‘Alienoid: The Return To The Future’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: What Is Havaa?


We saw in Alienoid how the extra-terrestrial beings were trapped inside human bodies, and Guard and Thunder used to keep a check on them, and they also had a technology where they held them captive inside a magical red crystal. Things changed when the Controller, the leader of the aliens, escaped and released “Havaa” over the city. Havaa was basically the atmosphere where the aliens could thrive without using the human body as a vessel. The earth’s atmosphere did not support the aliens, and that’s why it was imperative for the Controller to detonate Havaa and make Earth non-habitable for humans once and for all. Thunder and Guard, at the very last moment, had decided to transport the aliens to another timeline and trap them there. Time functioned differently in the past, and present timelines and both Guard and Thunder knew that even if they spent a year or two in the past, only a few minutes would transpire in the present. But things didn’t turn out the way Guard and Thunder would have expected them to.

In Alienoid‘s ending, we saw that the Controller entered Mureuk’s body, and for the next ten years, he stayed there in a docile state. From Master Hyun to the Sorcerers of Twin Peaks, everybody knew that evil resided inside the young magician and that there would come a time when it would come out. Lee Ahn also grew up, and she made it her mission in life to find the blue knife and go back to the present timeline together with both her father figures, i.e., Thunder and Guard. But it was not such an easy task, and she knew that she would have to really defy the odds and overcome a lot of obstacles to do so. So let’s find out what happened in Alienoid: The Return To The Future and if Lee Ahn is able to save Earth from the invasion of extraterrestrial beings.

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Who was the Controller using as his human vessel? 

Mr. Blue and Madame Black were keeping a close eye on Mureuk, and the latter was also in a confused state of mind as he had no clue about what was inside him. Left Paw and Right Paw, who were basically a version of Thunder itself, followed Lee Ahn, though she kept asking them to leave her alone as she needed to fix a lot of things and bring back her loved ones to life. Lee Ahn had no clue that the Left Paw and Right Paw were extensions of Thunder’s program itself. Lee Ahn came face-to-face with Mureuk, and the latter remembered how he had found her near the water body. Mureuk reminded Lee about her past, and she was overwhelmed to meet him after such a long time. Mureuk told her about the Controller and how it had made his body its vessel. Meanwhile, in Big Rahn, the shaman monks under the leadership of Jajang were also seeking the divine knife, and they were ready to go to any extent.

A shocking revelation was made when it became apparent that the Controller was not using Mureuk’s body as a vessel, but rather, Lee Ahn was carrying him within her all this while. This revelation brought about a change in power dynamics, as Lee Ahn was now under the influence of the evil alien, and it was using her to get the divine knife back. Meanwhile, we got to know that Thunder was using Mureuk’s body as a vessel, and back in the day, Left Paw and Right Paw (the cats that could take a human form) were developed by him, as he knew that he wouldn’t be there in his true form to help the humans. A portal was opened between the past and the present due to the instability of the energy source, and Thunder told Mureuk that because of it, a link would always exist between the Big Rahn Inn and the present timeline, i.e., the year 2022. As soon as Thunder came back to his human form, he took Mureuk and went to the present timeline to save the Earth from the alien invasion. 

How was Min Kae-in related to Nong Pa? 

We learn that Lee Ahn had a friend named Min-sun, and on the day the aliens attacked the earth, the Guard made arrangements to drop Lee Ahn off at her friend’s place. Min Sun had an aunt named Min Kae-in, who was the descendant of the fearless and skilled fighter Nong Pa. When Thunder and Mureuk were leaving from the past timeline, Nong Pa knew that they would need all the weapons that they had to defeat the aliens. Nong Pa knew how strong the Controller was and that the odds favored him. So he wrote to his descendant, and found a way to send some weapons through the portal that connected both places. Nong Pa’s judiciousness really helped the cause of the humans, and because of that, they were in a better position to defend their territory.

That’s why Min-Kae-in had his sketch with her, and she always knew that she had a greater purpose to serve. When the time came, Min-Kae-in came to help Thunder and his team of humans against the aliens. The Sorcerers of Twin Peaks were surprised when Min Kae-in took out the weapons and handed them over to them. She came to the battlefield and started fighting the aliens, so Lee Ahn got an opportunity to pierce the spaceship with her divine knife and stop the explosion in time. 

Was Lee Ahn able to stop the Havaa detonation? 

Lee Ahn went after the Sorcerers of Twin Peaks, but Thunder and Mureuk arrived just in time to help her defeat the Controller. Thunder gave his armor to Mureuk, who then came face-to-face with Lee Ahn and handed it over to her. The armor had the power to suck out the alien that had entered the human body. Lee Ahn finally could take the Controller out of her body, who then entered inside Gu Sam-sik and made him his vessel. Guard always told Thunder that humans couldn’t hold their ground against the mighty aliens, but what he didn’t know was that if the humans stood together and combined their efforts, then they had a slim chance. Mureuk, Thunder, together with Kae-in, the Twin Peak Sorcerers, and Lee Ahn, fought valiantly against the powerful aliens and, in the end, were able to take hold of the situation. Lee Ahn threw her divine knife towards the spaceship, and it went and pierced the core. The spaceship lost its power, and the detonation didn’t take place. Thunder captured the Controller inside the red crystal, but he knew that he would have to go to outer space, and as he couldn’t keep the powerful alien trapped on earth.

Thunder didn’t know if he would ever be able to return or not, but he knew that he had to make the sacrifice to save mankind from perishing. The portal that connected the Big Rahn Inn to the present timeline was still open, and so the Twin Peak sorcerers, together with Mureuk, went back to the past timeline while Lee Ahn stood there, still trying to digest whatever she had experienced. Mureuk felt restless, and probably, if he had been given an option, he would have gone back. It felt like the magician had fallen in love with Lee Ahn, and he just didn’t want to leave her and come back. Once Mureuk reached back in time and realized that the portal was still open, he took his chances and went back to the future.

In Alienoid: The Return To The Future‘s ending, we saw that Mureuk stood in the present timeline, and he was ecstatic as he knew that he would get to see Lee Ahn once again. I believe there is going to be a third installment of the franchise (though there hasn’t been any official announcement) where we will get to know if Thunder is able to return safely and what happens between Mureuk and Lee Ahn.

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