‘American Horror Stories’ Season 3, Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Toby Get Rid Of The Organ?


Organ, the fourth episode of American Horror Stories Season 3, is the answer to what would happen if women decided to seek revenge instead of simply trying to talk to men in the world. Extremely twisted, this story is in no way feminist, despite what it may look like. It is simply about two people doing what they want, much like the way the men around them behave. It is probably the best episode of the season so far (within the first four), and we have enjoyed it quite a bit. Let us go through a recap and ending of the story.

Spoiler Alert

What is Toby’s problem?

To put it briefly, Toby’s problem is that he is a man. He is a staunch believer in the Andrew Tate school of thought but would like to be loved by the feminists who he thinks could take lessons from him. But then, there is an isolation that comes with such nonsense, and that has driven him to therapy, unwillingly. Toby’s profile says that he is a 42-year-old divorced man who has become highly inappropriate since his wife left him. The suggestion around him is that this new behavior is the result of the divorce, and he was sane before that. Either way, he is a regular on Pincher (the show’s Tinder), and all Toby seeks is the sense of victory he can get every time he takes a woman home. Toby is supposed to be good at his job, but even that has been suffering ever since his addiction to the app. His therapist suggests that he is not listening to his heart, meaning that he is escaping with the crutch of his conditioning, but Toby doesn’t care to pay attention, and as a result, he is simply getting worse.

What happens after Toby meets Natessa?

Natessa is someone Toby meets on Pincher, and we know why he likes her. She plays to his ‘hunter’ sensibilities and is not put off at all when he uses the word ‘mate-ability.’ Also, she says that she likes healthy men. Toby definitely did not work out, but hearing her say that was a boost to his ego. He takes her home, but he is in for a surprise since Natessa knocks him down, and when he wakes up the next morning, he finds that he has been cut and stitched up. When Toby goes to the hospital, he is told that one of his kidneys was stolen and something else was placed in that was intricately connected to his arteries. The doctors don’t know what it is, but they are investigating. It is especially concerning since that thing inside him is gradually growing and becoming a part of him. The police tell Toby that there is no evidence of the woman, and that this is not the traditional work of an organ trafficking ring. That means that every lead is a dead end.

Toby decides to do his own investigation, and he recreates the tattoo he saw on Natessa and takes it to an old friend. It is just a process of discovering how terrible Toby is as a person. That friend was his contact for whenever Toby needed an escort. Remember how his Pincher bio was that he needed a plus one for attending events? The friend doesn’t care to help Toby but agrees in exchange for some money, and the information he digs up takes Toby down an Eyes Wide Shut tapestry. Natessa belonged to an underground club that was into organ harvesting, and Toby had to fake his identity to get in there. He finds that people buy the organs being auctioned to resell them in other countries and also use them as food for themselves. Toby finds Natessa, and when he takes her outside to confront her, she lets him know that it was his senseless ‘alpha’ behavior that made him such an easy prey. She has no idea about the organ in Toby’s body, and she was simply hired for the whole kidney transplant thing. Toby doesn’t know what to do, but then Natessa tries to pull the gun from his hand and accidentally ends up shooting herself.

Does Toby Get Rid Of The Organ?

Toby brings the police to the place of the auction, but the only thing they find is that it hosted some sort of book signing, and there was no illegal activity there. Toby cannot prove what he witnessed, but the police know about Natessa’s body, which was found close to the area. They arrest Toby since he is the likely suspect, and Toby soon figures out that even the police are part of this plan. Toby passes out, and when he regains consciousness, he finds his boss, Lee, and he is happy as he believes that he is being rescued. But that was the twist all along. It was Lee who had orchestrated the organ transplant in him, and her reasons were simply that she wanted her quality of life to increase.

The organ in Toby was a manufactured one, and its purpose was to make the human body better in all respects. Lee had acquired the company making the organs a few months ago, and she had first tested it on herself. Toby had simply been a host for the organ. It needed to be placed in him so that it could grow and develop before it was taken out for auction. Since he was an ‘alpha male’ who took care of his health so that he looked good to women, Lee decided that it was a good idea that the health actually be used for the benefit of the women in this way. The Glans Neftali was for women, or at least, they were the primary targets of it. During American Horror Stories Episode 4’s ending, we see that Toby’s organ has been taken out. He is likely dead, and the organ is being auctioned in a room full of women for a fortune.

There are some optics to this situation that we would like to address. First of all, there was the matter of Sasha. We thought she may have feelings for him since she said that she should have swiped right at him. However, that could mean that she wanted to protect him from Natessa and what she knew was coming for him. She tried to warn him multiple times, either by saying that Natessa looked like a fake name or that he shouldn’t get more involved in the ring. Maybe Sasha was just keeping an eye on him, or perhaps she was actually trying to protect him, but it is clear that she wouldn’t have gone against Lee at any cost. She did the bare minimum for him, which was exactly what he tried to offer her when he suggested that they run away together. Also, she threw him under the bus for her career, and we know which gender that often happens to be. It is also interesting to note that this happened at a time when Toby was under scrutiny for being distracted at work and not contributing enough, meaning that Lee considered that he had run his course of usefulness. The idea of having something growing in him is also intriguing when we compare that to the treatment most women receive when they are pregnant and have to work in a particular way to prove that they are still worthy. Finally, we see that Toby’s Glans Neftali was sold to a woman much older than himself. That is also interesting since Toby usually went home with women much younger than himself. The ick of the situation felt suitably reversed. Toby was the best host Lee and Sasha could find for their organ, and he made poetic sense.

Final Thoughts

We have analyzed the details of the entire episode and its characters a lot, but perhaps it really isn’t that deep. It would be more fun if it were, but maybe it is just meant to be creepy in the way that you should be careful who you let into the house. It’s a bad world out there, and you never know how it will come for you. But the theory of karma makes more sense.

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