‘Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom’ Ending Explained: Did Arthur Stop David?


James Wan’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom starts from where it left off in its 2018 prequel. David was still out there seeking revenge for the death of his father, and he was willing to go to any extent to find a way to teach Arthur Curry a lesson and give him a taste of his own medicine. In the process, he ended up stumbling upon a secret that had been hidden beneath the depths of the ocean for centuries. So, let’s find out what happened in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and if Arthur is able to stop Black Manta and restore peace in his realm.

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Was David able to repair his suit?

David knew that until he was able to repair his Black Manta suit, he wouldn’t be able to go after Aquaman and take revenge on him. David was soaked in vengeance, and he knew that he was ready to do anything, to make any sacrifice, and to go to any extent to avenge the death of his father. But the problem was that he was not able to find the ancient Atlantis technology through which he could repair his suit. Dr. Stephen Shin was given the responsibility to carry out extensive research in and around the area where they suspected that there would be something hidden beneath the surface of the earth. Dr. Stephen knew that if he was not able to deliver, then David would definitely kill him. There were many instances where Stephen Shin felt like leaving David and running away, but he knew that he couldn’t do that. Shin only wanted to prove to the world that an entire civilization existed beneath the sea and that he was not mad to believe so, but things had taken an extreme turn. He never knew that David would become such a monster and that there would come a time when he would be coerced to work and do things that he didn’t want to be a part of.

Stephen Shin was on the expedition when he experienced a seismic event where the snow-covered ground gave way, and he fell into a deep and dark abyss. A huge snake-like creature attacked Stephen Shin and his colleague, but somehow, the former was able to save himself and alert David and others about the strange happenings. David came, and he saw a hidden area where he found a trident that seemed to have certain magical powers. David touched that trident, and from that moment on, his life changed completely. He saw the vision of an army that was ready to help him in his battle against Arthur, and from that point in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, not only did David repair his suit, but he seemed to have gained access to the secrets of the Lost Kingdom.

What did Orm come to know about the lost kingdom?

Arthur went to find Orm, as he knew that he would need his stepbrother in the battle that was going to come. Orm was held captive in the deserter’s prison, and he had resigned to his fate and left all hope of escaping from there. Arthur and Orm had a hard time trusting each other, but slowly, they realized that, though they did start on the wrong foot, things didn’t have to stay like that. Meanwhile, there were a lot of climatic changes happening at a very fast pace in the world that made the council of ministers at Atlantis very worried. Arthur and Orm found that it was primarily due to David burning a substance called Orichalcum. David used that as fuel, too, to kickstart all the old war machinery he had found using the mysterious powers of the trident. Orm and Arthur found that David was operating from a place called the Devil’s Deep, and they went there to see for themselves what exactly was happening. They were shocked at what they saw, and they got to know about David’s devilish plans. David and his army attacked in full force once they found out that Orm and Arthur had breached their fortress, and the two warriors from Atlantis found it really difficult to hold their ground.

Orm accidentally touched the same trident that David had found at the beginning of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and through it, he got to know about the curse, the blood bond, and the monster named Kordax. Once Orm and Arthur reached a safe place after somehow surviving the wreckage of the island, the former told everybody that he saw the lost kingdom in his vision. He said that it was called Necrus aka the Black City and was ruled by Kordax, the demonic king. He narrated the story and told everybody how, back in the day, King Atlan waged a war against his own brother Kordax. According to the lore, Kordax, the accursed, and his followers converted themselves into monsters so that they couldn’t be killed, but Atlan trapped them into a blood spell and removed their mention from the chronicles so that the world didn’t remember them. David just needed the royal blood to break the curse and set the army of Kordax free. He knew that once Kordax was behind him, no power could stop him from getting what he wanted.

Was Arthur able to stop David?

The twist in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom came when David realized that instead of Arthur, he could use his son’s blood too to break the curse. Arthur, at the beginning of the film, had found out that his son could also talk to the fish kept in his aquarium. He hadn’t told anyone about it, but it didn’t take David long to figure it out. David kidnapped Arthur’s son and took him to Kordax’s hidden city of Necrus. He was about to kill the baby when Arthur, Orm, and the entire army arrived there. A deadly battle ensued, and with the help of the whales, Arthur and the army of Atlantis were able to tackle the ultrasonic echo that David used as a weapon. David knew he would just have to hold back Arthur and his forces for some time until the ritual was complete. The army of Monsters attacked the rulers of the Atlantean Empire, and at one point in time, it felt like they would get the better of them. Meanwhile, Orm got possessed by Kordax as he touched the trident, and he went after Arthur. Both the brothers came face-to-face once again, and Kordax made it very clear that to stop him, Arthur would have to kill his brother. Kordax made Orm remember every defeat and every pain he had experienced back in the day, and he manipulated him into believing that his brother was his real enemy. Arthur called out to his brother; he remembered the time when he first met him and how ecstatic he was to have him in his life; he remembered that instance when his mother wished for them to unite forces and rule together; he relied on each and every fond memory to bring Orm back to his senses. Arthur’s efforts paid off, as Orm was able to overpower Kordax.

During Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s ending, Arthur was not only able to save his son, but together with Orm, he was able to kill Kordax and escape from that godforsaken place. David realized that his defeat was guaranteed. Arthur wanted to save him, but David was too arrogant to accept his help. David gave his life, and it could be said that his own hatred ate him up. The rulers of the seven kingdoms came to the decision that it was about time they fought in alliance with the humans. They revealed themselves to the surface beings and combined their efforts to save the planet. It was a shocking revelation for human beings when they found out that an entire civilization existed in the depths of the oceans. Arthur represented Atlantis in the United Nations, and he told them how they needed to embrace diverse cultures, look beyond their own vested interests, and once again respect what nature had given them and try to conserve its beauty for generations to come.

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