‘And Tomorrow the Entire World’ Summary & Analysis – A Neo-Antifa Rebellion


And Tomorrow the Entire World takes us through an ideology that was once very deeply rooted in German history but now seems to have lost much of its legacy in the post cold war era. The Antifa movement gained popularity in the 1900s and provided resistance to the Nazi Regime. This film takes us through the lives of individuals who are a part of such organizations that fight fascism in contemporary times. The film has been directed and written by Julia Von Heinz and has been co-written by John Quester. 

‘And Tomorrow the Entire World’ Summary

Luisa (Mala Emde) is a law student and wants to be actively involved in the Antifa movement happening in the country. Her friend, Batte (Luisa Celine Gaffron), introduces her to this commune where she is volunteering. Luisa knows her ideological inclinations but she is still figuring a way out to execute them. At her first protest, she is strangled and choked by a police officer. This very instance gives her nightmares for many days. Also, this was the first time; she met Alfa (Noah Saavedra), a charming colleague from the organization. She developed a liking towards him. Together they start challenging the very core of what Antifa stood for. They are the only ones who believe that they should resort to nonviolence in certain situations which demand it. The narrative explores the whole movement through the perspective of these neo-revolutionaries and their not-so-perfect traits. 

The Convoluted Socialists

Julia Von Heinz creates very real and authentic characters. These people are not idealistic in any manner whatsoever. You question the intent of Alfa at times. At times you feel that he is not a really staunch believer in the ideologies that he propagates. You feel that sometimes he does it for the sole purpose of getting attention. He lives in the skin of Che Guevara but the difference is that he has the option to shed it off as and when he wants. 

Luisa on the other hand believes in socialist ways and means. Her parents are part of a shooting group but she is a vegan. Her father doesn’t really approve of her being part of this rebellion but he gives her space. He says “Those under 30 and not on the left have no heart and those over 30 and still on the left have no brain.” he has seen life. He speaks from experience. 

And Tomorrow the Entire World also talks about the controversial Champagne Socialists and how they impact the whole movement. How their privilege might aid the system at times and how it also gives them an easy and permanent alternative, in case things don’t work out their way.  

Through  Andreas Lust as Dietmar, the director gives us a perspective from the other side of the tunnel too. He had been an active participant in the movement once. Now he just speculates things and weighs them on a different scale. Sometimes you just change with life. Maybe given an option he would again do them in the same manner. There was never a question about the rationality of the cause but you just start seeing things in a different manner with age. Dietmar is that silent guardian who understands everything but lets the young rebels unravel it for themselves and make their own deductions based on their own experiences. 

What Julia Von Heinz has done remarkably is to create characters that are far from perfect. And Tomorrow the Entire World was supposed to be a period drama initially but then later she didn’t feel the need for it. The camera work done by Daniela Knapp just elevates the whole narrative and acts as the perfect transmitter for the written material taking a visual form. 

Streaming on Netflix, And Tomorrow the Entire World  is a must watch. 

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Sushrut Gopesh
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