‘Alrawabi School For Girls’ Season 2 Ending Explained: Is Farah Dead?


After an impactful first season, AlRawabi School for Girls returns on Netflix with its second installation. Created by Tima Shomali, this time, the focus is entirely on the impact of social media on the new generation. At the center of this teenage drama is Sarah, an Al-Rawabi student desperate to ride the wave of fame. She was inspired by the most popular girl in class, Tasneem, and always sought her approval. Sarah’s best friend, Nadeen, was quite the opposite—she did not believe in social media fame, and she despised Tasneem and her gang. Even though Nadeen tried to speak sense to Sarah, the glamorous life of Tasneem was impossible for Sarah to ignore. She believed that once she became famous, all her troubles would disappear, only to later realize that she could not have been more wrong.

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What was Shams’s documentary about?

Shams was one of the less popular girls in school. Her interest in filmmaking was considered weird by the fame-chasing crowd. When the new principal at AlRawabi School for Girls, Farida Alahmad, announced that all students were expected to showcase an end-of-year project, Shams decided to work on a documentary film. Sarah’s sudden fame intrigued her, and after deciding on her subject, she fixed surveillance cameras all across the school premises to record Sarah. She believed Sarah’s sudden rise inevitably meant that she would suffer a major downfall, and she wanted to be the one to document her entire journey.

With Sarah gaining popularity on social media and hanging out with Tasneem and the gang, Nadeen felt ignored. She missed her best friend, and after failing to make Sarah realize that Tasneem was simply taking advantage of her growing popularity, Nadeen found a friend in Shams. When she figured out that Shams was making a film on Sarah, she decided to help her produce it. Nadeen wanted Sarah to see for herself how the world would continue to ignore her once she lost her popularity. Shams later helped Nadeen expose Tasneem and her gangs during the student council election. Tasneem tried to frame Nadeen for defacing the posters of her opponents, but thanks to Shams, there was video evidence proving that Nadeen was not the one at fault. Shams was not completely innocent. She intentionally deleted the part where Sarah took a stand for her ex-best friend. Shams was afraid of losing Nadeen to Sarah, and initially, her focus was not entirely on finding the truth. The documentary was Shams’ revenge on the popular girls in class, but in the end, she realized that she was not going on the right track, and she took into consideration Sarah’s point of view.

What led to Sarah’s downfall?

After uploading a parody video on social media, Sarah gained instant popularity. It was her honesty and relatability that attracted her audience, and Sarah finally got to live the life she had been dreaming about. Sarah wanted to become famous, but she had no clue what she wanted to do with the fame. She planned to become another Tasneem and flaunt her extravagant lifestyle on social media. She soon figured out that it was not easy to earn money through social media and to maintain her new lifestyle, she had to make cash. Initially, she ignored the creeps who constantly messaged her, but she eventually realized that maybe that was the only choice she had. Sarah wanted to wear expensive clothes, enjoy different cuisines at restaurants, and take good care of herself, but all of it came at a price. The people she surrounded herself with resulted in her downfall. Instead of encouraging Sarah to be her true self, they made fun of her when she failed to keep up with their lifestyle.

When a man texted Sarah through his fake account, asking her to send intimate pictures in exchange for money, she agreed to it. She thought it was just a one-time occurrence, but she soon realized that it was impossible to get rid of the man. The stranger threatened to expose Sarah if she failed to keep up with his requests. Sarah had no one she could discuss the matter with. She knew that instead of understanding her situation, everyone would blame and shame her. This went on to show how society had failed to provide Sarah with a safe space. The stranger could exploit Sarah because of how our society is designed to turn women into targets. She was just a teenager who did not know any better, but unfortunately, she did not have an adult in her life she could trust. Ms. Abeer tried to help Sarah when she found out about the trouble she was in, but unfortunately, things soon went out of control. Sarah’s brother secretly went through her phone and took a screenshot of her conversation with the stranger. He wanted to step up and teach the man a lesson, but it did not go according to his plan. Jawad’s classmate sneakily transferred Sarah’s video from his phone and forwarded it to his classmates. The bullies targeted Jawad and humiliated him in public. After the incident, all Jawad could think about was revenge. He stabbed his bully with a sharp object and walked away. Soon, Jawad was arrested by the police for the attack, and his parents were left completely devastated.

How did Nadeen and Tasneem become friends?

Tasneem’s best friend, Hiba, could not tolerate her growing closeness with Sarah. Instead of being Tasneem’s go-to person, she all of a sudden started to feel ignored. She was initially extremely impacted by the distance between her and Tasneem, but she soon decided to take control of the situation. She found her own minions, and instead of following Tasneem everywhere, she started to ignore her. While Tasneem befriended Sarah to take advantage of her fame, she eventually started to enjoy her company. She knew maintaining a good relationship with Sarah was more important than stroking Tasneem’s ego. After Sarah’s video circulated online, Tasneem lost her as well. Sarah was caught up in her own troubles and did not have time for her. All of a sudden, Tasneem found herself quite alone, and she resorted to binge eating.

Tasneem suffered from an eating disorder, and her mother was wholly responsible for her condition. From a young age, she was told that she had to be brilliant in every aspect, and the pressure got onto Tasneem. She followed a restrictive diet, resulting in time-to-time binge eating and, ultimately, retching. Tasneem was concerned with the way she had recently been, and she desperately wanted company. After an argument with her mother, Tasneem ended up at Nadeen’s place. They used to be childhood friends, but as they grew older, they parted ways. Nadeen was surprised by the turn of events, but she decided to let Tasneem in. Tasneem apologized for being a terrible friend, and Nadeen forgave her. Lately, Nadeen had started to doubt Shams for circulating Sarah’s videos, and she, too, was glad to have company. After seeing Tasneem suffer from an eating disorder, Nadeen advised her to have an honest discussion with her mother. Tasneem was not happy with her suggestion, and she insulted Nadeen for being too intrusive. In the end, it was because of Nadeen’s advice that Tasneem gathered the courage to discuss her condition with her mother. She apologized to Nadeen, and once again, they became friends.

Who was responsible for Farah’s death?

Tasneem’s cousin, Farah, was a gossipmonger who was desperate to be in the limelight. She always begged Tasneem to get her party invites, and in exchange, she helped Tasneem in every way possible. From volunteering to become Tasneem’s campaign manager during the elections to informing Tasneem about the Karen Wazen party Sarah was invited to, she was a loyal supporter of her cousin, even though she was always the one to be ignored. Farah was hopeful that the world would one day notice her, and until that day, she was happy living under the shadow of the school influencers. Farah was a talented singer, but she was not allowed to perform and was asked to take care of the lights and sound during the annual day event. Farah saw a ray of hope when Sarah dropped out of the performance. She knew all the lines and was ready to finally be in the spotlight, but Hiba and the rest of the troupe did not agree with Tasneem’s decision. They believed Farah lacked the glamour that was needed to be one of the lead singers, and she was once again sidelined.

During AlRawabi School for Girls‘ ending, Farah sang her heart out to an empty auditorium. She was surprised to see Hiba in the audience. Hiba was mesmerized by Farah’s voice, but along with appreciating her talent, she reminded her that she did not have what it took to become a performer. Hiba believed a girl like Farah was always meant to be in the background and never the center of attention. Farah was disappointed in Hiba for not daring to break the norm and creating a space for everyone to participate. Hiba chose to become a part of the problem instead of fighting against it. It was heartbreaking for Farah to watch everyone perform on stage while she was forced to hide away in a tiny room. The world was unfair, and she lost hope of it ever getting any better.

To make matters worse, Shams screened her film in the auditorium. Her documentary consisted of embarrassing shots of Farah attempting to make a TikTok video for her one-minute fame. Farah felt humiliated after everyone in the auditorium laughed at her. Shams’ documentary studied the impact of social media on teenagers and how often the perfect life that one sees online is far from actual reality. Unfortunately, Farah could not watch the documentary in its entirety because of the way she was portrayed at the very beginning. Farah was well aware of how miserable her life was, and it was not easy for her to watch it on a big screen. She stormed out of the auditorium and locked herself in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, we find out that Shams modified her documentary and allowed Sarah to tell her side of the story. Through her personal experience, Sarah discusses the impact social media has had on teenagers. Some protested against the revealing video shown in the documentary, but Ms. Farida came to the film’s defense, and she allowed Sarah to take the stage to tell her story. Through the documentary, Sarah spoke about her experience because she believed that by doing so, she could save the lives of girls who dreamed of becoming popular on social media. She was hopeful about spreading awareness about the downsides of social media, but it turned out to be a little too late. Hiba had noticed Farah leave the auditorium, and she searched for her after realizing that she had not returned. By the time Hiba found Farah, she had taken her own life.

AlRawabi School for Girls season 2 ends on a tragic note with the demise of the bubbly Farah. The lack of compassion among the school students resulted in the death of an innocent soul. The path Shams chose was also not appropriate, considering that it was too intrusive and extremely personal. It could have been a documentary solely on Sarah without the humiliation and more empathy. All Farah needed was someone to show confidence in her. The perfection Farah was searching for never existed, and it was the unrealistic social media goals that left her blind to reality. 

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Srijoni Rudra
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