Alicia Sierra & Raquel Murillo In ‘Berlin’ Explained: How Do ‘Money Heist’ Characters End Up In Prequel Series?


What I absolutely loved about Berlin Season 1 was how three women came together and put all their effort into finding the perpetrators, and the world around them realized that if they wanted to stand a chance against extremely efficient criminals, then this trio was their only hope. Marie Lavelle, Alicia Sierra, and Raquel Murillo were the best minds, and they gave their all to the investigation. For those who don’t know, Raquel is the same Money Heist character who tried to catch The Professor’s gang in the first two seasons of the Spanish series. She developed feelings for the mastermind thief and started a relationship with him. Later, she helped The Professor escape from the Royal Mint after he had committed the greatest heist of all time. Alicia, on the other hand, made her appearance in the Money Heist series after Raquel left the National Police Corps and joined Professor’s gang. The Professor’s second biggest heist was to rob the Bank of Spain in order to force Europol to release a gang member whom they had captured. The prequel series tries to establish Alicia and Raquel’s long-standing friendship, and even though their connection with Money Heist has no real significance in the Berlin series, let’s find out how these two officers lead the course of the investigation and what we can expect from them next.

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What did Alicia Sierra find out about the heist?

After Berlin and his team conducted the heist, the law enforcement authorities narrowed down the list of suspects, and they came to the conclusion that Monsieur Polignac, the director of the auction, was not as innocent as he was pretending to be. Francois Polignac had a farmhouse where he often went, and the police found a lot of evidence from there, which was sufficient for them to take him into custody and start their investigation. Polignac told Inspector Marie Lavelle that he was not a fool to take all the evidence to his own guest house and then try to destroy it there, leaving traces so that he became the convenient target. He said during the investigation that somebody was framing him, and the authorities should try to look in some other direction to find a lead. But the problem was that Berlin had so intricately planned everything that it was impossible to look in any other direction. For a moment, Marie would have agreed to what Polignac was saying, but she just couldn’t ignore all the evidence they had gathered from his farmhouse. But things took a turn when Deputy Inspector from Europol, Alicia Sierra, took charge of things, and she realized that no matter what the evidence was pointing at, logically, Polignac couldn’t have been the perpetrator. Alicia Sierra didn’t know who Berlin was, but she was well aware of the fact that Polignac was being used as a scapegoat. Alicia’s viewpoint and the conviction she held gave the French authorities a different perspective. Alicia didn’t have the evidence to prove Polignac’s innocence, but she knew that the real perpetrators would commit some mistake at some point in time, and then she would be able to prove her claims.

What did Alice find out about Roi and Cameron?

Meanwhile, after the heist was over, Berlin and even his other gang members put down their guns, and that’s when they committed mistakes that had the potential of sabotaging their plans. Roi and Cameron went out to celebrate, and they took part in an illegal car race. Cameron was wearing a jewel that they had stolen from the heist, as she wanted to know how it felt to wear such an expensive gem. Roi told her not to be so reckless, but Cameron said that this was the only opportunity where she could get a chance to wear it, so she was taking the risk. In the end, Roi lost the race, and he had to give his car to the one he had lost to. Accidentally, Cameron dropped her necklace inside the car, and soon Alicia and her colleagues found out about it. The police officers believed that the car race was a diversion and that he had done it to mislead the authorities, but Alicia did not concur with that view. She connected the dots and told Inspector Marie that it was not a preplanned move but a careless mistake that they knew would cost them a lot. Now, this was a very significant find on the part of the law enforcement authorities because had they considered it just a diversion, they would have followed it, and Roi and Cameron would have gotten away with it. But Alicia followed that lead, and for the first time, the law enforcement authorities were very close to catching the robbers. The guy who organized the race told Alicia and Marie what Roi looked like, and they immediately called an artist to create a sketch.

Were Raquell and Alicia able to catch the perpetrators?

Raquel Murillo and Alicia Sierra were the two prominent characters from the Money Heist series, and they worked on a case together, probably for the very first time in Berlin Season 1. Raquel joined the team, and Alicia told Inspector Marie that she was one of the best students in the academy. When they started working on the case, they had no clue that they would have a tryst with destiny and that the perpetrators they were after would impact their views in ways and means that they had not imagined. Marie was very supportive of whatever Alicia or Raquel did, and not even once did she come in the way of the Théri investigation or try to take credit for anything. Marie was, in fact, happy to see the two women combine their efforts and go after the criminals. Alicia and Raquel were quite good together, and even when Berlin had planned a near-perfect robbery, they were able to find some loopholes that took them closer to solving the mystery. Had Camille not stopped herself from telling Raquel about Berlin and Damian, the entire group would have been behind bars.

Camille called, and she was about to tell Raquel about Berlin, but at the very last moment, she had a change of heart because, obviously, she loved Berlin, and she didn’t want to be the person who condemned him to his fate. But still, Raquel’s intuition was so strong that she went to the hotel where the entire gang was staying. She learned about the Spanish squad from the manager and how they never allowed room service to enter their room. Berlin and Damian made sure that they didn’t leave any evidence in their room, and they were lucky that Keila was able to delete all the CCTV camera footage. So basically, even after coming so close and almost catching Berlin and Damian, Alice and Raquel still didn’t know the names of the perpetrators. Berlin was not better than the police officers, but he was just lucky that day that the odds favored him. It is now that we realize how Raquel would have felt in the Money Heist when she had come to know that Berlin was the same guy she had been after for so many years. Alicia, Marie, and Raquel, the three fierce and extremely capable women who were leading the case, couldn’t get the better of Berlin and his gang, and they had to let it go. They knew that Berlin was not the type of guy who would retire and not commit any crimes henceforth, and so they waited for him to once again come back in action and commit one single mistake that would give them a chance to catch him.

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