‘Anweshippin Kandethum’ Ending Explained: Did Anand Find Sridevi’s Murderer?


Anweshippin Kandethum, directed by Darwin Kuriakose, is the story of an honest police officer named Anand who just refused to give in to a system that did not align with his ideologies. He was the kind of man who didn’t hesitate to go against his superiors if he knew that they were coming in the way of justice. Anand’s life turned upside down when he got a murder case, and though he was able to crack it, an unfortunate incident, where there was no fault of his, made his seniors suspend him from service. So, without further ado, let’s look into the story and ending of Anweshippin Kandethum and see if Anand was able to solve the cases that were given to him.

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What happened during the Lovely Mathan case? 

At the beginning of Anweshippin Kandethum, a man sitting in the police station told his friend that if ever in life he thought of going against the law, then he should remember the face of the sub-inspector named Anand Narayanan, as then he wouldn’t dare to do any crime. Anand was an honest police officer, and often, he had to pay a huge price for his honesty. Anand knew that if he agreed with the orders of his superiors, then life would be very easy for him, but his conscience never allowed him to do that. There was a girl named Lovely who had gone missing, and her parents had filed an FIR at the local police station. Anand was put in charge of the investigation, and together with his team, he started looking into the matter. Anand got to know that there were two guys coming from an influential family who had teased Lovely just hours before she disappeared. Anand interrogated the guys, and he immediately realized that, though they bothered Lovely, they had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Anand wanted to go and interrogate the local parish, but his superiors told him not to do so. The girl belonged to the Kuliose subcaste, and that was why people of the Packemeose group came to protest when they got to know that the police were going to enter the church premises. The case came under the spotlight, and the police were under a lot of pressure to deliver. Their reputation was at stake, and so Anand’s seniors told him to incriminate anybody and put them behind bars just to prove their credibility and show that justice was served. Meanwhile, Lovely’s dead body was found in a well near the church, and a man named Sahadevan became the prime suspect as the body was wrapped in his “lungi.”. The postman identified that he had seen Sahadevan in that attire, and so the police started questioning him. Sahadevan said that though he had a criminal history, this time around, he hadn’t done anything. Anand was removed from the case by his superiors, but he kept investigating the matter on an unofficial basis. 

Who killed Lovely Mathan? And why? 

Anand knew that the people of the Packemeose community wouldn’t let him enter the church premises. So he hired a man and asked him to enter Father Thomas’ house in the middle of the night and steal something from there. The plan was that once the father was robbed, Anand could enter his house under the pretext of investigating the theft, and he could procure evidence from there for Lovely’s case. Anand knew that if the protestors came to know that the police were helping the father, then they would also not interfere in the matter. Anand’s plan worked, and the forensics department was able to procure evidence from the father’s house. Anand figured out that it was not Father Thomas but his nephew who had murdered Lovely. Deacon Nathaniel Johnson, aka Dany, had an affair with Lovely’s sister, Blessy. One day, Lovely caught both of them together, and she said that she would go and tell their father what Blessy was up to. Dany got paranoid, and he forcefully took Lovely inside the house and covered her mouth with his hands while constantly asking her to keep her voice down. Dany didn’t realize that he held her face so tightly that she wasn’t able to breathe. Dany and Blessy didn’t want to kill Lovely, but after the accident they realized that they would have to dispose of the body, as otherwise they would be caught by the police. Anand submitted the forensics report to his senior, and finally, Dany was arrested. 

Why was Anand suspended from his job? 

It was a huge victory for the police department, and Anand’s seniors, who put all sorts of obstacles in his way earlier, now took all the credit for the case. Danny was being taken to court when, all of a sudden, he pushed the officers and escaped from there. Anand and his teammates, Sena, Kabeer, and Suku, chased Danny, but before they could catch him, he came in front of a train intentionally and took his own life. The media criticized the police, and as a result, all four police officers were suspended. Anand solved the entire case singlehandedly, and instead of getting praised, he ended up getting suspended. Anand knew that what happened to him was not fair, but he couldn’t go against the official order. Anand’s senior, the DYSP of the area, called him to his room one day, and he said that he had requested the state authorities revoke Anand’s suspension since he knew how able he was. The DYSP told him that he had a case for him through which he could prove to the government that he was an able officer. That’s when the DYSP told Anand about the Sridevi murder case that had happened in a place called Cheruvally a few years ago. Even though a special investigation team was created specifically to look into the case, nobody had been able to find the murderer. The DYSP told Anand that there was no pressure on him to solve the case, and if he wasn’t able to find the truth, he was required to submit a report, after which the case would be officially closed. 

Was Anand able to find Sridevi’s murderer? 

On May 20, Sridevi was murdered, and her dead body was found in a rubber plantation that was owned by a man named Parangodan. Together with Parangodan, Revamma’s (Sridevi’s mother) partner, Podiyan was also on the list of suspects. But after a thorough investigation, the authorities couldn’t find any incriminating evidence against both of them. The investigation was ultimately stopped, and nobody came to know who exactly killed Sridevi. A local cop of the area named Raveendran Nair made all the arrangements for Anand and his team to stay, and he told them that the local panchayat was against the investigation. Back in the day, the local people were tortured by the SIT, and that’s why they had a lot of enmity against the law enforcement authorities. Anand found out that Sridevi was pregnant when she was murdered, and that’s how he came to the conclusion that she probably had a lover living somewhere who could be behind everything.

In Anweshippin Kandethum, Anand got to know that someone from Haryana used to write letters to Sridevi, and on further research, he came to know that the son of a well-respected theater artist named Sadanand stayed there. Anand called Sadanand to the police station, and he showed him the letters to see if he could identify the writing and tell if it was his son’s or not. Sadanand cooperated with Anand, and he also made them talk to his son. Vishnu, Sadanand’s son, told Anand that he recognized the handwriting because it was from one of his very close friends. That’s when Sudip’s name popped up, and Anand, through the postman, got to know what had actually happened back in the day.

Anweshippin Kandethum‘s ending made a shocking revelation when Anand found out that Sudip’s father was none other than Raveendran Nair. Nair had gotten to know about his son’s affair, and he was totally against the relationship since Sridevi was from a lower caste. Nair murdered Sridevi, and he misled the SIT back in the day. The postman also met with an accident, and he was in a coma for a long time, which was why Nair knew that there was nobody who could testify against him. After Nair got to know that Anand had found out the truth, he made the decision to end his own life. He was ashamed of what he had done, so without telling anyone, he went and hung himself from a tree. Once again, an accused had taken his life before Anand could take him to court. Anand had done something that all the others before him weren’t able to do. He knew that probably, once again, he wouldn’t get any credit, but he was happy with the fact that the truth came out in the open. Anand knew that what he had done was right, and even if the world perceived him wrongly, he would keep walking on the righteous path.

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