‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending- Why Do Jang Uk And Mu-Deok Return From Danhyanggok?


In the previous episode of “Alchemy of Souls,” the crown prince challenged Jang Uk to an official duel, which means that they are allowed to kill each other while fighting. Uk is definitely not that powerful; hence, his friends helped him flee to Mu Deok’s village, but Mu Deok is going to take him to Naksu’s village.

Who Is The Mysterious Man That Stole The Ghost Sapsali?

Mu Deok and Jang Uk have been walking toward Danhyanggok through a valley, and Jang Uk is already tired from all the walking. He smells chicken cooking, but Mu Deok says that this isolated place can never have a place that sells chicken. However, she also smells the chicken, and they follow the smell to reach the place where Naksu lived. Uk sees the chicken above the fire and enters the house to see if someone is present. There is no one in the house, but it is well maintained and looks comfortable, unlike how Mu Deok described it to Uk.

Mu Deok doesn’t have a house like that, and she believes someone else has built a home on this isolated mountain. She forbids Uk to eat or drink anything until they find out to whom the house belongs. They sleep without eating anything, but at midnight, the mysterious man arrives with his dog. He senses that Mu Deok is a soul shifter and tries to kill her, but he also sees that she is a great soul and gets intrigued. He stops himself, but Uk wakes up and points his sword at him. Both of them have a fight with the man clearly dominating Uk. They stop when Mu Deok comes out and faints after seeing them.

In her dream, Mu Deok sees the blind girl whose body she has taken and wakes up in shock. She tells Uk that she didn’t wake up at night, but the man says that she must have been sleepwalking. Uk and the man are now on good terms and sit together for a drink early in the morning. The man sees that his pot of Chaste Tea is empty, and it comes off as a shock to Uk. Jang Uk has finished the entire pot of tea, which is meant to suppress the desire for intimacy. He gets worried and loses his mind while the man and Mu Deok discuss how a man became a great mage after suppressing his intimate desires. He is known as Hemp Master Lee. Soon enough, Mu Deok realizes that the man himself is the great master and bows down to him.

Master Lee tells Uk that he can give him an antidote, but Mu Deok advises him to follow Master Lee’s way to become a great mage faster. While Mu Deok has big dreams for Jang Uk, the unanimous association of mages has joined a meeting to discuss Jang Uk’s future. All of them have been Uk’s master once, and they think that Uk’s right as a mage should be revoked. Park Jin calls them out for being so ruthless to their former pupil and saves Uk for the time being. Park Jin had raided Cheonbugwan recently and had noticed suspicious activity. They couldn’t catch the people, but they found Songrim’s spirit plaque.

Jang Uk and Master Lee have been getting along well, and the master has been teaching him how to cook and hunt. However, Uk refuses to be his pupil because he does not want to give up on his intimate desires. Mu Deok gets mad at Uk for not training and goes to Chwi Seon Ru. Uk and Lee also go for a walk down the mountain and see a ruckus among people and find out that a dead body has come flowing into the river. Jin Mu’s men retrieve the body, but Lee distracts everyone and disappears with it.

Mu Deok gets caught by Jin Mu’s men, but she begs the crown prince, who just happens to arrive there, to save her. She flatters the prince with her sweet talk and ends up getting drunk to win his favor. Jang Uk has to bring her back from Chwinseonru to Danhyanggok. Park Jin has sent Yul and Dang Gu to visit Uk to investigate his lost spirit plaque, while Master Lee intrudes into Songrim with the dead body found in Cheonbugwan. He is the master of master Heo Yeom, and no one knows what his intention was behind getting involved in Songrim’s activities.

Is Jang Uk Getting Married To Jin Cho Yeon?

After Master Lee brings the dead body to Songrim, they identify it as being of a person in Cheonbugwan, and they suspect that there is a soul shifter in Cheonbugwan who has been feeding off common people. To find out the truth, they first need to figure out how the spirit plaque ended up with the dead body. Yul and Dang Gu reach out to Uk, but he doesn’t tell them that he had given it to Mu Deok as it would put her in danger. They did not find what they needed, but they spent a few days in Danhyanggok before going back.

Yul had been to Danhyanggok when he was younger, and this is where he met Naksu for the first time. Yul loves birds, and he would often wander into the forest to look at them. He had become good friends with Naksu, but when she found out that he was from the Seo family, she ended her friendship with Yul. Knowing Mu Deok has good knowledge about the forest, Yul initiates a conversation with her and tries to find out if she knows Naksu. He wants to know about how one lives in a forest and, hence, finds more information from Mu Deok.

Dang Gu still believes that Mu Deok is in love with Yul and is shipping them strongly. He wakes up in the morning and sees Yul learning how to cook from Mu Deok and gets surprised. Neither has he ever seen Yul cooking before, nor has he ever seen him getting scolded by anyone and him still being calm. Uk gets jealous but doesn’t let it show. However, Dang Gu is adamant about convincing Uk that Mu Deok is in love with Yul, and Uk cannot see it anymore. He asks Mu Deok to not cheat on him and betray him because he should be her only pupil. Mu Deok laughs at his ridiculous request, but when Yul asks Mu Deok if she wants to climb the tree with him, she refuses. Uk has promised to take her to the top of the tree when he achieves Chisu.

Before going back, Uk’s friends tell him what the unanimous association of mages has been talking about him and how everyone has been laughing at him for fleeing. Mu Deok tries to motivate Uk, but he only gets depressed after hearing what his friends told him. However, he starts training again because he doesn’t want to be a laughing stock. Master Lee comes back and tells Uk that his marriage has been planned with Jin Cho Yeon to save him from fighting with the crown prince, as the Jin family has a special plaque that can defy the royal orders. Uk doesn’t want to get married and finally visits his maidservant Kim to resolve this issue.

‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Episode 6: Ending

Mu Deok goes to Chwiseonru again while Jang Uk visits his home to talk about the marriage with maidservant Kim. He tells her that he doesn’t want to marry Cho Yeon. Kim asks him if he loves someone, and he answers that he does and cannot leave her alone. He says that she has no one but him, to which Kim claims such women are dangerous and she will give her a handsome amount of money to leave Jang Uk alone. On the other hand, the men from Cheonbugwan forcefully take Mu Deok to the crown prince.

The prince’s maid dressed up Mu Deok like a Gisaeng, and the prince couldn’t recognize her at first. Mu Deok looks beautiful, and the prince is mesmerized. He asks her if she is going to follow Uk after his marriage, and if not, he can take her in as his maid. The real reason he called Mu Deok was to convey his message to Uk. He wants Uk to not show up at the fight because he doesn’t want to disturb the peace between the royals and the mages. Mu Deok manages to get away from the prince, only to get grabbed by Cho Yeon.

Cho Yeon has been preparing for her wedding and comes to Ju Wol to craft the wedding rings with their traditional jade. However, she finds the jade broken, which is not a good sign. At the same time, she finds out from Ju Wol that Uk took Mu Deok from Chwiseonru and that she was a Gisaeng. Cho Yeon gets jealous of her as she is always with Uk. She decides to put the blame for the broken jade on her by making her carry it. Mu Deok feels a sense of energy when she touches the box of jade and can see through it. She refuses to carry it first, but when she sees men from Cheonbugwan again, she follows Cho Yeon to her palace.

When Mu Deok enters the palace, a strong gust of wind blows, and birds become restless. Cho Yeon’s mother finds it odd but doesn’t understand the reason. Very soon, Jang Uk gets a message to arrive at the Jin palace urgently. When Uk reaches the palace, he sees Yul, Dang Gu, and the crown prince as well. Mu Deok has disappeared with the Jade box, and she is nowhere to be found.

Mu Deok has entered the secret room of Jin Palace, which only family members can access, and has disappeared into the mirror. How could she enter the secret room, and will others be able to find her? Let’s find out in the upcoming episode of ‘Alchemy Of Souls.’

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