit him after the duel, but she cannot go to him shamelessly without finding the jade.

Jang Uk sees Mu Deok chatting with Yul and gets anxious again. He doesn’t understand if Mu Deok likes him or not. She is always smiling around Yul, and she is also Yul’s first love from Danhyanggok. After finding the jade, Mu Deok searches for Uk but sees him with Yun Ok and gets jealous. However, Jang Uk notices and calls her. She has just come back from arguing against other mages who spread rumors about Jang Uk out of jealousy. She asks Uk if he has become Master Lee’s pupil and has been practicing chastity. He hugs Mu Deok to prove that he is not, but Mu Deok says to him that he doesn’t see her as a woman and should embrace Yun Ok instead. Jang Uk kisses Mu Deok to prove that he sees her as a woman and that he has not been practicing chastity.

Yun Ok has been working in the palace and recommends the king meet the hemp master Lee to solve his problem of soul shifters. The king has been anxious and cannot sleep because of the possibility of having soul shifters inside the palace. The king has heard of the master and wants to see for himself how much power he holds and if he can do anything about the soul shifters. Master Lee accepts the king’s invitation and decides to visit the palace with Yul, Dang Gu, and Uk. He has a plan in his mind and asks Master Heo to send his gift to the king at the decided time.

‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episode 14: Ending

Master Lee visits the king and gets straight to the point without engaging in futile conversation. The king praises Master Lee for his youthful looks, and the master reveals a shocking fact about himself. He tells the king that his soul is hundreds of years old, but his body is young because it is not his real body, and he is a soul shifter. He knows the king wants to find out if there is a soul shifter in the palace, and Master Lee promises to do so because he knows a soul shifter when he sees one. Jang Uk understands that the master knew that Mu Deok was a soul shifter.

For some reason, Master Lee didn’t expose Mu Deok’s identity, but Park Jin became suspicious of her. Mu Deok impressed Park Jin with her cleverness, which made him curious about her background. However, he finds her background story fake, and even when she confronts the man from her village who sold her, she trembles, and Park Jin catches on to her lie. The village man had told her to beware of So Yi, who had been looking for her, but Mu Deok didn’t know who she was. She visits the old man for more information but finds him dead. Park Jin reaches there at the same time and suspects her as a murderer. Will Mu Deok’s identity be out in the open? We will find out in the next week episodes of the series.

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