‘All My Friends Are Dead’ Summary & Ending, Explained – A Killing Fest like No Other


All My Friends Are Dead (Wszyscy moi przyjaciele nie żyją in Polish) is a thriller film, written and directed by John Becl. It operates under the mold of thriller/violent sex comedies but has much more to offer. One could think that it derives its core inspirations from the American sex comedy franchise “American Pie” or the violent horror/thriller franchise, Final Destination. But as you progress you find that All My Friends Are Dead is neither of them.

The film might start as a mock- ish narrative but it outgrows it very quickly. The idea itself at the inception might seem bizarre or not worthy of one’s attention but if you hang around long enough then you would stay engrossed in the mere view that the filmmaker has tried to take.

‘All My Friends Are Dead’ Summary

Friends and acquaintances gather at Marek’s house for a New Year’s Eve party. The sundry gathering consists of many interesting and diverse characters. There is Filip who has just come out of rehab and Anastazja, a girl who is extremely passionate about astrology and the movement of the Planets and how it has impacted her life. The intriguing factor about her, though, is that she is so fascinated by Mercury retrograding and impacting her that she analyses every gesture and movement of the present time based on her knowledge of the science. Even if she picks up a spoon to eat she would start analyzing why she did it or what impact it would have on her in astrological terms.

Then there is Gloria, a middle-aged woman, who just cannot seem to accept the age difference between her and her partner. She wants to keep things simple without complicating the whole affair. A staunch missionary who considers sex to be a sin ventures the first time and finds it to be extremely gratifying. He has a conversation with his God about why such a thing is supposed to be sinful. He thinks that the parameters should be changed merely because they are not right.

In addition to all these vibrant characters, there is a wretched pizza delivery guy who stands at the door waiting for the money to be paid to him. From one end he is getting calls from his boss who wants him back at the base and on the other end there is his mother who just cannot seem to handle things on her own. All these characters fill the narrative of merely an evening with a concoction of characteristic humor that is getting convoluted every passing second and is shedding its skin behind and taking up an identity that has a certain authenticity to it.

Decimating Assumptions

On the face of it, the film doesn’t seem to offer much. It seems like a promiscuous affair meant only to derive cheap laughs by the tested and tried formula of the films of such genres. The formula has been successful in the earlier American films.

But with All My Friends Are Dead, it’s not the case. The film tries to develop a kind of concept that takes it beyond the shallow sphere of sex comedy. It’s weird, abrupt, and bizarre at times but ceases to give up on the entertainment quotient. It keeps you engrossed with where it is getting at. There is not a dull moment in the film. Yes, the fact that some of it go far beyond the realm of senselessness is debatable. But it does not lull you and maintains a uniform tonality.

Some characters uphold their originality yet there are a lot of situations and people that resemble a particular stereotype. There are characters whose presence or absence would have had no effect on the narrative. Though the screenplay has a brisk pace yet there are moments that could have better thought out as they lacked originality.

‘All My Friends Are Dead’ Ending Explained

The unprecedented ending of the film leaves everybody utterly confused so as to what exactly happened. After the bloodfest that takes place we see a scene where everyone in an almost angelic background is living on with their lives even when we just saw them killing each other.

In one of the scenes earlier we see Anastazja talking about a parallel world where everything is going on in an unhindered fashion. She talks to Filip about the existence of such a parallel world where the worries and hurdles we are facing in the current world are non-existent. So there is a possibility that what is shown refers to that parallel world itself.

In the end, we see that the bloodstains are there on the wall even in the parallel reality. So it can be a possibility that this place is not exactly a parallel reality and they actually died and reached a place that could be defined as the abode of the departed.

Streaming on Netflix, All My Friends Are Dead (film) is an entertaining killing fest for a fun filled evening.

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