Apolo In ‘Through My Window: Looking At You’ Explained: Does He End Up With Daniela?


Through My Window is a series of Spanish YA films about a girl who is obsessed with her rich neighbor and how she goes from an obsessed teen to lucky in love over the next several years. Ares is the rebel child; he may pretend to be a dude with no interest in love, but he’s actually quite the one-woman man. He has two brothers, and the boys have all been told to not care about anything else but their great business, “Alpha 3,” by their father. You know, since there’s three of them and they’re all named after Greek gods? So Artemis falls in love with the house help, Ares falls for the poor neighbor after trespassing through her window like Edward Cullen, and that leaves Apolo innocent? Apolo was very young when we first met him. He’s the youngest of the three brothers, which of course makes him the most carefree. When Apolo sees Raquel’s best friend, Daniela, he’s immediately smitten by her. He doesn’t hesitate to ask her out, and Daniela initially does not encourage his behavior. However, soon they end up falling for each other, and at the end of the first film, Daniela admits to liking Apolo and makes him her boyfriend. 

In Through My Window: Across the Sea, Daniela decides to have Apolo explore a little bit with her. I suppose Apolo could be considered gullible; he’s so in love with Daniela that he is willing to do anything for her. Daniela is happy to have multiple sexual partners; we know this from the first film. However, for Apolo, it’s always been just about her. In Across the Sea, when Daniela and Apolo explore, he realizes that he might actually be into men. In Looking At You, we see him realize this more and more as he finds a partner in a guy named Victor. Apolo doesn’t really get tired of Daniela, and I also don’t think he falls out of love with her; he just falls in love with this other guy. He starts to avoid Daniela, being the immature kid that he is, because he doesn’t know exactly what to do in this situation. Through the film, we see him avoid Daniela while he hangs out more with Victor. 

I reckon Apolo doesn’t want to hurt Daniela, but it doesn’t really work because by ignoring her and not showing up to their plans, he’s just making her feel awful about herself. Maybe Apolo thought that since Daniela had so many partners, she wasn’t really in love with him at all, and he was just another one of her guys. On the other hand, Apolo also starts to change a little bit as a person. He was always the kindest of the Hidalgos, but in the third film, he makes it seem like Claudia is making a huge mistake by joining the Hidalgos. She did watch you grow up, kid. Yeah, of course, Apolo is the youngest, and there’s no need for a partner in the picture, but when Claudia asks if Daniela is joining, he claims he “spared” her. He makes it seem like the other two ladies are stupid for showing up and trying to be a part of the family. Maybe, as if they could be replaced at any time? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I suppose it’s the fact that he’s trying to grow up, but there are too many grown-up problems around him. This is when Claudia is pregnant; it isn’t really the nicest thing to tell her that it’s the worst family tradition when it’s something that would make her feel welcome in the family. 

Apolo spends more and more time with Victor and even stops showing up at plans that he and Daniela have made altogether. Daniela obviously realizes something is up, and she decides to have a blast with Raquel during the New Year’s Eve party at her publisher’s. Daniela does seem like the type of girl who would not get hurt, but she’s sensitive too. In their dynamic, she was the one who was hard to get, not Apolo. You can’t really blame Daniela for being herself; however, some clarity between her and Apolo may have made things better for the both of them at a time like this. 

At the party, Daniela and Raquel have a blast; they get wasted, but somehow all she can think of is Apolo (of course). Even though she claims she’s not going to wait for him anymore, the second she sees him at the party, she wants to go find him. I guess you can call it karma, but I think Apolo chose to be with Victor at first to make Daniela jealous but ended up falling for him. While it did work on Daniela, at the party, Victor finds an ex that he’s interested in trying to be with again. When they first met, Victor asked Apolo if Daniela was an unforgettable ex. Apolo had said no; she was his girlfriend, even though she was out with somebody else at the time. Apolo proceeded to befriend and get with Victor after that, so he must’ve assumed it was simply a fling or just sexual. Daniela watches as Victor leaves Apolo with a simple “sorry.” Apolo is heartbroken and cries his eyes out as Daniela comforts him (yikes). 

Maybe, in some ways, this is her taking responsibility for leaving Apolo with no real answers. Or maybe this is just her expressing her love for the boy. I think we can assume that Apolo relies on Daniela much more, even after that day. She did look after him, and she did teach him a lot about himself. At the end of Through My Window: Looking At You, it’s 5 years down the line, and Apolo looks rather happy. He’s probably gone off to college and discovered exactly what he likes, or maybe not, but he’s good and still very much making jokes with his brothers. I guess there’s an advantage to being the youngest; the parents don’t really care what you do with yourself, but your brothers do. 

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Ruchika Bhat
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