‘Anonymously Yours’ Ending, Explained – Does Vale Find Out Her Anonymous Crush?


What happens when you become internet friends with someone, start to like them, and when it’s finally time to meet them, they ghost you? Alex is a transfer student in his senior year. He is smart, has good grades, likes to help people but has no friends. Valeria is also brilliant, and filming is her passion. She has two friends- Regina and her brother, Ritchie but her parents want her to carry forward their Elevator business and not study Films. Anonymously Yours is a story of these two who meet accidentally on the internet.

‘Anonymously Yours’ Plot Summary – A Message Sent To The Wrong Number

At three midnight, Valeria received messages on her phone from an unknown number, disturbing her sleep. She shuts the person off by telling them that it is the wrong number. Little did she know how much she was going to talk to this anonymous person soon. The next day in school, Vale gets detained for arguing with her teacher over an essay which she failed. At the same time, Alex, Ritchie, and his friends also get detained for fighting on the basketball court.

While sitting in the detention room, Vale receives a message from the anonymous person, apologizing for disturbing her last night. She reverts with a message which goes to Alex, who is sitting a few meters away from her. Unexpectedly, they both start chatting with each other. As the detention punishment, Alex and Vale are paired to work together. Both do not get along well. They both find each other rude and arrogant. After school, they text each other, telling how bad their days were. 

They start sharing and discussing small things in their lives. When Alex asks for her name, Vale proposes some rules like no personal information, images, or voice notes to be shared. Alex agrees on it, and they become anonymous friends of each other. They complain about each other to their anonymous friend without knowing they are talking to each other.

A Double Date

Vale’s friend Regina and Alex’s friend Lina meet during a football match. They start dating soon after. Regina and Lina invite Alex and Vale on a double date as they both are single and their best friends. Alex and Vale are not interested, but they still go for their friends’ sake. They don’t know what to expect. While their friends are busy partying, Alex and Vale just take a drink, and Vale mentions that she had seen him crying in the movie theatre, to which he replies that it was his deceased father’s birthday, so he was watching his favorite movie.

They have a decent conversation about each other and dance together later. They know that they’ve hit it off and start hanging out more. They go to a Movie and sing Karaoke together. They have indeed become friends now, but are unsure if they like each other.

The ‘Anonymous’ Meet

Vale and Alex are doing so well so far. They know they’ve started liking each other, but they also like the anonymous person they chat with. On the chat, they tell each other so and decide to meet to resolve this dilemma. They tell each other what clothes they are going to wear and the place. They are excited and nervous.

On the day of their meeting, Ritchie tells Alex that Vale is a good girl, but she gets obsessed with one thing and then leaves it as she did with her ex-boyfriend. Alex doesn’t look much concerned and leaves. He goes to their chosen place, where Vale is already waiting for him. When Alex reaches the café, he sees Vale inside in the said attire, and the words of Ritchie start ringing in his ears. He runs away without meeting Vale. After this incident, he ghosts Vale as anonymous and also starts being indifferent towards her in real life. He thinks that Vale played with him and broke his trust. 

‘Anonymously Yours’ Ending Explained

Vale is disheartened as nothing in her life is going right. Both of her crushes have ghosted her, she is about to graduate from high school, and her prom is ruined, and her parents still disapprove of her passion for filming. Rafaela tells her to pursue what she wants because she is different from other students, so she decides to take the last shot at convincing her parents. She makes a film about her father’s business where he talks about following one’s dreams and continues to show what her dream is.

Vale’s parents agree with her and permit her to follow her passion. Vale had sent Alex a voice note as anonymous, which he received quite late because of internet disconnection. Vale is already at the prom party, dancing with Ritchie, having no idea why Anonymous or Alex dumped her. After hearing the voice note from Vale, Alex realizes that she is a genuine person and runs to the prom party in the attire that he was wearing on the day they were supposed to meet. He jumps over and shouts Vale’s name in the party hall when Vale gets a text from Anonymous saying he is coming. Vale gets scared, but when she sees Alex in the blue outfit, she understands that he is Anonymous himself, and they kiss to seal the deal.

Anonymously Yours (Anónima in Spanish) is a 2021 Romantic Drama film directed by Maria Torres. It is streaming on Netflix.

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