‘America: The Motion Picture’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Founding America in an Alternate Verse


Matt Thompson and David Callaham bring a hilarious animated parody capturing an alternate storyline following the Founding Fathers of the United States. America: The Motion Picture tickles your funny bone with pop-culture references and wisecracks remarks. If you fall short of anything to binge, stop your search and play Callaham’s hilarious fable that blends the superhero genre with historical incidents and brushing it over with comedy and sarcasm.

The animated film is purely adult-rated. Hence, it requires an intelligent audience at its disposal.

Plot Summary

The adventure begins in the late 17th century. Abraham “Abe” Lincoln declared the Independence of America and drafted a declaration. However, before a public announcement is made, a transforming human werewolf, Benedict Arnold, destroys the assembly and kills Abe Lincoln with the help of his red coat British Army.

George Washington, the best bud of Abe, swears revenge from Benedict Arnold and his master, King James. A vengeful Washington promises Abe to free the colonies and build a free America.

However, Washington’s chain-saw wielding power is not enough to conquer werewolf Benedict and his redcoats. His wife Martha suggests he assemble his Avengers of the Revolution.

Washington gathers his band of brothers, including a sharpshooter Sam Adams, a pioneer scientist Thomas Edison (female), ace horseman Paul Revere, a blacksmith John Henry, and a tracker Geronimo. Together, they fight against the red coat army and save America from the Brits.

‘America: The Motion Picture’ Ending Explained

Washington and his league found out that werewolf Benedict is invincible and could only be assassinated with a silver bullet. They stole tons of silver spoons from the Titanic. Inside the ship, Edison discovered that King James designed a secret war machine that could transform fellow Americans into redcoats. However, the study was forgotten because Benedict abducted Martha. The urgency was to reach Gettysburg Address and save Martha and Kill Benedict.

The Gettysburg Address was located by Washington. He decoded Abe’s last words America that could also be perceived as an address, 1 Merica ST. At Gettysburg, King James challenged Washington for an ultimate battle at Attrition Field the following day. In between, Benedict murdered King James and took over the leadership and his war machine.

George Washington gathered all men and weaponry and reached Attrition Field. However, an epic British army of men and machinery was waiting for an attack. In an Avengers End Game-designed battle sequence, Washington and his assembled Americans thrashed the redcoats and saved America.

The war machine was designed to rain tea that would British-ze every colonist in the New World. Lady Thomas Edison reversed the tea polarity with American Beer, therefore, destroying the war machine mechanism. At last, the silver bullet was fired at mega-werewolf Benedict. Lady Liberty Martha threw the silver bullet in a baseball-style at John Henry. He shot it with his blacksmith hammer. The bullet pierced Benedict, and he exploded.

In the end, George Washington declared America’s Independence and also framed the Declaration of Independence drafted by his late friend, Abe Lincoln. Sam Adams became Uncle Sam and was promised leadership in the future. However, as soon as Washington announced Independence, all the Americans cried out for their own individual rights creating hilarious chaos. Washington remarked in the end, “We are gonna screw this up, aren’t we?

America: The Motion Picture is a 2021 Adult Animated Parody Film directed by debut director Matt Thompson. It is written by Dave Callaham.

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