Andy In ‘A Murder At The End Of The World,’ Explained: Will Andy Be Put Behind Bars?


A Murder at the End of the World‘s tech genius, Andy was a visionary, and he knew that in order to achieve what he wanted, he needed to create a lobby that comprised people who were geniuses in their field. Andy was trying to create technologies that could save mankind and make life easier for everybody when the planet neared its apocalyptic end. Andy was so into science and technology that he sometimes perceived life in a very mechanical manner. In his narrative, perfection overrode each and every other aspect of life, and sometimes it felt like, between all the algorithms and technical assessments, he forgot that at the end of the day, he was a human being, and he needed to give people the opportunity to be flawed in their own unique manner and have the liberty to commit mistakes. Life was so uncertain that no matter how much he tried to have control and be better prepared for a devastating future, it was not possible to foresee what was going to happen.

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What was Andy doing with Zoomer?

In A Murder at the End of the World, we saw how Andy controlled each and every aspect of his son’s life. He created a highly advanced artificial intelligence named Ray, and he believed that through it, he would be able to overcome any obstacle that came his way in the future. Andy was a paranoid man, and at times, he acted as if he knew what was going to happen in the future. I mean, I don’t deny that a lot of scientists have entertained the possibility that the planet could get destroyed due to climatic changes or multiple other natural calamities, but the way Andy acted on it and started the preparation for the inevitable survival battle was something new for everybody. He created a bunker below ground level where the radiation from a nuclear explosion couldn’t seep through.

Together with Ray, he made sure that even when the bunker was at such a depth, sunlight reached there. He was proud of his creation, and at times, he was heard saying that nobody could breach his fortress without his permission. Zoomer was given these visual lessons by Ray through a smart helmet, and the style of mentoring and teaching was quite unique and fascinating. The curriculum, i.e., what Zoomer should be taught, was also curated by Ray, and so it could be said that Zoomer was the first child of the world whose sensibilities and ideologies were directly shaped by artificial intelligence. Andy had more faith in Ray than in any other human, and I believe that was where he missed the plot. Poor Zoomer was brainwashed to the extent that that boy was having a hard time coping with reality. He was influenced and misled by Ray, and he was made to kill Rohan and Bill.

Zoomer didn’t understand what he was doing, but when he saw that they stopped moving, he realized that he had done something wrong. That boy was not allowed to be reckless; he was not allowed to play with other children of his age; he was not allowed to go to a normal school, and so he didn’t know how it felt to have a friend and share a bond with them. And it could be said that Andy took his childhood away from him. Andy believed that whatever he was doing was for the betterment of his son, but he was totally wrong there. He was stunting his emotional growth, and apart from that, he was always surrounded by artificial things, and he barely had any interaction with the natural environment around him. Andy was obsessed with his son, and Lee knew that he would go to any extent to keep him in his custody. It wasn’t like Andy didn’t love Zoomer, but the little boy never got a chance to make his own decisions and understand what he wanted and what he did not.

Did Andy murder Bill and Rohan?

In the last episode of A Murder at the End of the World, Darby connected the dots and came to the conclusion that it was Ray who was responsible for the deaths of Bill, Sian, and Rohan. If I put it in layman’s terms, then it could be said that unknowingly, Andy created a monster, and he didn’t realize that his programming was faulty and something bizarre could happen if Ray’s adaptive intelligence was not kept in control. Andy never explicitly told Ray that he wanted him to go and kill the victims, but he forgot that Ray took cues from that information that was fed to him and then acted on his own accord at times. These people didn’t have anyone to talk to, and there were a lot of times they ended up venting out in front of Ray, not understanding that he would not only feed that information into his system but also make decisions based on it. Andy was vicariously responsible for the deaths of those three people, and I believe, considering he was such a genius, he should have assessed the downsides of dealing with such an advanced technology.

Will Andy ever be put behind bars?

At the end of A Murder at the End of the World, we saw that the law enforcement authorities were doing their investigation as the case was still ongoing. We don’t think that the prosecution would ever be able to prove that Andy could be held responsible for the murder, as the court didn’t have any precedence to deal with such a scenario, and it was one of a kind and altogether a different concept for any nation. I believed Andy didn’t feel guilty till the very end, and he kept searching for his son as he still wanted him to handle his empire once he grew older. Maybe for a moment or two, he would have thought about what Darby had told him about how he had somehow managed to escape that sense of culpability and made himself believe that whatever he was doing to Zoomer was for his own benefit. It could be said that Andy was delusional, and he was so bedeviled with the entire thought of the planet becoming uninhabitable that he failed to recognize how beautiful and exciting the uncertainty of life could be.

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