‘Am I Ok?’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Lucy And Jane Remain Best Friends?


Directed by Tig Notaro, Am I OK? Is an American comedy-drama film that revolves around best friends Lucy and Jane. Their starkly different personalities were perhaps what made them click. Lucy preferred playing it safe, and Jane pushed her to take risks. Jane found Lucy’s perspective on life quite creative and amusing, and they always ended up spending the best time together. Their lives took a turn when Jane decided to move to London, and Lucy started to rediscover her sexuality. They both had a lot to navigate, but would they remain friends through thick and thin?

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Why did Lucy and Jane get into a fight?

Lucy was struggling to come to terms with the fact that she was a lesbian. She was thirty-two, and all her life she lied to herself and tried to pass off as a heterosexual woman. But after a strange encounter with her male friend, she realized that, given a choice, she would have never had any romantic relationship with a man. Lucy hated herself for taking such a long time to be completely honest about her feelings. It was only after getting drunk with Jane that she finally had the courage to admit to her best friend and say out loud that she was into women. Lucy was daunted, thinking about all the people she had to come out to, but thankfully Jane was by her side to help her with the process. Jane was convinced that all Lucy needed was to find her community and have sexual experiences to feel confident. Jane encouraged Lucy to party at a lesbian club to help her socialize, and Lucy unenthusiastically agreed to it.

Lucy was horrified when she saw Jane kiss a random stranger at the club, and she left. She was disappointed that Jane always made everything about herself. She was going through a difficult phase of her life, and she hoped her best friend would support her instead of getting busy herself. When Jane and Lucy met the next day, they ended up getting into a fight. Jane was tired of watching Lucy not take her chances, and Lucy was frustrated with Jane for not trying to be a better friend. Jane complained about Lucy being jealous of her having other female friends, and that was not an accusation that Lucy took lightly. She was furious when her best friend hinted at the possibility that she fancied her, and she could not believe that Jane could be such a stereotypical heterosexual woman. The ugly fight resulted in the two choosing not to speak to each other for days. During difficult times, they craved each other’s company, but maybe they needed the distance to figure out their lives all by themselves for a change.

How did Lucy learn to take control of her life?

Lucy fancied her co-worker, Brittany, but she was not sure how to proceed with it. Brittany dropped hints a couple of times, and they eventually decided to spend an evening together. Brittany discussed that she was on the spectrum when it came to sexuality, and that was quite a relief for Lucy. This was the first time Lucy came out to someone other than Jane, and she had reasons to believe that Brittany was interested in her as well, but she did not make a move on her that night. Jane had warned Lucy that she must be with someone secure in her sexuality and not a person like Brittany, who was in search of an experience. But making a move on a stranger was not something Lucy was comfortable with, and she ended up meeting Brittany outside work once again. They could not deny that there was a sexual chemistry between them, and they ended up spending the night together. While Lucy was glad that they went through with it, Brittany seemed hesitant. Lucy was looking forward to spending the next morning together, but Brittany left in haste.

Later on, when Lucy showed interest in spending time with her again, Brittany established that it was a one-night thing and she was not looking for a relationship. Brittany had a long history with her ex-boyfriend from Portland, and Lucy was not surprised when she got back with him. She was disheartened, but she did not have any unrealistic expectations from the fling. Lucy wished Jane was by her side to help her overcome the heartbreak, but this time she had to be the one in control. This experience helped Lucy accept her sexuality, and she did not shy away from coming out to her loved ones anymore. Lucy also decided to change her gender preference on dating apps, and she actively tried to mingle with more women. As someone who was never a risk-taker, Lucy was gradually learning to be open to new possibilities, but at her own pace. All this time, Jane was the one who took control of Lucy’s life because she felt it was her responsibility, but the space helped Lucy learn to make decisions on her own.

Why did Jane decide to contact Lucy again?

While Jane thought she was in complete control of her life, it soon started to fall apart. Jane was excited to take on her role in London, and she thought she was quite ready for the change. She knew she would miss Lucy, but she thought she would learn to cope with her absence. Jane’s boyfriend, Danny, agreed to settle with her in London, and her co-worker turned friend, Kat, wanted to accompany her. As daunting as the move seemed, Jane was not alone, which gave her all the more confidence.

With time, Jane realized that she could never replace Lucy with Kat because their idea of spending quality time was quite different. Jane was devastated when Danny, all of a sudden, on her birthday, disclosed that he was not planning to join her in London. She did not believe him at first because the revelation was overwhelming. She was relying on him to an extent, and she did not assume that moving to London would affect their relationship. Danny explained that he loved his life the way it was, and his loved ones were in the United States, and he did not wish to leave everything behind and start afresh in London. As time passed, Jane started to feel more and more lonely. She needed to pour her heart out to her best friend, and she finally decided to contact Lucy. The two met at the diner they frequented, and Jane was surprised to hear Lucy order something other than her usual. Her predictable best friend had changed, and she was curious to find out more.

How did the best friends navigate through the changes in their lives?

Jane was glad to find out that Lucy had resigned from her job and had taken up painting full-time. She had finally learned to take chances and be in control of her life. It was not an overnight change, but a gradual learning curve. Jane could not have been more proud of Lucy for going out on dates and simply being confident in her sexuality. While the distance had helped Lucy become more independent and self-assured, Jane realized that she could not live her life without her best friend, even if that might have been something that she thought was a possibility. They were co-dependent, and they could not deny it. Lucy was concerned when she found out that Jane was about to go through the move all on her own. She was a confident woman, but Lucy knew that if she had been in her position, she would have loved some company.

In Am I OK?‘s ending, Lucy received Jane from her house to drop her off at the airport. All of a sudden, she exclaimed that she would be joining Jane on her flight to London. That was perhaps the best surprise Jane could have asked for. She could not believe that Lucy was ready to take a break and help her settle in London. It was not something that she had asked for or implied, but her best friend knew that she needed support now more than ever. By the end of Am I OK? Lucy was the one in control because she strongly believed that sometimes Jane too needed guidance, and she was there to help her out. The shift in Lucy’s personality was a welcoming change for Jane, and she was on top of the world to have her best friend by her side.

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Srijoni Rudra
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