‘Analog Squad’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: What Happened To The Fake Family?


The Netflix Thai series Analog Squad revolves around a pretend family and how they ended up becoming more than blood relatives. Pond hired Bung, Keg, and Lily to pretend to be his family after he found out that his father was on his deathbed. It was his father’s dying wish to see Pond and his family, and he decided to obey the old man one last time. Lily and Pond used to be lovers before Pond moved on and married Mam. The two eventually ended up getting a divorce, and Mam kept Pond away from his children. He was not ready to admit to his father that he had failed to keep his family together, so he hired people. The situation was quite awkward for Bung and Keg, but the money was good, and the cause was legitimate. The four paid a visit to Pond’s father at the hospital. The doctors had given up on the case, but miraculously, his father woke up and showed signs of incredible improvement.

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What led to the distance between Pond and his father?

Pond and his friend Mek lit fireworks to celebrate Apollo 11’s success. He was a young boy then who did not know the price he had to pay for a few minutes of fun. To his surprise, a firework landed inside a storage unit, and it immediately caught fire. Mek used to work there, and he ran in to blow out the fire. Pond entered the flaming room to help Mek, but he could not find his friend. By the time Pond stepped out, the whole place was burning in flames. Pond returned home and told the whole truth to his parents, and his father advised him to confess the same to the police. Pond was worried that the police would blame him and take him into custody, but Kew had faith in the system and believed that Pond would be declared innocent. Pond chose not to risk his life, and he ran away from his house. From that day on, Pond had been a fugitive. He stayed away from his parents, knowing the risk involved in meeting them. Pond could not forgive his father for not protecting him and instead confessing the truth to the police. Pond’s mother, Sodsai, helped him escape the last time he came to visit her and Kew. She advised him to leave when the police asked him to come over to the station to register his statement. Even though it was an accident, she could not risk having her son behind bars for a crime he had not committed.

Later in Analog Squad, we find out that Pond paid for Mek’s younger brother, Ken’s, education all these years. Kew had faith in his son, and he felt a sense of pride when he learned about Pond’s thoughtful gesture. Over the years, Pond came to believe that his father never cared for him or trusted him. It was only during the ending of Analog Squad that Pond found out how his father worked day and night to gather evidence that would prove his innocence. Kew always wanted to do the right thing, and he eventually realized that he had failed to communicate the love that he had for his son.

How did Pond reconnect with his actual family?

Pond’s actual daughter, Meg, was preparing for her wedding day when she discovered pictures and letters from her father. Pond had been sending birthday cards to Meg for years now, and she was devastated to find that her mother had kept them hidden from her. Meg decided to reconnect with her father before her wedding day. She wanted him to be a part of her big day, and she was ready to go to any extent to find him. Following clues from the pictures, she ended up at the ship that was previously owned by Pond, and from there, she learned about his home address. She eventually arrived at Kew’s photo studio, only to realize that a bunch of people were pretending to be her family. She initially thought Pond had remarried, but when she heard the names, she knew it was all fake. 

Meg waited for a few days to understand what was going on, and she deduced that maybe the three strangers were after Grandpa Kew’s asset. She reported the situation to the police, but Mon refused to accept that they were fake. After leaving the police station, he confirmed that Meg was right to doubt them, but they were not after Kew’s assets. Meg was heartbroken to find out that her father hired people to pretend to be his family instead of contacting them. Her interest in meeting her father started to dissolve, but Mon (Keg) insisted that she meet Pond since she had come all the way just to see him. Meg wanted to find out if her father would recognize her, and she was saddened to see Pond treating her like any other stranger. Meg wanted to leave, but Bung and Keg were so inviting that she eventually agreed to accompany them to scatter Grandma Sodsai’s ashes. On that day, she tested Pond’s memory again, but he failed. Meg decided to head home, and that was when we found out that Pond knew that she was his daughter all along.

In the end, Pond finally confessed that he was ashamed of himself, and that was why he chose not to acknowledge his daughter. He was embarrassed that he had hired a family, despite having one of his own. Analog Squad ends with Pond arriving at the airport and finally reuniting with his daughter. Meg did not expect such a grand gesture from her father, and she was glad to find out that Pond recognized her the first time he met her. At the end of the series, Pond attends Meg’s wedding with his pretend family, and he seems happier than ever before.

Who was Keg’s father?

Keg was raised by his mother, Papae. She worked as a nude model and took pride in her profession. She had gone through her own share of struggles to make a name for herself, and she did not care about the approval of others as long as Keg supported her. Keg loved his mother, and he pretended to be comfortable with her profession to make her feel at ease. As a teenager, he constantly had to hide his mother’s identity from his friends. It was not easy for him to watch his friends make objectionable remarks upon seeing the pictures of his mother in magazines. He ended up hiring an older woman to pretend to be his mother at school. Keg had been saving money to settle in the United States. He believed life there would be far more rewarding, and he was ready to work at a restaurant to make ends meet. Keg decided to stay away from his mother because he did not wish to stop her from living her dream, and at the same time, he wanted to make an identity of his own.

The series ends with Keg finding out about his father. To his surprise, his best friend at work, Ruk, turned out to be his father. When Papae discovered that she was pregnant, she and Ruk were no longer together. Years later, he came back to find her, and they decided to get back together. Ruk wanted to know his son closely, and that was why he took the job at the call center. Keg did not expect to come across his father all of a sudden, and he was not ready to accept him. The fact that Ruk had been lying to him all along made him wonder if he could ever trust the man. Keg had always been the one to believe that lying to make someone else happy was not really a crime, but after being lied to, he wondered if he had been wrong all along. He shared with Bung how he always considered Ruk to be a perfect father figure, but now he could not brush off the fact that he had abandoned him and his mother for years.

Bung helped Keg realize that the reason he was hurt so badly was because he cared about Ruk, and therefore his actions affected him. Finally, Keg decides to forgive Ruk after realizing that his intentions had always been pure. He had good memories with Ruk, and they made it all worth it. Papae was ready to give up on her career for Keg, but he begged her to do what she loved. He never wanted his mother to compromise, and that was why he was ready to start his life afresh in a new country. To show his support, Keg accompanied his mother to her shoot, and he was glad to see the relationship his mother shared with Ruk. Even though they were not a perfect family, they tried their best to become one.

What happened to the fake family?

Bung believed her family was perfect. Her father worked in the city and visited them only for a couple of days every month, but he always managed to make up for his absence. There was not a day Bung could remember that her parents fought, and she took pride in how perfect her family was. Things took a tragic turn when Bung’s father met with an accident. It is when Bung found out that her father had another family. He was with his girlfriend when the accident occurred, and she succumbed to the injuries. Bung was shocked to find out that she had a stepbrother, and initially, she refused to acknowledge him. The little boy was completely alone, and as painful as it was for Bung, she could not deny that he, too, was her family. After seeing his condition, Bung offered to bring him food and essentials whenever she could. Her father knew that someday Bung would find out the truth, but maybe he did not expect things to turn this tragic. He was afraid of losing his daughter, and perhaps that was why he chose to keep the affair a secret for over a decade. Bung’s perfect family was completely broken, but in the end, Bung seemed to be a little accepting of her father. She realized that her father lied because he cared about her and wanted to protect her. He could not have helped his situation, but he did not wish for Bung to suffer as well. It was not easy for her to accept her father’s mistake, but she could not deny that the man loved her unconditionally.

Lily was diagnosed with breast cancer when she took up the job. She had always been in love with Pond, and she decided to help him before it was too late for her. Lily felt a deep connection with Kew and Sodsai, and they immediately became her family. She was quite lonely when she was diagnosed, and strangely enough, fate brought people into her life who truly cared for her. She shared some of her best memories with her fake family, and over time, they became the most important people in her life. She and Pond rekindled the love that they once shared, and he promised to be there for her always. She had her entire family with her when she went for the operation, and they made her journey a little easier.

Pond’s life had been quite challenging as well. Most of his life was spent living as a fugitive, and the businesses that he tried to build fell apart over and over again. He owed money to the loan sharks and had to start working for them to pay his debts. Not only was he ruined financially, but even his family chose to walk away from him. He believed he was a complete failure and was ready to give up on his life when he received a message on his pager from his mother. She wanted him to visit his father one last time. He did not expect his plan to turn out the way it did. He ended up finding family among complete strangers, and he also reunited with his father. Kew finally agrees to help Pond to pay his debts. Pond no longer had to work for Mr. Noi, and he ended up helping his father run his photo studio. Even after all the mistakes he made, his father accepted him with open arms. Pond finally realized how wrong he had been about Kew, and there was finally transparency between the father and the son.

During Analog Squad‘s ending, the pretend family attends Meg’s wedding, and we find out that Keg finally traveled to the United States. The series is centered around broken people whose real families had failed them somehow, and it was in a bunch of strangers that they found the love and comfort that they had been searching for. By pretending to be someone else’s family, they also became more empathetic towards their own family members and more accepting of their mistakes, knowing that they were only humans.

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