‘Animal’ Post Credits Scene & Sequel Possibility: Has Aziz Become Ranvijay’s Duplicate?


Animal left us on a cliffhanger, and we got to know that Sandeep Reddy Vanga wants to create an entire universe of apex predators called the Animal Park. So, let’s take a look at what happened during the climax of Animal, what challenges Ranvijay had to face in the end, and scrutinize the possible direction the narrative could go in the subsequent films of the franchise. As of now, Animal 2 hasn’t been officially announced, but obviously, it’s on the cards as the makers have made their intentions very clear.

Spoiler Alert

Who attacked Ranvijay in the hotel?

Asrar Haque attacked with approximately 200 men when Ranvijay was at his hotel, and the latter was lucky that he had his huge, customized machine gun present there already. Asrar thought that he had caught Ranvijay off guard, but he didn’t know that the latter was in between arms deal there, and he would get an excuse to try all his brand-new weaponry out on Asrar’s men. Ranvijay first went amidst the goons, holding just an axe in his hand, and massacred everyone who was in his way. Then he unleashed the monster and fired as if there was no tomorrow. Ranvijay killed Asrar, and he, too, got gravely injured but somehow miraculously survived in the end. At this juncture, Ranvijay had no clue who Asrar was or what his motive was. After he probably killed Asrar, he realized that there were others who were above him who still wanted to kill his father. So, he started his own secret investigation to get a step ahead of his enemies and understand why his family was being targeted.

Why did Abrar want to kill Ranvijay?

Abrar Haque was a man who looked like the most decent and kind human being to have ever walked on the face of the earth until someone went against him or his family. If Ranvijay was an animal, then Abrar was an apex predator. The man was born in an environment that was soaked in hatred, and from the day he started to understand the dynamics of this crooked world, the only thing that was on his mind was revenge. Abrar was not mute from birth, but after he saw his grandfather burned to death in front of his own eyes, things drastically changed for him. He stopped speaking, and he became a savage. Abrar had an elder brother named Abid, who stayed with him at all times and translated whatever his brother said to the people who didn’t understand sign language. Apart from Abid and Abrar, there was another brother, a younger and more ferocious version of Abrar himself. This brother’s name was Aziz, and if the rumors had to be believed, he was getting cosmetic surgery done so that he could look exactly like Ranvijay. The Haque brothers had crossed every limit of barbarity, and now they not only wanted to destroy Balbir Singh’s family, but they wanted them to meet their fateful end in such anguish that even after their death, they wouldn’t get any peace. The Haque brothers wanted the ghosts of the Singh family to linger in this realm so that they could witness how, bit by bit, whatever they created was reduced to dust. It was a family feud of the highest order. Ranvijay’s grandfather had triggered a chain of events, and now there was no stopping it. He had his own reasons for throwing Abrar’s grandfather out of his company, and he advised Ranvijay that he should just forgive and let it go since all the violence and bloodbath were just not worth it. But forgiveness was not an option for both the Abrar and Ranvijay now, and a war between the Pandavs and Kauravs was inevitable.

Will Aziz take over Ranvijay’s life?

During the end credit scene, we saw that Abrar’s younger brother, Aziz, had gotten his surgery, and he looked like an identical twin of Ranvijay. It was on his and probably even Abrar’s orders that Zoya had gone to meet Ranvijay and told him that the donor of his heart was her fiancé. Ranvijay also knew that Zoya was a mole planted by the Haque brothers, but he let her do whatever she wanted as he wanted to know where they were and what their ultimate goal was. Aziz looked more barbaric than his brothers, and he made his intentions very clear by his actions. There were two brothers of Ranvijay who had been caught by Aziz, and he massacred them as if he were getting sadistic pleasure from seeing them in pain. We don’t know as of now if Zoya was his wife or girlfriend or if he just had a sexual relationship with her. Zoya was pregnant, and Aziz was eager to know if it was his child or Ranvijay’s. It could happen in the future films of the franchise that we witness Aziz’s son carrying on his legacy, continuing the war against the Singh family, and then realizing that he was Ranvijay’s son at the very end. But before going to the next generation, we believe that in Animal 2 (if that happens), we will see Aziz making strategies to take over Ranvijay’s life and giving him such a death that even his ancestors quiver in their graves. Aziz wanted to first kill Ranvijay and then take his place in the family. He wanted to see the look on the faces of his loved ones when he tortured them. He wanted to see the perceptions they had about Ranvijay shattered in front of his own eyes. He wanted to witness their confusion and agony over getting tortured by someone they believed to be their own. With the kind of man Aziz was, we are very sure that in Animal 2, he would target even Ranvijay’s kids. This man had no values or principles, and he purely acted on his instincts like any other predator.

Ranvijay, on the other hand, was completely oblivious to the fact that his body double was ready to wreak havoc in his life. We know that there is one of them who is still alive, as at the beginning and even at the end of the film, we see an old Ranvijay talking to his brothers about his life. It could be possible that Ranvijay was able to get the better of Aziz, and there was also a bizarre possibility that the real Ranvijay was killed back in the day, and even after so many years, nobody came to know that the person who was running the Swastik empire was Aziz Haque. But our intuition says that the latter wouldn’t happen, and the real Ranvijay would be able to get the better of all his nemeses no matter what.

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