‘Annapoorani’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Does Poorani Win The Competition?


Annapoorani feels like a breath of fresh air if you are tired of watching movies that feel like a compilation of funny reels. Nayanthara understands the assignment, but it is the men, especially Sathyaraj and Achyuth Kumar, who steal the show. The following is the summary and ending of Annapoorani film.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Annapoorani run away to Chennai?

Ever since she was a little girl, Poorani has wanted to be a chef. She can cook like no one else, and her dream shouldn’t be a problem, except that her upbringing and her religion forbid her from touching or cooking meat, which is essential to becoming a chef. Her father is not against her working or studying; he is just against this particular course, and he asks her to do an MBA instead. Poorani lies to her family that she is pursuing business management and enrolls in a Hotel Management course instead. Poorani gets over her fear and bias toward cooking meat with the help of her friends, who tell her that while she retains the right to eat what she wants, she must learn to separate her profession from her faith. Poorani manages to learn that lesson, but eventually, she finds it wiser to eat non-vegetarian food because she believes that unless she can taste it, she won’t be able to cook it right.

Sadly, for Poorani, her ruse is up when, one day, her father finds her in the kitchen of the college and understands that she has lied to him. Poorani’s father, Rangarajan, loses his job as the temple priest because the elders don’t want anyone from a family that has eaten non-vegetarian food. Rangarajan arranges for Poorani to get married, and Poorani goes along with it because she doesn’t want to upset him more. On the day of her wedding, Farhan asks Poorani to run away to Chennai, where she can pursue her career with freedom. Surprisingly, Poorani’s grandmother helps her escape. She tells Poorani that she herself wanted to become a singer but had to get married for her family’s sake. After all these years, taking care of everyone’s feelings except her own has left her with nothing to show for, and she doesn’t want Poorani to suffer the same fate. Therefore, Poorani escapes to Chennai, and her father cuts all ties with her.

How does Poorani rise up in the ranks in the kitchen?

In this arc of the story, Poorani’s challenge was shown as just getting her foot in the door. She is initially rejected by the chef in charge, Ashwin, for being a college dropout. But later, at a wedding that Poorani gate-crashes with her friends, she is challenged by Ashwin to cook a good meal since she has been criticizing the food so much. Lucky for Poorani, Chef Anand Sundarajan, the man she had admired since childhood, is also there, and she cooks a sweet that he once mentioned as being his mother’s best dish. With this successful Ratatouille moment, Poorani is appointed as a chef in the hotel, and eventually, there is no one as good as her. Even the French President is left impressed with her food, and that gets her a promotion over Ashwin. Sadly, this triggers Ashwin’s jealousy. His father, Anand, had always treated him more like a chef than as a son, which made Ashwin fanatical about his success in his career. That is why he is unable to stand Poorani’s success; it is coming at his own cost. He stages an accident for Poorani, and she ends up in the hospital.

How does Poorani get over her loss of taste?

When Poorani discovers that she has lost her sense of taste, her world comes crashing down since she believes she can no longer be a chef. Her parents are there to take care of her, and Poorani says that she will go back with them since that is the only option left for her. But her father takes her to Anand and says that it is his responsibility to make sure that Poorani can cook again. When Poorani ran away from home, her family was left in disgrace. Therefore, if Poorani is not successful, the disgrace will continue, and it is now her responsibility to make something of herself. With this task, Chef Anand gets Poorani to cook again, but she is not able to manage it. That is when the chef talks to her and tells her that she needs to rediscover her love for cooking, which doesn’t just lie in the taste of the food but in the happiness it gives to the person eating. With that mindset, Poorani entered the kitchen again, and her dishes were a success. However, the battle has only started. She is fired from the hotel because it is easier to blame her than Ashwin, which would tarnish their brand. Therefore, Anand also makes his move and quits. He joins a better hotel with Poorani and enters her into the competition with their brand.

How does Poorani win the competition?

Poorani is already a good chef, and her main competitor is Ashwin, not because he is better but because he uses a lot of dirty tricks to make her lose. In the first round, he makes it so that she cannot use the stove to cook, but Poorani is able to get past that challenge because of the lessons of her childhood. Later, Ashwin deliberately tries to sabotage Poorani by spreading rumors about her cheating. He reveals that she doesn’t have a sense of taste, and this creates controversy because people cannot fathom how she is able to cook with such an important skill lacking. During this time, Poorani also reveals that she likes Farhan, though she is not sure whether she wants to marry him. As for her father, he is told off by his mother for being stubborn about his beliefs when he had done the exact same things as his daughter in his youth. 

Poorani is able to clear her suspicions with sound logic and courage, and she progresses to the next stage of the competition. In the meantime, things between Anand and Ashwin get heated, and Anand says that he wants Poorani to win because she is focused on herself, unlike his son, who just wants to see her lose. Anand challenges Ashwin to play a fair game, and he says that if Ashwin loses the next day, he should never cook again. Therefore, for once, Ashwin decides to trust his talent.

At the competition, Ashwin and Poorani are told to make biryani. Yes, ‘biryani is an emotion,’ and this is the most famous and agreed-upon food saying in the country. But it is a challenge for Poorani, who always messes up the dish. This time, she decides to be more confident about it. Poorani offers some namaz, which is what Farhan’s mother, who taught her the dish, used to do before cooking, as she believed the feelings were channeled into the food. Poorani makes a fantastic biryani, and the judges agree that it is just as good as Ashwin’s. But this is a tie between the contestants, and their tiebreaker contest is that they have to identify ingredients by just their taste. This is a cakewalk for Ashwin, but Poorani once again has to rely on her other senses to identify what it is.

As expected, at the end of Annapoorani, Poorani wins over Ashwin, and she credits her father’s support for her success, mending the relationship between them. Ashwin quits cooking, not only because of the challenge raised by his father but also because he wants something for himself, where he isn’t playing second to anyone. As for Poorani, she goes back to her village and helps the other underprivileged women make something of their lives through various self-help groups. Many follow in her footsteps, and soon enough, women in hotel management or as chefs in restaurants are not a rare sight anymore.

Final Thoughts

Annapoorani was a long and good movie that ran very high on emotions, just like the biryani at the end. Basically, the film is one of those overcooked dishes that work because the ingredients are just right, so that makes it worth a watch.

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